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17 Feb 2002 @ 01:16, by Mark Smollin

We are gathered here to find communion and go beyond the accomplishments of the past, to correct ourselves and the human systems that have always led to failure. We hunger for a simple center of integrity to operate from with confidence, one that respects diversity and functions equally well for all people everywhere at all times.

When we gather, it should be recognized that unity never happens when contention is present. If we are indeed here to make something better of ourselves as a species, then all words could be issued for our common purpose, removed from our ego-centered conditioning, with compassion and the intention of making a contribution of Love.

Conflict always arrives over matters of personal limitation and not those issues we are supposed to actually be talking about. For me this means taking significant care in thought before posting a message of any kind, mostly because we misperceive each other in haste to be heard. NCN has different sections (hubs) so that talk of different kinds may be restricted from contaminating other areas of the site, so I think we can make better judgements about what we type and where. As we are in the process of learning better skills, mistakes will be made, and they should be forgiven immediately, not be matched with similar negative energy. If we keep our focus during dialogues, we will not be derailed to imagine that we are personally abused when judging a sentence to be insulting. Conscious Evolution is not a matter of personal pride, it is the interest of our common success in health.

Paying attention in a state of openness is how to release our minds from the past, which is our whole basis of reference to things that do not apply now. The constant truths of Love, Freedom, Trust, Responsibility and Beauty are all we need to center ourselves in peace.

This is a time for cleaning, reform, fresh original thoughts, and to gather all the tested wisdom of our ancestors. Then maybe we can get down to work.

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17 Feb 2002 @ 01:32 by jazzolog : Prefatory Remarks
Your message here should be posted at the doorway of every group and chat room in the joint, Mark. I count myself as one who needs to hear it running all the time, like a tapeloop, in my brainbone. Think I'll print it out and hang it on the computer desk right here, for Dana and me to see. Amazing that you, Andy, and the Lady had such invigorating posts today, all within minutes of each other.  

17 Feb 2002 @ 07:50 by spells : Going deeper......
May I add that to truly come from and for the highest good in any communication is to look at the intention behind every thought and action. Look at the subtlties, go deeply within. One may be surprised to see what is truly there. Sometimes these intentions are ones we do not want to admit to or see, but the truth is it's own reward. By being honest about every intention behind every word spoken is going deeply within to progressively raise and purify in order to evolve. When we come from this deep focus, pure spiritual and high intention, all battle of wills fall away, and true progressiveness, clarity, love and evolution can then take place. love and clarity, Sandi  

17 Feb 2002 @ 10:13 by shawa : yeah yeah yeah
Something is happening - magik is afoot!...  

17 Feb 2002 @ 12:40 by simpleman : EXPANDED!
Just in the last couple of days it seems the doors of the CONSCIOUS EVOLUTION DIALOGUE group have been thrust open to all of NCN. I'm sure this was not the intention of the group, but none the less, it is done. Perhaps I'm the only one who sees this, but it could be a blessing in disguise. The dialogue being expressed lately in this and other newslogs seems to be the kind of dialogue originally intended for the above mentioned group. Lets not treat it like a mistake, but examine why it is happening. We may learn something about ourselves in the process. I do agree that there is a time and place for everything we say and do, but this is said and done and deserves an honest look. Please let me know if my observation is "wrong". Sometimes I do need to be told if I'm out of place or not.  

17 Feb 2002 @ 13:19 by mmmark : Right & Wrong
Simpleman - Your observations seem quite valid to me, but will admit that I do not understand the general value of "dialoging" as an activity to be separate from the rest of life. I always want to cut to the point and ask that we train ourselves to be honest, candid and compassionate in all conversations all the time. Many call this wisdom "higher consciousness", "new consciousness" and I will add, Responsible Consciousness. Of course the most basic ingredient to resonant dialogue is that old thing called "Respect," (Thank You Aretha!), having reverence for the miracles before us. Shouldn't we hold life in all forms sacred? If we revere nothing, then it cannot be shown in our manners. When one is taught manners, it seems like a thing we have to do at first because we are parented. Of course they make sense, but then the bigger picture of our spiritual necessity is not often offered to children. Patricia Sun mentions the benefits of openness to subtlety, which she raises in observation to our lack of sensitivity in American culture. Everyone needs to ask and answer some simple questions like; What do I think really matters to people?  

17 Feb 2002 @ 13:31 by invictus : Too true
You are so so so right. I think it goes without saying that we are never being intentionally hostile to each other. We are here for the same (or at least a very similar) reason, so we needn't be afraid of each other's judgement. We're all willing to learn, I think. I also agree with your comment, mmmark. By no means should dialogue be its own end; I also tend to get right to the point. That's the only way we get anywhere. I'd be interested to have an extended talk with you about this.  

17 Feb 2002 @ 14:34 by simpleman : SEPERATE???
I like what I'm seeing, but need to clarify. I view dialog as the essence of life, that which shapes what, and who we are. I see our actions as a form of dialog without words. Everything we have seen and heard since we were born contributes to who we are today. I don't seperate one from the other, I view them as the same.  

17 Feb 2002 @ 15:08 by ming : Expansions
Simpleman, I think you're very right, that the conscious evolution dialogues have expanded to other areas. And I definitely feel some shifts. And, heheh, I think it is a wonderful discovery if we find that deep dialogue truly is contageous.  

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