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1 Feb 2002 @ 03:11, by Mark Smollin

Today I will make a new beginning on NCN.

I love this family of people for your hearts are blessed with love and the desire that others should have it too. In the past we may have been divided in unconsciousness, but we arrive here because we already know some basic wisdom about how success is made. That wisdom is had in different proportions by each of us and imparted to participate in community consciousness. There is some duty we have to educate each other, but most importantly to share our wisdom with the searchers and the ignorant.

This generation has the responsibility for the human legacy, and so there many other obligations we have in order to avoid making an end soon.

I have given of myself as I have seen the need. Where there was contest or confusion, I made a humble attempt to impart our common need as vision for the future, to unite our energy, to align our individual uniqueness into a single force. I really do not care to be right, but I do care about the use of our energy and time to do what is essentially right, what is essentially productive. It has taken me some time to meet many of you and learn about this place and it has made me a better person. It is with respect for you that I choose another approach now.

I have devoted many hours to my own education so that I can write with some confidence about Conscious Evolution. I have concentrated specifically on discovering those things that matter most and the simplicity of love as the realm where all solutions are found. My consciousness is recorded here and will remain, as long as Ming continues to give of himself to us, my sincere best effort to our cause. However, I cannot continue to make the same investment expecting different results.

Today I will stop placing words onto this site that are merely part of an ongoing discussion about the same things repeatedly, or debate the direction where we will find fulfillment. Conscious Evolution is not new and humanity has collected more than enough knowledge to make a better society, but it has not stopped us from just talking. Commiserating has no particular value that applies here.

I am anxious to partake in any work group to the fashion the tools we need to change course, develop new software, and to make this an influential presence on the web. Please let me know if you are interested in the same goals.

Thank you all for your support, comments and spiritual companionship.

Namasté > > > Mark

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3 Feb 2002 @ 07:19 by bushman : Open eyes
Just open thier eyes, and let thier own devices carry them. I found my place in the whole conciousness, there are so many people that don't even know about what it means to be awake. Because of what I do know, I found that just showwing people there is more to life, more to thought more to just you, and since I don't know the answers to why its like this but I do know that out of the hundreds of people Iv'e met this year alone on the net, that at least a couple of them understood that there was accualy more. When I had my own live voice chat, I found that the lost only needed to be asked ,what do you like the most? Once I knew this it was easy to show them that there was so much more to everything, and in turn off they went to do thier thing. So just getting a person intrested in what they are best at, it was the entry level for them, to thier own conciousness. From there they would follow thier own path. Now 6 years later, I look at all that time, all that came through my chat room, out of thousands only a few started something, just to wake people up into this thing we do for the planet and ourselves as intellegent beings. Im proud of all of those that awoke to do this thing, they are out there somewhere, doing that entry level stuff, just as I did. It will be a majority soon :}
Good work. None of it was a waste of time bro :}  

3 Feb 2002 @ 09:59 by shawa : Hi Mark
Totally agree, both with you and Bushman. Does that mean that I won´t have the pleasure of meeting you again (in this NCN world)? As you have seen perhaps, in my Newslog - I had the very exact feeling that you describe. Slipped on some chunk of ice - but as I am a "beginner" - I was quick on my feet again- not burnedp-up yet, a lot of juice to give. Came back with a different story, though. I want you to know that it´s not all talking & words - it´s also doing and sharing with a bunch of people in the real life. This is the next frontier - how can we share beyond words - so that the WWW becomes a significant part of the Noosphere - not just chatting, but effecting changes. You changed me a bit when your consciousness and your energy touched me, and I´m grateful for that. All the best, friend, -
The Lady Moonshadow.  

3 Feb 2002 @ 10:32 by peazritr : ::anti-reduhndancy::
i'm with you, mmmarkings. let's go for it. on with the flow of limitless love. i too are tired of reduhndant spoonfeeding. (yet still i laugh at the tomato joke where the tomato family screams at the caught in reduhndancy smashed tomato: catch up!) bushman, your efforts are not in vain; the seeds you planted are most assuredly growing.  

3 Feb 2002 @ 13:07 by tdeane : Slowly I Creep...
My hat is off to you Mark! Did you ever tell the scarey stories when you were a kid with "inch by inch, slowly I creep..."? Well, this is anything but scarey: Inch by inch, slowly WE creep!  

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