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 Genetic Proof Of Oneness8 comments
category picture22 Jan 2003 @ 13:02
Last night (1/21/2003) PBS aired a show titled "The Journey Of Man," which profiles the work of geneticist Spencer Wells, who also stars in the two-hour episode. This program is based on fifteen years of research profiling the genetic codes in thousands of blood samples taken from all known ethnic groups around the world. It was not possible to do this science prior to genetic testing technologies on blood.

It’s now official! Just in case there was any doubt in your mind about where you come from, where your roots are, or who you are related to, Spencer has proven that we are all of the same extended human family. By tracking a Y chromosome marker passed on to each generation through men, he has plotted the path of human migration over the entire planet from a single tribe in Namibia, Africa beginning 50,000 years ago. We are all their children. We are all related to people of all cultures, religions and skin colors.

So now I feel obligated to wish everyone of you family members belated happy birthdays wishes and missed holiday greetings. Please take good care of all my cousins, aunts, uncles, mothers, fathers, nieces, nephews and send photos often so I can keep track of my six-billion relatives!

Hugs and Kisses From Your Brother > > > Mark

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