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picture 10 Feb 2006 @ 15:59

If in angelic voice I could sing a sonnet of
Windswept rainbows, they would seem mere words,
Rough and ragged, as insufficient as any hacking Cough.
Not for lack of beauty, but for complete inadequacy.

How can I express my love, when
You are to me the sum of every treasure, the
Essence of every gift ever given?

I would be poured out like wine,
Stoked as your coals,
Buried as the seed
Laid in your soul.

I would empty my heart,
To climb through your skies,
And bathe in your thoughts
As a painted sunrise.

For you, a bouquets of stars,
Bows from the moon,
The universe laid down,
In a breathless swoon.

I bid you receive a continuous showers of flowers,
Words of praise and adoration that rise like springs
In my heart, oveflowing my pierced lips, which cannot
Contain the words.

Till there is no breath left, I will express my devotion for you.

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10 Feb 2006 @ 16:50 by silviamar : I love it, both the poem and the image!
How beautiful, from the beginning to the end!. Thanks for posting it, Nate :-)  

11 Feb 2006 @ 07:01 by shimanta : Simply superb!
A beautiful poem Nate. Thank you so much. Reminds me of Elizabeth Barrett Browning's sonnet sequence at least in its thematic content.  

13 Feb 2006 @ 17:22 by silviamar : the pic
is back :-)

bravo and hallelujah! how'd you do it silvia? (for future reference)

Nothing special. Nate sent me the pic in full size, I resized it with Photoshop and uploaded it back into the article using the 'Upload file' option in the 'edit' page of the article.  

14 Feb 2006 @ 18:52 by poetsong : The picture- The Image
This picture depicts a character in the Epic Fantasy I wrote and hope will be published. The being is called, "The Image". I won't spoil the story by telling more than the fact that he appears when he wants and has immeasurable power.

In this picture, you can perhaps make out he is standing, wearing a robe, with one hand raised to shoulder level. Power is going forth for whatever purpose he desires. It may not be apparent, but all of my digital art begins with something organic. Perhaps someday I will show some of the other versions of this picture, which are much more detailed, and if you look closely, you will see something hysterically funny. That little dot at the edge of his hands is actually my head.  

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