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12 Feb 2002 @ 00:50, by Mark Smollin

I write to mention one of my ideas about health to this fine community, or more accurately a way to move swiftly toward health. If we forget about debating was is right or wrong and focus on making healthy decisions our vision becomes clear and unencumbered with fret.

My theory of wellness, healing, or moving toward health is based on illness displacement. One becomes ill out of applying unhealthy practices and then worsens out of mental confusion with the result. All the energy spend feeling sorry, sad, or being critical about any aspect of illness does not move us toward health. If we then come to know what healthy practices and happiness are, then we have the challenge of putting them to use, while still being under the influence of illness.We can remove all debate, depression and illness by displacing it with good practices - one step, one element at a time. If we restrict our consciousness and activity placing goodness - good things - into our life, after a time there will be no space left for anything harmful!

This method I think is most effective in personal relationships where coordination is required, but certainly a viable route for personal improvement. Nonetheless, it seems to have great value in perspective with the global state of disease, to slowly ad goodness, kindness and love to dominate and smother anything resembling any number of negative adjectives.

I also note that the order we do things matters. The statement, "Love increases as judgement decreases," looks like great sentiment at first glance - however - there is the idea of a prime mover, or action that is enabling. Yes, one can decrease one's judgement, but that will leave a void to be filled and it will not necessarily by love. By placing the priority of this wisdom in the opposite order we get a better consciousness in; As Love is increased - judgement decreases. So I extend that rational to make a parallel statement; As goodness is increased - illness decreases.

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12 Feb 2002 @ 20:32 by tdeane : Sound Idea!
Mark, I have to agree, based on everything I've learned in Herbal Medicine studies. Negative emotions, stress, all produce toxic chemicals in the body. Good write, good read! Much love ~ Tricia  

12 Feb 2002 @ 22:38 by mmmark : Tricia
This was presented after editing our IM on the subject, so I have you to thank for making this complete for NCN consumption.  

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