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picture 20 Feb 2006 @ 16:26

this is all there is to hand today

I am not going noble into the sunset
But fighting while one can
For the existence which realises quantum time
This eschews the pleasures of a psychological morass
And in the speed of light taps the doors of knowledge
Bypassing the material world

When compassion ruled, lives were long
And painful lessons learnt
In the tempest of Shakespeare emerged another man
A separating soul with fighting threads
Enjoining into a rope

An emerging will with senses seeing
To rationalise the lot; but still surviving
Without the threads and having lost the rope
There exists only an expectation of hope

Is heaven the next position in line
After the Bacchus Age of wine
Which more to nourish the body than pluck the lyre
Serves as the thread to body and soul

Thus to sustain the body and pursue the hope
Becomes noble unto its own desire

NSR December 1989

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1 comment

24 Feb 2006 @ 22:13 by jstarrs : all there is to hand this day... ok - it'll sustain the body, pursue the hope and will become noble unto it's own desire, right?  

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