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13 Dec 2001 @ 19:07, by Mark Smollin

I am inviting you to increase participation on NCN in the "Subjects" section where we have a forum to post, respond and refine our consciousness collectively. It is a work space created for our mutual benefit that can become a point of departure from the present and empower NCN to influence those beyond this community. We can also ask Ming to enhance this section to a more comfortable an effective method of distilling our brilliance. Many personal logs seem to contain information that can shape our knowledge fundamentally of these Subject categories.

I take this opportunity to share my mind in a constructive manner and make a commitment to write in every forum where I feel capable of a legitimate consideration. There are a series of posts begun by Ming and I to generate concepts to the next generation of "Social Systems Designs." So far we are the only two contributors and yet we are passionate about the problems to be solved. Your postings will expand on our beginning and add balance to this project. This living generation must take responsibility for the human legacy now. Let us not spend energy to conquer the symptoms of illness, instead we must search for truth and aim and the roots from which all our troubles grow.

Ming – Can we politely ask you to add the capability of placing pictures to these posts in the manner of the logs?

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13 Dec 2001 @ 21:25 by ashanti : Participation
Thanks very much for bringing this to our attention - it is fascinating, exciting. I have made a fairly shy contribution to the thread, as I am not an expert in the field, but felt the need to point out one aspect. Hopefully more NCN people will follow, because this is really (as I perceive it), the essence of what the NCN is all about. Kind regards, Kim.  

13 Dec 2001 @ 22:49 by ming : Subjects
Yeah, I hope that the subjects sections can be places where many contributions can be made. And I consider it my job to make enhancements and improvements along the way. So, don't take any of it as being final. The idea is to have different spaces for different interest areas where people and knowledge and connections might gather, and where collaborations might be born. Btw, you should be able to post a picture in the bulletin boards if you include its URL in the middle of the text. But part of the experiment is to settle on useful and comfortable formats for the different types of places. Like, these news logs work very nicely now, I think. But a bulletin board is a different kind of place, one intended to promote discussion and dialogue. Whether the format needs to evolve for that, I don't know. But let me support Mark's suggestion. Go and use those sections, contribute some stuff and see what happens.  

14 Dec 2001 @ 00:00 by ashanti : Subjects
Actually, I am having *great* excitement at the discovery of this area - I hadn't gone further than just the top page, ie not seen the bulletin boards before. I think, ming, it may be easier for people to navigate this section if there was a fuller explanation of what "Subjects" is about, in the Subjects area. (ie, this is where you can post, network, etc, in your interest areas). Maybe I'm dense, but I just saw a list of what looked like resources and categories, without realizing there were bulletin boards, etc. Actually, I *am* dense, but so are many others. ;-) Also, once in Subjects section, maybe if the link to "bulletin boards" could go a bit further up in each section....? Just suggestions, from a very grateful me. Just think, if it wasn't for the Internet, I (and many others)would *never* have had the opportunity to be exposed to the ideas is *so* exciting! Kim  

14 Dec 2001 @ 03:25 by ming : Subjects
It is actually a quite new thing that there's anything at all in those subject pages. And I haven't fledged everything out yet. Like, there's no way for you to add something to the "article library", for example. But one thing I'll have to add soon is a more clear way of showing where there's recent activity. I.e. you should be able to see in one glance which subjects had new postings today.  

14 Dec 2001 @ 13:13 by mmmark : PICS
Image posting along with text would be useful for diagrams and charts. I wasn't my intention to just add illustrative stimulation.I do like the fact that I can place a symbol of continuity in the logs.  

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