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picture7 Dec 2001 @ 09:52, by Mark Smollin

At this time more than any other, I am thinking most clearly about matching energy when faced with frustration and disappointment, or ignorance, mine or someone else’s. Whether one is justified in issuing negative speech, is not of relevance. What is important to see is that negative expression in any form only sends that energy out into the noosphere and greater Cosmos. I catch myself always moving to a critical position to identify the trouble, which is a habit of the artist, of poor mental training, and leads to the propagation of negative verbal vibe. I am attempting to retrain that habit and cut to the chase in a deeper level of consciousness, at least to formulate a loving response before opening my mouth. I want to think that I am being successful at this, and yet, my desire for self improvement does not automatically insure that I can control my negativity at adverse levels of challenge. I say this in advance of any occasion when I might do that accidentally to any of you here on NCN and ask for forgiveness ahead of time.

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1 comment

10 Dec 2001 @ 13:09 by peazritr : & i, myself, am not i, myself, forward..
... in that regard, discard all of me incongruous with what i have chosen to be today.  

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