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picture9 Feb 2002 @ 23:28, by Mark Smollin

Since everyone has been hot on animal stories I will place mine here.

I have a friend with a beautiful 68 acre ranch in Wyoming where they raised cows. One day we were out on horseback galloping across the green range to scan the herd. They were a fine healthy bunch of cow and bulls. One in particular caught my eye, lying there on late spring grass, but my eyes deceived me. This could not be - a steer with no legs! I asked my friend to tell me about this animal and he relayed how fond his family was of this old veteran of the challenging Northern Plains. When I asked, "what do you call him?" he replied, "ground beef!"

It was hard to contain my composure but we rode off back to the ranch house for some vittles, Jim beam and cigars. We hitched our ponies and turned to walk up the steps when I noticed another peculiar creature sleeping beside the steps in the warm sun. I did a double take… and thought this is some weird family, but presumed they have very compassionate hearts. So once again, I inquire about what appeared to be a dog with no legs. My friend tells me he too has been a faithful pet, who suffered the loss of his legs from frostbite two seasons ago. I thought it was amazing that he still had the will to live, but knew the love of this family kept him going through their fine attentions. When I inquired about the dog’s name my friend said, "it doesn’t matter, he won’t come when you call him."

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11 Feb 2002 @ 04:32 by tdeane : Great start for a Monday!
Mark, You lightened up an otherwise heavy Monday. Much Love ~Tricia  

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