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15 Dec 2001 @ 16:39, by Mark Smollin

Communication of our dreams and loving creative spirit do not have a presence in the industry of commercial media. The objectives of profit are irresponsibly broadcast round the globe as though it is an entertainment commodity and without intent on providing useful information, or to spotlight something uplifting to our spiritual nature. I believe most of us hunger for public displays of compassion and consciousness to love. This station is very much a provider of food for the soul – an oasis from selfishness – much like Radio Free Europe offered hope to those locked behind the "Iron Curtain." It is a fountain of refreshing insight I use to keep my balance and gain greater understanding from hosts with experience of 30 years or more. People like Wayne Dyer and Hugh Prather. I have a ritual of listening to Patricia Sun every evening 6-7 & 7-8 pm PST. This is a web based service and available on Dish. To me this is a precious resource without rival as far as I know. Tune in for lots of comfort.


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15 Dec 2001 @ 18:12 by gyrfalcon : Wisdom Radio.
Hi Mark, Cool link to Wisdom Radio, this is a new one to me and it looks like many happy hours chilling out and listening to this and the archives. :)  

16 Dec 2001 @ 08:10 by gyrfalcon : Archive.
Well Zendancer, if you can't afford to listen on Satellite there is an Archive where you can listen to the material on Real Player Format, for now! ;)  

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