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9 Jan 2002 @ 15:25, by Mark Smollin

Dear Flemming & Brave Souls whose eyes will fall upon my resolutions for driving our movement into critical mass of The Conscious Evolution Network "CEN"< < <

First off - It's good to see Ming back at NCN in his typically dashing fashion, to whom we owe great salutations for the honor of gathering here yet another day.

A copy of this letter will be sent to FCE in Santa Barbara. I am trying to keep my writings as summaries, concise, within 1000 words, with respect for your time, in recognition that the overload of information we generate can be reduced if we strive for quality. I need to make a fairly concise plan with you for the projects it looks like we are interested in mastering. In my currently enthusiastic state-of-mind, I remain very open conceptually to anything that smacks of responsibility.

In my heart I believe very deeply, that we struggle as people of extremely powerful integrity, with deliberate intention to do good, demonstrably accomplished as individuals, but wasting some time and resource waiting for someone else to make the model for the next level of social efficiency. For the record I must mention, that this is not possible to do in small groups without a thread to join us, so we can be recognized as a movement for "New Civilization," and hopefully in a way that can be designed as financially solvent and lucrative for us all. Our future is challenged to create large, diverse social systems that work.

I see unprecedented innovation taking place everywhere without a general plan, in every profession, new profession, industry, and association, yet without rudimentary coordination on how to foster the application of these advances. We are branching out at a slow steady pace, but we must prepared to join ourselves comprehensively, in ever expanding groups until there is a whole global system that prevents overpopulation, poverty, inequitable resource distribution, environmental rape, apathy, or feud.

What does a successful society do? Let us be the ones to say, or at the very least, to be heard seriously on this subject.

The corrupt systems in our world will not help us to this end, until we lead them to the new consciousness and science to the intentional application of love! Let us do this by example as we apply our talk and concepts to self-organize. It is not adequate just to stroke each other in mutual revelation, but we are required to communicate our intelligence to those without our mindset.

I am personally committed to identify every knowable truth that has a tested and broadly verifiable basis of fact, apply those loving truths to formulating every imaginable variation on the theme of true success, and apply these sustainable principles deliberately to focus our energy on solving a yet to be determined set of priorities. In conjunction with this search for viable truth I am drawn to the import of the following:

1] The refinement of the NCN website function and form as an evolving entity, to include workspaces, a warmer attractive feeling, and more intuitive interface.

2] The development of democratic processes and technologies, so that we will have a way to be participants and so our strongest desires will become known for the first time.

3] Connecting and cultivating the CEN for the purpose of public community action. This is very important if we hope to influence politics, which is a necessary step to reforming national un-leadership to become consciously responsible.

We have the knowledge. We have the tools. May we un-complicate our problems through the simple power of love and liberal acts of kindness. Forgoing any further explanations I wish all of us a Happy New Year and hope to inspire focus for our wholesome intentions.

Love, Peace & Happiness > > > Mark

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10 Jan 2002 @ 14:36 by mmmark : Answer
Our overall objective is to form Universal Community. There are many tasks that need to be accomplished and aligned for that end. That's why I have listed these three projects. I have though quite a bit about the answer to your question. In order of importance my intuition says these are the top of the list:


It would be great to have a substantial number of folks working on the specific jobs that fall within these headings.  

10 Jan 2002 @ 15:19 by maxtobin : Conscious Evolution
Being a relative new comer to this community, I am very impressed with the activities of sharing and 'growing up in public' that are occuring. All credit and greatest respect to the facilitators of this site. The living laboratory is the planet, and with ever increasing levels of conscious awareness we will find that which we seek will evolve through our collective endevours. Sharie would appear to have a living solution evolving through loving community. I will contact a friend here in NZ who has democracy facilitating software available to set up universal televoting. My own focus is on empowering as many as I am able on a daily basis, while balancing my own needs to generate income. So the search is on for an evolved role that will allow this. The corporate agenda is one that must be tackled as here is where the sovreignty of nations is being erroded, one way we do it in Aotearoa/NZ is with our campaign to eliminate the GE 'science' of Monsanto Arventis & similar players who move in an amoral manner to achieve their corporate ends (conscious or otherwise) of total domination and control of the foodchain and therfore human health & consciousness. One way of positive action on a daily basis is to ensure that as much of the food we eat is locally sourced through channels of integrity (its good for the health & well being as well!!). Thanks to Mark & Ming et al. for the e-merging space and awesome contributions to the "magnus opus". Blessings to all Conscious evolutionists.  

10 Jan 2002 @ 15:44 by kay : I love the comment....
'growing up in public'. I find the chat rooms to be a place of constant growth for me. A real challenge. Thanks for all the good thoughts and information. 'Loving community' but realistic too with tools and the knowledge as to how to use them for the good of the whole. To gain the ability to see the bigger picture is important.  

14 Jan 2002 @ 00:39 by ming : Critical Mass
I still don't know what it takes to drive our movement to critical mass, as you suggest. I'm not sure if it is a stronger and more clear shared focus that is needed, or if the critical mass somehow just emerges by all of us being busy doing a great many different things that somehow end up being tied together in fashions we can't even imagine. I'm trying to work hard on the things I see that need doing, and I'm trying to communicate as clearly as I can the things I feel need to be communicated, and I also try to stay very open to whatever shape things will happen to work out in. I'm trying not to have too many preconceived ideas about what it is we're trying to create. I sense that it is something new, so it is probably going to be different from anything that has come before. Specifically I don't think it is just a matter of setting up a clear agenda, getting people to line up behind it, get financing, and keep moving. Many specific projects and group activities might get to happen that way. But I think the bigger thing is beyond that. It is different kind of animal, or rather, it isn't an animal, it is an ecosystem. Not just something we can write up in a 10-point plan and get people to agree with. That's not to say that we shouldn't work on getting clear on what needs to be done, or that we shouldn't try to organize support for it. We should. I just think that the important part is that we each, individually and in small groups do what it is we think we're here to do, and that we find ways of connecting together into bigger networks, so that we can keep doing what we think we need to do, while allowing for something bigger to emerge amongst us, something bigger than what any small group of us could have planned.  

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