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26 Jan 2002 @ 03:50, by Mark Smollin

I will interpret the essence of the word "greatness" to mean all things wonderful, meaningful, sustaining, positive and fulfilling.

Greatness is not found with out seeking the knowledge of what it is.

Great minds are made of GREAT thoughts and great communities are made of GREAT minds.

As friendships are great chemistries of sentient spirit, they are found to provide wonderful, meaningful, sustaining, positive and fulfilling support of liberal mutual allotment. Some say they are merely relationships of mutual admiration, but they are also honest, truthful and whole, respectful enough to heed loving advice in potentially embarrassing situations.

We are many wounded souls longing for connection in friendship and support for the greatness of our dreams, and so I conclude: I would rather live in a great mutual admiration society than a great mutual defamation society.

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