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 Breaking the spell1 comment
picture8 Oct 2006 @ 22:50
Cartemay was a wicked king in the days when our world came under vicious attack by beasts from another realm. The king turned from his evil ways and rallied the nations in time to help tens of thousands to safety just before two thirds of the remaining lands fell into the sea. Because of this act of bravery and selflessness he was chosen as a Watchman over the nations.

The Earth's danger never passed. The enemy only went into hiding, abiding their time until they were strong enough to strike again. The destruction of our world was vital to their plans to retake their own celestial realm. Their Spell Weavers hung shroud-like enchantments, slung from the sky like spiders' webs of oppression.

These webs were cruel, filled with dellusions causing humans to be filled with bitterness and envy, leading to wars and broken families. Here in this picture Cartemay passes between heaven and earth to study the spell's devices. When he reappears amidst flames and shock waves, the spell is broken.

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 Eternity9 comments
picture16 Aug 2006 @ 23:23
We are not taught to question, "why?" We are taught to stop asking questions so that our exasperated parents can finish fixing lunch. "Will you stop asking so many questions...run along and play with your toys!"

"Why?" is in our hearts at birth, and whenever we slow down, "Why?" creeps back into our minds.

Some people are afraid of "Why?" They run from it and try to stamp it out, fearing they won't like the answer. However, if this question was stamped on our hearts, I believe it is like a treasure that calls to our spirit, "Come and find me...I am here!"

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 Contrast 1 comment
picture16 Aug 2006 @ 23:16
I love photography because it forces me to look at my surroundings. Sometimes I'll miss an obvious vista because my mind was engaged in worries or thoughts about less vital things.

Sometimes I'll write what I call, "Conventional Wisdom" pieces. Contrast is about a realization that if we only had good experiences we'd likely take them all for granted. If we were only loved we would never appreciate faithfulness and loyalty as much. We might tell ourselves different except for the fact that spoiled people are often that way because they never endured want or hardship and could never put theirselves in someone else's shoes.

I don't ask for pain, or rejection. I don't want anguish of soul or perplexity. Yet, I've learned to value difficult times, and realize these are opportunities for growth. Life is filled with contrast. At first it seems a contradiction, but in time it becomes a thing of beauty.  More >

 Dreams 1 comment
picture16 Aug 2006 @ 23:09
This poem and photo express a heartfelt sentiment that dreams for what we can accomplish in this life are vital. When we were children our dreams were big. Then reality set in (or so we were told)and we grow up. After buying into this lie that we'll never do anything important, if we are most fortunate, we come to the realization that our big dreams were never foolish or childish to begin with. Instead of giving up hope that we can accomplish great things in life, we should come to expect this should be the norm and we should aspire to no less.

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 Poetry Collection for the World Poets Society5 comments
category picture22 Jul 2006 @ 16:34

In your shadow

He grew into a shade tree set by a beautiful hill. His limbs filled with flittering birds and squirrels nested in his trunk. A giver of life was he until the hill grew ever bigger, exploding into a mountain. His thoughts grew less important as her needs and agendas enlarged, eclipsing his own. He became small, a withered seedling that finally crumpled and crawled back into the earth to remain unseen.


Awakened from fertile womb, you both crawled into my life. Before you walked, I slipped into your rooms at night to listen to you breathe, pressing my ear to your hearts, saying a swift prayer. Your perpetual-motion-bodies stilled by exhaustion, I could finally hold you and whisper my dreams in your ears.

You both sprouted wheels for legs and wings for imaginations, zooming in and out of the forests to climb, find, and build your precious forts. From a nearby hill I looked down on your play, listening to your banter, forever watchful for your safety. I enjoyed the madness of your youthful bounding.

Then your friends grew up and got cars, whisking you away to this or that magical place, exploring the world with renewed wonderment. I watched from the window curtain, curious if this or that young woman would be “the one”. Your mother and I would laugh, wondering who would gather at the Thanksgiving table.

Soon your diapers turned to diplomas, and you both walked the isles to receive your licenses to work, to become adults, and you disappeared without warning. I miss you both, but I’ve got a workroom now.

Abiding in Stale Air

Exhaust fumes, sweltering heat cause asthmatics to gasp for air. Fragrant flowers are gone, replaced by many concrete overpasses, crumbling mortar, and rusting steel roadways lined with graffiti. Still a butterfly alights on a flowerpot by the intersection, seemingly content to be alive.


Disrespectful looks and terse commentaries crush these brittle bones. Wagging fingers swung by malicious gossipers pronounce my premature eulogy. Some days I lick my wounds and walk away. Other days I become a contentious beast that replies to their accusations with words of fury. Still, life goes on within and without; and the backyard still needs mowing.


If I pour out my life for you, will that elevate me in your sight or make me seem a pathetic fool, weak and stupid? If I lay down my body as your bridge to elevation, so that you can reach your pinnacle, will you respect me as being kind; or will you wonder if I’ve grown impotent, becoming a passé conversation piece? Love as I express it and as you see it may not align. Communication is the most difficult art; and I have no idea how to fashion my feelings into words and actions that translate. I can only try and hope my heart’s attempt will become an arrow that finds its target. Perhaps God alone sees and the rest of the world misunderstands me or thinks I’m a dimwitted loser. Or are they right and I’m wrong?  More >

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True love is more than a feeling, it's an act of the will. Feelings can be fleeting, and should be the tail in our decision making process, and never the head. In other words, if I don't feel like loving today, I should not avoid doing what love requires on that basis. If someone needs me, I must look at our relationship, and make an informed choice to sometimes show love when I least feel like it.

We understand that parents must be there for children, even when they anger us, or disappoint us. This same principle is true for all relationships.

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    If I waited to do the right thing until I was "moved" to do the right thing, most times, the right thing wouldn't get done. For this reason, we need a hierarchy of values and principles. For me, love is the highest value. If I pass someone in need, I may not feel particularly loving on that day. In fact, helping them may be an inconvenience, or worse. It may cost me. It's not what we do that we 'feel like doing', that often defines us, but what we do when we don't feel much like doing it. I can hug someone who makes me feel squishy with delight. It's hugging those I don't feel like hugging, because in my will, I do care, that defines me. If I care, but my feelings are disconnected, this doesn't make me insincere. It makes me realize that sometimes my feelings lag behind what I know to be right. Often, I have reached out to people that I didn't really feel warm feelings for. In fact, some were difficult and cold. However, I often was rewarded by seeing the light of life sparked in their eyes. Sometimes we are like a match that kindles a warm flame in a cold fireplace. They have the fuel, but need someone to light it. I have never regreted the risks of love, but have often regreted not taking the risk. Love the unlovely. Love the seemingly unloveable. I don't mean you should risk putting yourself before hostility. In that case, you might want to get a second or third opinion. But in most cases, we pass cold and distant people, and they seem as walking dead. Sometimes its simply because of fear and inner loneliness, and they are beaten down and afraid to open up. The risks of love pale in comparrison to the rewards.