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4 Feb 2002 @ 12:11, by Mark Smollin

Barbara Marx Hubbard decided the first way to anchor her group in Santa Barbara is to fashion a Gateway to align consciousness through education and Dialogue about really coming to know ourselves. I was disappointed at first that there wasn’t more opportunity to participate on the web, but I see now that her organization rings with cooperation and Love in comparison to NCN because there is no mistake about what people are doing there together. They have disagreements, but they do not feud.

The Foundation for Conscious Evolution has placed this "Gateway" course on the web for all comers, but it does cost money and they are NPO. It is an adult course, too complicated and intellectual for younger children, but it is a great beginning. I include the link for those of you who are not aware of this leap into the future as a way to get on a solid foundation, which may bring a sense of confidence to our future.


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4 Feb 2002 @ 13:58 by ming : Conscious Evolution Gateway
I'm doing the Gateway program too, and really enjoy it. I was gonna do a news log entry on it too, but Mark beat me to it here. It is on online course where you go through certain materials, in webpages and sound, and there are bulletin boards to interact with others in, and there are regular phone conference calls. It creates a very pleasant space for inquiring into what we are becoming.  

4 Feb 2002 @ 14:00 by ming : Gateway
Oh, and there's another round of the gateway starting soon, a little later in February, so if anybody wants to sign up, you shouldn't hesitate too much.  

6 Feb 2002 @ 05:28 by tdeane : I'm Confused
I guess I'm confused by one aspect of this: Who's feuding and where isn't there love in NCN? Appreciate the info on the course, Mark. Much love ~Tricia  

6 Feb 2002 @ 10:46 by mmmark : Tricia
Please don't assume negative things. I made this post to inform about the educational nature of FCE as their prime focus and how that single mission has them in a very united and centered frame of mind. They have less controversy than NCN does and are quite productive.  

7 Feb 2002 @ 10:11 by shawa : Hi,Mark!
I signed on, on Barbara Hubbard´s CE website. I plan to do the on-line Programme Ming talks about.  

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