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picture 19 Dec 2005 @ 16:29

sea claims australian apostle

they said it sort of shimmered
or shuddered and then fractured
and collapsed straight down on itself
this apostle
the ninth one that left eight
out of the original twelve that never existed
there were only nine
this apostle was 20 million years old and so
never got lifted by
jesus’ sons flying on dinosaurs
to fill the ark in a short time
but he had his time and now
authorities are monitoring the safety of cliff-top lookouts nearby.

Jeff Starrs [link]

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12 Jan 2006 @ 12:45 by rayon : Along the cliffs
Yours is v nice and clever -

Fallow green haven hollow
Warming softness there to wallow
Windless weighting soaking sun
Breaking birds calls having fun

Soaring granite of the cliffs
Lifting clouds in mighty wiffs
Wind and spray hits the lips
Leaning too, the body tips  

15 Jan 2006 @ 19:32 by kernerewek : Begins softly and then!
I rather like the build of this work. It leads one into a harsh reality.


26 Apr 2016 @ 14:52 by French Open 2016 live @ : french open  

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