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31 Jan 2002 @ 13:45, by Mark Smollin

I ponder: What are we? And separate that question from: What have we become? There lies the first division in our consciousness, for our minds have been damaged in the model of humanity past. We might also consider that we were not raised on only wholesome food. We have also been fed things that are not true and things as deliberate lies. It is very hard to transcend this prejudice, conditioning if you will, to be objectively observant to the core of spirit and our connection with it. This is of nature. This is a given. This not a choice. Will we explore what we truly are, or propose to say we already know? If we do indeed know, then why is there so much friction of ego in general?

Perhaps we have been divided. On our landscape one can clearly see how our intellect has made every effort to separate and disassociate every item of interest and distinction into a category with no synergistic relation. This mental pattern has made us great scholars of the significant and blind to the significance of the container of it all. We may miss the proper wisdom, or the opportunity to get that wisdom as long as we think we can predict the essence of "whole" by looking at the pieces. I am white, she is black. They are the rich. They are bad. That is good. He’s a client. She is a nurse. We are athletes. They are communists. We are Americans. They are terrorists. This list is endless, but we can say that we are all people, human, a trio of body, mind and spirit, and we live in the same Cosmos on the same planet with the same opportunity. We all need the same things to prosper, and to making a success, obligatory needs are the things we need to be concerned about alone. These are not options, food, drink, air, heat and family. The united spirit.

As we all need a strong sense of self, that we are unique, unlike any other, we must become separated from our parents, to be our own person, true to ourselves, confident that we are endowed naturally with all the necessary gifts to make a wonderful life and contribution. Can this be done in isolation, detached from the whole? Can our personal desires be separated from our connection with others. Can you bake bread? Can you make electricity? Can you grow your own food? Will you collect all your own trash and hide it? Can you fix your own computer?

In "dialogue" as in most other communications, there is a division created by language that does not share common words or the same understanding of those words which are fairly common. When we offer our words, we are not usually aware how divisive that can be when we talk like expert specialists, for which those outside our specialty cannot know as we do. What words are simple, direct and respectful to our community? Can we expect harmony without sensitivity to those words which are most Universal? Social environment, economic class, culture education and experience in general all serve to give us a different set of language tools, so we must find a simple way of "dialogue" that is the most widely accommodating. Our differences should be celebrated, but we must discover and protect the common ground – making common sound.

Please let us not forget our children. Let us not insult their intelligence or use language that is designed to hold them outside our thoughts, to exclude them from participating. I have a deep personal concern for writing with words that are simple and basic. I fail much of the time and I am lazy enough no to use the energy required to make the essence of my messages understood to the widest audience. I continue to work on this.

It seems to me that healing for us requires a meld of spirit, a bringing together of purpose, cooperation and benevolent intent. This era is challenged to remove all physical and metaphysical barriers the species has erected in blindness, which are not natural, and unnecessary. And as has been mentioned many times, there is no need preaching to choir, but there is much that we can do, much we have not yet done.

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6 Feb 2002 @ 02:14 by mmmark : MoonShadow
This one was for you specially. It is very incomplete, but a start on the subject of damaged souls.  

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