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MING: "OK, give me some ideas of how you see that working. How would it be different from the Virtual Workgroups? Would it be more focused towards decision making and action, and in that case, how? A mechanism for voting. Possibly a meeting space that channels things towards decisions and outcomes."

Ming has asked the next direct and most pertinent question – HOW?
I have never seen a virtual workgroup and do not have a definition of one, but it sounds like what we need, at least in part. I do not think that I am smart enough to say exactly, yet I do recognize that certain conditions will generally occur, and that they are identified in a basic 6-step cocreative process, each step needs affirmative completion and endorsement before next step can be applied.

1: Dream = Desire = Seed = Potential
2: Commitment to try to manifest the Dream
3: Goal Definition = Clarity = Purpose = Viability
4: Form Plan = requirements, materials, knowledge etc
5: Execute Plan = Work = Accomplishment
6: Evaluate Performance

Logic sequences something like this:

1: I wonder if we can paint a truthful picture that others can understand?
2: We will try to make a painting like this.
3: How can we paint this picture successfully? How big, color, subject etc?
4: We need lots of canvas, paint, ladder and helpers this Saturday, in LA
5: Ming coordinates Execution and the helpers do their part until completion.
6: Did we succeed? Mostly, it’s GREAT, but it could use a few more touches to make it better.

These are the actual major steps in the creative process individually, or collectively and they become more or less complicated based on the scale and sophistication of the Dream.
The "How" comes by designing software to manage this process efficiently – by any agreeable, nonviolent and positive means. As we know there are many ways and degrees to which this can be done. The biggest advantage to forming an community workspace is – it becomes an outlet of expression and a conduit for change. I do not really want to answer "How" by myself, just as you want to keep our heads open and unrestricted. I will try to list some major concerns/capabilities the system requires to be healthy. If we are going to deviate from practices that generate small limited success (failures) and making environments that produce illness, this exercise is key to identifying the integrity of a co-creative society and the core component: The Universal Human.

These considerations are not conceived to smother, or drive conformity, other than to establish common interests applicable on macro/micro levels, for common objectives to a process named Conscious Evolution

1: Form Universal Philosophy:
to guide behavior and participation. A minimum set of principles (rules) that are nonrestrictive, but liberating because they are the basis upon which success is sustainable. If we are designing a freeway for public use, we must agree to drive in the same direction and without blocking the flow of traffic. No matter the scale of a group project, a basic understanding must be reached. This is related to social duty – where the group must be responsible for the education, nurture and management of itself. How does a group indoctrinate a new member? Why we want to behave to a standard – operating – procedure must be provided. We know Love is the boundary of acceptability.

2: Communications Status:
A public status evaluation system is required to know where attention must be placed based on public concern, and to reveal workgroup "Projects" progress while active, and the results of past efforts. This is kin to Barbara Marx Hubbard’s concept of the "Peaceroom." I envision a health console like a digital audio equalizer thermometer. If we cannot see the condition of the whole system at once, we can only act with limited interest and ignorance to the holistic picture. None of us have the capacity to perceive things on this scale since we are not omnipotent, and have yet to develop psychic senses that stream into the mind like, sight, sound, smell etc. This aspect of system is related to minimizing information overload with summaries and eliminates the need to make many individual communication requests asking for info. Like Ming says - email is dead – when you have to deal with anything over 25 per day. It may be called the social systems directory, linked to "Projects," the Chronological Record, and Library. This replaces our current concept of "The News Media."

3: Communications Methods:
This is probably not one, but many combinations of techniques on a website. Some easy, some hard, some impractical, some now, and some later, but related to the challenges of self-organization, self-control, personal responsibility and social responsibility and most of all participation. I believe this is always a 2-way system, always joining the cell to the whole in any set of cells and groups of cells. It might include capability for the following:

A] Chat = Social recreation = Project Meetings
B] Dreams = Ideas = Concepts = Personal Logs
C] Agenda = Projects = Science
D] Development = Brainstorming = Formation = Vocation
E] Education = Research = Resource = Subjects = Links
F] Consensus = Poll = Filter = Refinement = General Agreement
G] Decision Making = Discrimination = Democracy = Unity
H] Action = Change = Success

If we think of this general description of function as a "Universal Format," then its form becomes nestable, connectable and scalable to all other groups in the Conscious Evolution Network = CEN. I use the term "Universal" to indicate qualities of truth, trust, essence, core components, essential, fundamental reality, obligatory themes and principles to form the least restrictive structure on human conduct, in the model of our mother god. This outline can be viewed as a human health system, because that is what we really are looking for. Let us not forget that illness is a result of corruption and that we enter NCN as damaged goods, more or less, but in serious need of healing. We cannot demand health, We cannot waste time and energy defending our illnesses. We are here to make life better. We can learn to live cocreatively?

I write this as an expression of my love for you all and the spiritual fulfillment of our species.

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28 Jan 2002 @ 02:40 by ming : Virtual Workgroup
The virtual workgroups are the various more or less private areas in the Groups section. Such as the NCN Site Development group. Anybody can go and start a group there and invite others to join it. Each group has its own conversation room, meeting room, bulletin board, calendar, project list, etc. So, to be concrete, what is missing in that setup to make it a productive environment for a group of people to get something accomplished?  

28 Jan 2002 @ 04:58 by mmmark : What is missing
The capabilities I listed in this post that are not capabilitis of the workgroups software, or current functions of NCN site as it is now. Function determines form - they are not an arbitrary pair, if one tries to design backwards beginning with form, then function is not ensured, but they remain a linked pair of qualities, each determining the other.  

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