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17 Feb 2002 @ 21:11, by Mark Smollin

"The universe rearranges itself to accommodate your picture of reality."

Dear members – This text is currently in rotation with select quotes that appear in random order on the Member Start Page. I have a fundamental problem with the validity of this quote. Would you please give me your better thoughts in the form of a replacement quote, or justify that this is indeed a great quote that a child can understand as being fundamentally true.

This a contest and the grand prize winner will be announced in one week. Don’t delay, act now and we will send you free of charge, at no risk to you, our gift of appreciation for participating in this "chance of a lifetime," to place your wisdom into public circulation and etched in the NCN archives, we will not call you at home, not valid in some countries, cities, states of mind depending on local jurisdiction, legal precedent, absence of arbitration and other dispute management systems. This event is an equal opportunity contest where anyone can enter, regardless of culture creed, kin, color, sex, age, etc… however, we reserve the right to exclude those who do not have an Internet connection, cannot read English, type, or utilize a computer interface mouse. Just click the "add comment" button and place you entry for the next brilliant quote to greet us when we log into NCN. Regional, National, Personal taxes and other fees have already been paid for by you in advance through your ISP (Internet Service Provider), so there is little financial risk other than the electricity cost while developing and posting submissions. Don’t be shy. Be bold! Enter as many times as you like! Good luck and may the most consciousness win!

Act in the next 24 hours and we will send you an additional bonus gift of unparalleled value!

Brought to you by MMMarkings a subsidiary of MMMark, a sentient organizational alias for the soul dubbed "Mark" at birth, and registered member of NCN since 11/14/2001, © 2002 – all rights reserved – none retained.

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18 Feb 2002 @ 00:22 by shawa : How about...
..."Reality rearranges your picture of yourself to the Universe"... provided you use DIALOGUE, our 100% bio washing machine...? (Tee-hee).  

18 Feb 2002 @ 00:27 by shawa : Rather synchronistically...
the following quote appeared on my screen : ... "You never change anything by fighting the existing. To change something, build a new model and make the existing obsolete (Buckminster Fuller)..." Incidentally, would you try a brainstorming session on a new workgroup (with Invictus)?  

18 Feb 2002 @ 01:13 by ming : Starseeds for a New Civilization
Searching on that quote {link:|in google} leads to quite interesting places on the net, such as {link:|The Starseeds for a New Civilization} and {link:|Why not go for Everything?} and {link:|Live the Impossible}. As far as I remember, I lifted the quote from those last folks from {link:|StarBuilders} who were some of the first {member:aldin|NCN members}, back in 95. And, sure, maybe it makes most sense to people who're walk-ins and used to talking about our movement into the "5th Dimension". But there's quite a few of those in NCN, I would guess. And I did think it was interesting that 3 of the 10 sites on the first page of matches either were using the term "New Civilization" in the title of their site, or had a banner linking to  

18 Feb 2002 @ 06:48 by invictus : Thanks for clarifying contest rules : )
Well stated. "You rearrange the universe according to the power of your will", or maybe "By accommodating the universe, your picture of reality might just end up rearranging it." I'll keep thinking about this. Food for thought always appreciated.  

18 Feb 2002 @ 08:34 by peazritr : :: stuck on superlatives ::
i am perhaps (depending on whose superlatives are used) submitting the most best greatest statement ever: "i practice 'i love you' as if it is the only thing i ever will say in this chance of a lovetime that makes sense. (mmmurphy)"  

18 Feb 2002 @ 09:59 by jazzolog : Random Speaker
"The universe arranges itself no matter what you think. Get busy!"  

18 Feb 2002 @ 14:51 by mmmark : Bible Says
As ye sow, so shall ye reap - that is different than the claim the Universe will really change in any physical way to conform our perceived reality. We may alter time and space while existing in it, but I have yet to find evidence that we can change the divine nature of the Cosmos by any means. If this were a truthful statement, we’d all be gold medal winners, eating what ever we want without growing fat or old. When I look at our society with judgmental eyes, I see lots to judge. When I seek things of goodness and grace, I find them too. If I choose not to search at all, I am apathetic to what is real.  

