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picture 16 Dec 2006 @ 06:52

approaching solstice with unabashed hope

A small light kindles at the thought of new found sun
Light beckons light,
hope grows in excited heartbeats.
Slowly the djembe resonates
anticipating hums
a faint hint of spark
a distant meteor flies.

If all this is true, then maybe I'll survive
my being warmed by inner fire
my arms linked to spinning chakra kindred.

Solstice smiles ahead

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16 Dec 2006 @ 07:29 by vaxen : Dahab...
Pure gold, your heart
Tikva eternal clouds
Joy felt Hanukkiot

Dragon ships' Oyin
Off the coasts of
Orions Mintaka...

al Dabran
the Speaker
Smiles at you

Hag Sameach Gibora

You're a Gem
Within a Gem
Within a Cloud

Laced with Tal

Strange Choice
Dvariim thinging

Be Ginning

Bara Shayit
Ba RA Shayit
Ba Rash Ayat

4.5 beats per second
Softly beats my heart
Djimbe, djambe,djumbe

Had HU Sameach
Ve Mitzuyenet
Renet in a Vaz


16 Dec 2006 @ 07:45 by judih : moteck mambo
fat cow laughs in languid milk chocolate
what fools these mortals be

band-aid to seal the gap
rope bridge over troubled waters

one more shake of the stonehenged hinge
heave! - open the door  

17 Dec 2006 @ 00:43 by vaxen : isayeret
tin tan tin
flies at night
with gunga din

reveal the hidden
stomp it down
cloud mud grounds

rain inside an onion
onion in a lime
nesher beer breaks

the fast

kibbutz eilot weeps
down in the cold sin eye
mitla pass grinds rone

netal on metal

muhammad al atrash
taking out the trash
got shot in the head

played dead

now a beduin chief
living softly in sheets
donated by davids crown

loyal officers all

never take a fall
for a liar who waits
along shveel ha nahash

he's there to shoot you down

bang, bang
kill bill
ramat ha mishkal

anubis waits...
licks his chops...
then howls...

ve lo tzareinoo
salammat ba pita


ramat ha tal
rasar seven
boys and girls

nahal lahak

od ba kiveinoo
kadima ahora

tzil tzal tzool

in the sayings
of our fathers
it is written

if not now
then when

and if i
am not for me

who will be
for me

tshuvee tshuvee besason  

17 Dec 2006 @ 15:05 by jobrown : You guys are
brading words into long beautiful garlands, like nobody else! Wonderful! And as far as Solsice goes... Judih, see my comment to you on my blog.../Love to u both!/ Astrid  

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