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7 Jan 2002 @ 21:08, by Mark Smollin

There has been some dialog of late about "post-modernism" being the abandonment of universal truth, ideology, philosophy, or meta-imperative to our success as a species. It has also been written that people construct their society first in the mind, followed by actions that manufacture our mental picture into a physical culture. We are responsible for what we have made because we made it. Now this has come about through many independent, sometimes similar, or very disparate ideas about how to make a healthy society, and so "pluralism" would be a fairly accurate way of naming our evolution on the planet so far.

New Civilization is not new as demonstrated by the recorded consciousness of evolutionaries throughout time. It is more the conscious dream for those of us who wish to see the adoption of a spiritually fulfilling and sustainable way of life, and one that describes a broad social order for the purpose of prosperity and peace, but how can this happen without an underlying – "modernistic" – concept that all people can relate to? I contend that the Cosmos dictates how success is made and sustained because it is the single organism to which we belong, and we will not survive if we are not in accordance with it. This single revelation I will call absolute truth and the prime directive to the formation of a "modern" philosophy for success.

The divinity of Cosmic law is beautiful because the forces of god enables life everywhere with equal opportunity, unconditionally and without prejudice. These laws are manifest through the qualities of Love, Freedom, Trust, Responsibility and Beauty. As we were born from our Universe-mother-god, we have no choice but to accept these environmental realities and truth as the essence of our existence, spirituality and boundary for success in all things. The truly remarkable thing about these Cosmic guidelines is how simple they are and how they provide a platform to the seemingly infinite diversity of things in our universe.

How can a new civilization ignore this truth or hope to manufacture social unity without the underpinning of physical truth, moral truth, and the truth of common purpose?

Another absolute truth describes the connection and interdependence of all things. In other words, everyone’s best interest is in everyone’s best interest. Humanity divided in ideological principle will always fail to a larger degree, when it does not address the needs of the one as being the same as the needs of the many, because every non-productive, unhealthy, oppressed person will tax the system in a way that cannot be sustained. Equity of all resources and opportunity is a requirement to the health of humanity.

I would make one more observation about "post-modernism." It describes a period where people abandoned the "modern" concepts of moral obligation and social duty best illustrated through the decay and ineffective practices worshipped in the "post-modern" world. Modernism may be a dead label, but truth and virtue never lose their value.

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7 Jan 2002 @ 21:23 by kay : Powerful thoughts.
Great post. I found this web site that notes some differences in goal setting VS dream setting. Envisioning. It makes some good points.
(Dream-Setting vs Goal-Setting)
Charting Your Course For 2002  

8 Jan 2002 @ 11:11 by ming : Fundamental principles
Indeed, I don't think we can make a new civilization without honoring fundamental cosmic laws. Laws that, indeed, are enabling life everywhere. And, maybe despite what it sounded like I said in relation to post-modernism, I *do* think we can share a set of fundamental principles for how our civilization is working. However, I think it needs to be a different kind of meta-principles than we're used to agreeing on. In short, if anybody is able to disagree with them, they aren't the right principles. Cosmic intelligence is allowing and enabling and fueling life everywhere. Our philosophy would need to do the same. But notice also that Cosmic Intelligence has absolutely no need to argue about it, or for it. Everything goes within the framework of the Cosmos, and yet there are still fundamental principles. But the moment it degenerates into principles that people have to believe in, that have to be agreed upon, voted on, that people have to be persuaded to follow, etc., then it is no longer in alignment with the fundamentals of the cosmos. Anyway, sure, we need some underlying philosophy and principles. But they will be meta-principles that any particular beliefs, principles, philosophies or behaviors will fit into.  

8 Jan 2002 @ 17:07 by mmmark : Meta-principles
I guess we are still in synch - your last post made it sound like a modernistic ideal wouldn't fly - but as we both wrote here - meta-principles do not interfere with with freedom if they are valid.  

10 Jan 2002 @ 14:09 by maxtobin : Cosmic Law
As ever Mark, pithy and to the point. Very well expressed.
As seperate cells within the larger body we are on a journey of remembering our oneness. Upon waking we will find that we don't need to discuss what we know as truth. It will be, and it will be LOVE, the heart felt knowing of oneness. Organic life is interconnected, and activity by any 'part' will always have effect upon the whole.  

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