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picture 8 Feb 2007 @ 10:44

Just one World

by Monica

There are so many different worlds
Born and dying in a blink of an eye,
So many different suns
Burning and extinguishing in an everlasting cry.
The moon is standing high, bathed in thousands of stars,
Watching us from his high horse in the sky,
Laughing and shedding his light on us,
Just as he always does.

But we just have this one world,
Just see this one sun,
Just live in this one cry,
Have only one life to live and…die,
One flower to smell,
One life-story to tell,
Just one pair of hands to hold
And one pair of eyes
To see the world unfold.

There are so many different worlds
Drifting past the boundaries of our hearts,
So many homeless souls
Looking for some shelter, for some home,
Estranged, forlorn and forsaken,
Exiled vagabonds living in a nowhere
Where time is black and space is empty,
Filled with lost dreams and displaced illusions.

So before it’s too late
And your spirit is let out of this cage,
Before your soul is at stake,
Maybe having lived in vain,
Maybe having sought after its fate,
Dive into the savage garden of this world,
Into the forbidden valley
Where mountains cry and trees fly high
And behold this one world
Throbbing with life you’ve never seen before,
Quaking with rhythm you’ve never heard
And wavering with a flow you’ve never felt before.

Open your eyes before it’s too late,
Unfold your wings and fly before you start to hate,
Unbold your heart from the ties,
Rotten chains at the gates of paradise.
Lose yourself in the delicate song of the wind
And discover yourself in the blue dolphin, in his eyes.

‘Cause there are so many different worlds,
Myriad different suns and armies of stars,
But this only one…
…is ours.


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8 Feb 2007 @ 10:53 by judih : monica!
a wonderful poem, but it's hugely hidden. Can you re-size the image?
i want to read this in its entirety!


8 Feb 2007 @ 12:39 by bushman : Resize,
In most cases you can just "right click" on the pic that is blocking text, and then click "zoom out". :}  

8 Feb 2007 @ 12:44 by judih : no such option here, bushman
not a zoom out on this right click menu.

so far, when this occurs, we've had to get into the post and play with the buttons, but last time i did it for someone else, i lost the image.  

8 Feb 2007 @ 13:34 by bushman : Hmm
Your on a mac? On win 98 you have zoom out. But only if you right click on the accual pic, not the page itself. Advanced feachers menu on the upload page, you have to save any changes first, then save and publish. Also you can change the placement of the text to below or above the pic, seems the text gets covered up by the pic if you select on the right or left side. Like when I first came in here the pic and the text was fine, but then now when I just came in the pic was covering the text, so it seems to be a random thing, maybe a conflict with the side bar positions, and resolution settings.  

9 Feb 2007 @ 05:55 by jazzolog : Making A Change
in a picture can be frustrating. How about if someone with an edit option for this entry tries clicking the text down a ways until it rests below the illustration entirely?


brilliant solution, jazz. non-intrusive and safe.  

9 Feb 2007 @ 06:48 by rayon : All OKay this side
having not functioned as above 2 days ago. Nice entry too, hope this gets seen in other places too! Tks.  

11 Feb 2007 @ 13:28 by monique : I've tried to re-size the image...
...myslef using the back-office, but it didn't work as I wanted it to. I did re-size it but it was little tiny small almost not visible image then.

11 Feb 2007 @ 13:52 by monique : The text should be now...
...completely under the image.

11 Feb 2007 @ 14:27 by judih : yes, it is.
When we first post, we have to mark the 'small and large' option for the image. Anything else results in utter image domination! (oh no, not that)

Still, it's wonderful to see the Poet Tree blossom, Monique.  

11 Feb 2007 @ 21:08 by koravya : Touching the Heart
Picture and Verse.  

2 Sep 2007 @ 16:52 by ambika : What a composition!
Hello Monica ~
The image you have on site is exquisite -- I kind of like that it is large. Great colors, great landscape... nice.. Thanks

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