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picture6 Dec 2001 @ 03:37, by Mark Smollin

Partial unity is not unity -- Many are gathering in pockets, many are working to develop software to unite us, many have talked about this for some time, so I am inspired to coordinate this effort by addressing the needs and desires of the cocreative community. I am starting the process by including you in the discussion about achieving critical mass to our crusade for common sense. When I observe the separate efforts of culturally creative people like you, or the organizations of your membership, I have to weep. They are tears of joy - to wash away the ones that fell seconds before - when I thought of all the people starving in the world and my countrymen killing people on the other side.This is my beginning in a series of actions to get our heads together. My intuition tells me there is no more time to wait for the inevitable and it seems senseless to be developing websites, software a databases that will not merge easily. We should make this a process of specific intention. I have no other passion than to pull us all into a circle. Regardless of the handicaps, we can start today. There is no central office virtual or otherwise to coordinate the job. The foundation for Conscious Evolution in Santa Barbara is doing wonderful things in their community with the hopes of building a physical center, but that accomplishment will take an undetermined time. We need money. We need experts in all fields, individuals, institutions, schools and corporations alike, and most of all we should plan it. I present this logo as a symbol to represent our network, to gather round, to place on all associated websites, to indoctrinate wanderers that we are hope. The "n" stands for network and can be changed to any other character. You can join the process in the "Subjects" section under "Social Systems Design." Please open up and consider what you might contribute and what tools we need to become a powerful team for change.

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10 Dec 2001 @ 12:06 by peazritr : primo logo
mmmark ~ i absolutely love the logo. there are many points, too, here i find extreme favor with but am waiting to hear what others have to contribute.  

12 Dec 2001 @ 22:12 by dan1 : Specific Intention
To introduce the "New Tribalism" to the "Old Tribes" and build New Tribes. Then ease this element into the equation for a New World of a better Humanity and a Loved Mother Earth.  

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