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picture 22 Feb 2008 @ 16:26

on a cold, wet day

jeans glued to me
soaking wet shoes
socks sopping with rain
oh warm brown rice, rich beans
how you welcome me, how you wait for me
hot shower steams my legs
while you, oh beans, rice and soup
steam my growling appetite

a day of coaxing language
a day of translating algebra
a walk through torrential rains
the puddles, oh rice, oh
the wet lakes of distant provinces
my path a national geographic, oh beans
the trucks that would push me into the niagara falls of despair
those walls of wet, oh soup
yet, yea, as i walk through the storm
the gray outpour, i think of you
you keep me strong
true to my course
oh beans, rice and soup
as long as you feature in my future
i shall walk the toils and atrocities of weather
may this ode entice you to appear this day

feb 2008

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23 Feb 2008 @ 05:46 by skookum : mmmm
I made soup today too...

must be in our genes..


23 Feb 2008 @ 06:14 by judih : pockets full of warm
(is that a dylan tune?)  

25 Feb 2008 @ 10:44 by jazzolog : shoulders full of shivers

I think he wrote that one.

What a wonderful entry! Where else can you find soup in both your genes and your jeans?  

25 Feb 2008 @ 13:42 by judih : the gene factor
a new name for a crichton novel  

27 Feb 2008 @ 19:48 by astrid ware @ : Ahhhh, mouthwatering!
Ahhh.... I would luuuv to have some of that soup you've made!! :)... Soups...they MUST be from Heaven, donchyahthink?  

8 Nov 2009 @ 09:37 by jazzolog : What A Pity
that this beautiful Log
from a lovely Workgroup
should descend into the ill
-moderated and -mannered
vortex of spam,
a dish
probably NOT
on Judih's menu!  

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