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11 Feb 2007 @ 10:06

I haven't written much.. for quite a while..

but.. I am such a romantic at heart


Lady Moon
by Marissa A Spencer

I see her fly, the Lady Moon.
She travels slowly up to meet the stars
with her glowing gown rising high.

The trees, earth and sea do not hear
but, the moon pulls and entreats.
"Come see the stars with me"

My heart searches the starry skies.
Where is my lover's star
dear Lady Moon?

Find my beloved in the sky.
Let me travel on lumined wings
and bring my light to them

(c) Marissa A Spencer February 11, 2007

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1 comment

11 Feb 2007 @ 14:28 by judih : a flight into loveskies
beautiful beckoning journey, marissa.  

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