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 What Are We Doing Here?3 comments
6 Dec 2001 @ 02:14, by Mark Smollin

By the grace of Ming and just a few other coincidences we are joined to address the jungle we have made. It is more difficult to negotiate than the natural realm, a result of our willful choices not external conditions, the product of being irresponsible beings. I am not here for entertainment, but rather to contribute common sense to improving the quality of our society. As technology has empowered us to falsely believe we are independent creatures, those powers also give us more influence to be healthy. I spend most of my mental energy looking at the whole system, and for the never changing truths about success and joy. You’d never know by reading this that I do have a sense of humor.

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6 Dec 2001 @ 03:11 by franci : my coincidence for the day
I found you on this news log at the same time that I heard the post van pull up to deliver Barbara Marx Hubbard's book "Conscious Evolution".I look forward to reading it over the next few days and to becoming a more responsible human being.Thanks for showing up Mark.

6 Dec 2001 @ 05:01 by kay : You do hame humor.....
Art and children are important to you and to love the child one needs be able to play like a child. Well at least sometimes. Thank you for your thoughts.  

7 Jan 2002 @ 21:33 by maxtobin : humour
No sense of humour - No Way! One look into your profile my friend indicates a wealth of knowing, but a glance at the picture is enough to show the depth of humour, mix that with your incredible sensitivity, and watcha-got. But seriously now, we may just (merely?) be involved in a movement of great togetherness, the e-merging of minds to co-create (with consciousness and conscience) a new Ming dynasty as opposed to the alternative collective die-nasty of the un-illumined ones (commonly known as the illuminatie)  

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