18 Feb 2002 @ 16:52 by ming : Picture or Reality
Ah, I get what your beef is with it, Mark. And I'd say your universe probably matches exactly the picture you have of it. We're not talking about shallow wishful thinking here. Telling the genie from the bottle, "I want a golden palace", and you have a golden palace. What you consciously formulate as a wish in your conscious mind is but a very small fraction of what you believe, and what your picture of reality is. The sub-conscious and super-conscious parts of you are much bigger and much more powerful than a few words you happen to utter. I think the bigger you probably disagrees greatly with most things you say. So, the only way of really getting to somewhere new is by agreeing with yourself at all levels.  

18 Feb 2002 @ 21:36 by mmmark : REALITY
Ming - I am trying to engage this community in describing the only Cosmic reality, which is constant, perfect, diverse, trustworthy, supportive and loving unconditionally. I believe we all required to live in this Cosmos, at least in the flesh, so then we must address the science of knowing what it is. Let us not confuse personal spheres of experience and preference (diverse individual paths) with defining the Cosmic foundation of all life - the limits of our common path. Definition of the word "reality" is relevant here. It is also the key component of this quote. Our perceptions of reality are not as important as the actual reality we are forced to live within. Hopefully we can learn what reality is through conversations in the science of the Universe.  

18 Feb 2002 @ 22:37 by ming : Realities
Ah, no wonder we're having a bit of a problem communicating. We're operating from rather different cosmologies, it seems, even if we apparently are using some of the same words. I'm talking about multiple realities, and about choosing the realities that one prefers. You're talking about THE Reality, as something invariable. And it sounds to me like you're including our everyday world, of houses and roads and countries and global warming in the invariable Reality, and you seem to be dismissing the various things we might perceive and think and believe as secondary factors. Where I have it pretty much the oppositive way around, as the common Consensus Reality being formed by the cross-section of all that we believe.  

18 Feb 2002 @ 23:37 by mmmark : Reality Revisited
Well Ming, you nailed it that time. It’s a "10." Thanks for trying that hard. I have been trying to draw our attention to concern ourselves with the science of Cosmic simplicity as our foundation for social operations, so that we can maintain the freedom to express our variations on the loving theme as individuals. I have also been trying to say that we can trust the Cosmos to support us unconditionally as long as we are loving. When we operate outside of realm of love we generate great suffering that is now on the verge of suicide. If we are to turn that trend, isn’t it very valuable to say things that lead us to mutual success, without increasing the risk of placing unqualified wisdom in front our eyes? In light of the social abuses of language, inaccurate use of words, assumed common understanding of words and lazy ways of communicating, it is very important to embody consciousness with as little ambiguity as possible. The strongest quotes to me are those which ring pure to us all. Using the word "reality" is quite specific, not limited to social context, so I ask we rate our thoughts in Universal terms and concentrate our thoughts on creative ideas that work Universally – at least at this point in our journey as an initial goal. This is how to lead with our consciousness. Most of the information given to me by experts and social institutions, has been useless, false and detrimental to general health, however the most potent things that stay with me are similar to folk wisdom like this one from my Dutch Grandmother: "We grow too soon old and too late shmart!" Ouch! - there goes my back again!  

19 Feb 2002 @ 02:51 by maxtobin : You are all right and the quote too!!
Fantasy; Reality
Which is which?
One and the same'
for what is reality
but collective fantasy.
My fantasy is complete
I live in a mystic playground,
i enjoy to see,
others enjoy.
I desire to help,
where such help can be accepted.
choice tells me perfection,
will be in this life time.  

19 Feb 2002 @ 09:50 by simpleman : REALITY???
Because I believe reality is in the eyes of the individual, and is cabable of changing at any givin time I thought of this. "The universe is a daily snapshot of your reality", or "the universe is a snapshot of your reality today".  

19 Feb 2002 @ 10:12 by jstarrs : Duh?
Dr.Bentley would like to know who handed out the serum that wasn't s'posed to be handed out?  

19 Feb 2002 @ 10:15 by jstarrs : And....
Nurse Dolores says that, anyway, it's just conceptual stuff which doesn't, like, hang with Reality at all...  

19 Feb 2002 @ 10:16 by jstarrs : Finally...
Agent 23's in no condition to make a comment but, if he could, it'd be something like what this whole thing started out to be...  

19 Feb 2002 @ 10:19 by jstarrs : Oh, I forgot...
Slack's just gone to re-arrange his neurons to accomodate all of the above into a nice mental picture. Well, that's where it all comes from, right?  

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