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New Civilization, which may be able to resolve the irreconcilable differences of faiths, cultures, politics etc. plaguing our civilization – Old Civilization - ( irreconcilable differences or, still better, irreconcilable contradictions, which reminds one of W.F. Hegel’s Dialectics of Idea and of Karl Marx’s Dialectics of Matter - and of which we shall speak later), may dawn on our planet only if collective consciousness of mankind at the present juncture of her evolutionary march is READY TO ACCEPT its (New Civilization’s) values as mankind’s own need and FEEL as if there is something hollow without them.

What are the values of New Civilization of which mankind may feel as if there is something hollow without them and therefore may become ready to accept them?

To delineate them I intend to resume publishing a series of articles on these pages. Also they are aimed at provoking our collective consciousness to open up and take a stand on the burning issues of our civilization. Most of these issues relate with the very SURVIVAL of mankind and with shaping her DESTINY on Earth. I invite all those who visit these pages to take a clear stand – for or against - and contribute by making comments. Also I invite them to join the Workgroup – a workgroup of individuals making New Civilization Global Initiative – and become part of the process of CONSCIOUS evolution of human race at the present CROSSROADS of her destiny.

The (draft) Charter of Action of New Civilization Global Movement contains a definite number of BASIC PREMISE. An overview of these propositions is given here. In subsequent articles, each of these propositions would be taken up and dealt with. At appropriate intervals some other relevant topics may also be taken up to make the matter more clear. The basic propositions of Charter are:

Charter is founded on FIVE FAITHS (that relate to HEART) and THREE CONVICTIONS (that relate to MIND) of global citizens. Charter seeks to DENY the respect and dominant place to the Present Civilization and to GIVE the same to New Civilization, which Civilization seeks to accomplish FIVE OBJECTIVES of human beings.

The faith propositions are:
1. Planet Earth is our COMMON HOME.

2. We have inherited it only in TRUST for use in decent manner and not for spoiling it by our improper acts.

3. Earth is not only for OUR use but also for the use of all other life-species dwelling on it.

4. This trust casts an obligation on us to PASS ON this planet not in inferior health but, if possible in better health to SUCCEEDING GENERATIONS of human beings and to all other life-species that would overtake it from us.

5. All life-species are miracle, blooming flowers in Universe’s barren desert and sacrosanct in their right to exist. We human beings have evolved our MIND to an extent where we are able enough to realize that all these non-human life-species have equal right to co-exist with us. Unless these life-species pose a danger to our safe dwelling on Earth, they deserve protection and preservation at our hands.

6. All man-made disputes of any nature can be resolved by man. And man has evolved his MIND to that evolutionary stage where he can realize that it is in his own interest that these disputes are resolved in PEACE and AMITY.

7. All life is evolving on Earth. Human being is a product of this evolution. Evolution has not stopped with the advent of human being. The process is extremely slow – barely perceptible in thousands of years – yet the process is on. We human beings must accept that we human beings are not the FINAL PRODUCT of this process and our MIND is not the ultimate TOOL of exploring realty around it and in universe.

8. But we human beings have evolved us SIGNIFICANTLY and have MIND that is capable to explore the unknown universe, in both directions of scale – micro and macro. We can harness to our use the secrets of nature and her forces. This our capability enables us today, if we are wise enough and choose this wisdom, to CONSCIOUSLY shape our DESTINY. This capability makes it possible for us to shape the destiny of EARTH also. Human beings can make an impact even on the destiny of UNIVERSE.

The conviction propositions are:
1. Human beings are capable to destroy themselves. This capability is now PRESENT and they need only the DECISION to destroy. Any serious man-made dispute may act as a TRIGGER to take this decision.

2. Sustainable human-unity, if we achieve at the global scale, is the only EEFECTIVE and WORKABLE guarantee against the danger of self-annihilation posed by divided human beings.

3. This unity can only be established if we human beings realize that our INTERESTS are common, that the PURPOSE OF LIFE on Earth is common and that the DESTINY of human race is common.

Charter seeks to accomplish these objectives, which are in common interest of all human beings:


1. New Civilization seeks to accomplish survival not only of all ethnic divisions and subdivisions of human race living in different countries of the world but also of ALL life-species dwelling on Earth.

2. It seeks to secure this objective by ensuring that peoples of Earth stand on the side of PEACE and not war for any cause whatsoever.

3. It also seeks to accomplish this objective by ensuring that peoples establish on our planet GOOD ORDER and not anarchy under any ideology.

4. It further seeks to secure this objective by compelling all organized groups of human beings on Earth, whether organized under the banner of nation-states or of any other common human feelings, to DISARM themselves completely of the WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION.

5. New Civilization seeks to accomplish this objective of collective survival not only by persuading peoples in the world to observe self-restraints in their inter se relations but also by paying RESPECT TO NATURE and its ways through its conservation.

Secondly, FREEDOM

1. New Civilization seeks to accomplish freedom of individual from any kind of oppression, whether it is of political kind or of the kind of economic, culture or social.

2. It seeks to accomplish this freedom of individual from oppression within the human organization of nation-states and also international relations of such nation-states.

3. New Civilization seeks to secure this state of freedom for individuals by ensuring that the human rights of individual are protected in the organized society of human beings.

4. It also seeks to secure this freedom of individuals by ensuring that the interests of organized society are guarded against criminals and anarchy.


1. New Civilization seeks to accomplish prosperity not only of one set of human beings (as against another set of those who remain poor) but of ALL.

2. It seeks to secure prosperity for all people by utilizing the TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENTS made by human beings. These advancements make it possible for human beings to REDUCE THE WORK HOURS for all those who are engaged in creating wealth. New Civilization does not permit utilization of these advancements to make a set of human beings WORK-LESS and to allow another set to ACCUMULATE wealth. Instead, it seeks to utilize these advancements to make available LEASURE-HOURS to all those who are engaged in wealth production.

3. It also seeks to secure this objective by utilizing SCIENTIFIC MANAGEMENT of natural resources of Earth so that waste of these precious resources is avoided, there is no unsustainable exploitation of these resources and, on that account, no ecological imbalance is created by man.

4. New Civilization seeks to utilize these measures in order to bring efficiency in production and distribution of man-made wealth.


1. New Civilization aims at accomplishing UNITY among different subdivisions of mankind on Earth by promoting mutual RESPECT FOR DIVERSITY among them.

2. It also aims to secure this unity by promoting UNDERSTANDING with one another. (refer to the contribution that may be made in this respect by the concept of RELATIVITY and FRAMES OF REFERENCE).

3. New Civilization also seeks to secure this unity by admitting that there exists DIVERSITY among different subdivisions of mankind and promoting HARMONY amid this diversity.

And fifthly and finally, ENLIGHTNMENT

1. New Civilization seeks to accomplish enlightenment of human beings by encouraging them to imbibe the KNOWLEDGE OF SCIENCE.

2. It seeks to encourage them to imbibe the knowledge of MATERIAL SCIENCE. It encourages them to learn and know what modern Physics and other branches of science have revealed to us, like our place in the Universal Time, Unity of Fundamental Forces of nature, Mirror- Images of OUR matter, Life and its Codes, convergence of all branches of science, etc. etc.

3. New Civilization also seeks to encourage them to imbibe the knowledge of PSYCHIC SCIENCE. It encourages them to learn and know what psychic sciences are revealing to us, like Near Death Perception, Extra-sensory Perception, Life after Death, Planes of Consciousness, etc. etc.

4. New Civilization also seeks to bring enlightenment among human beings by encouraging them to ALWAYS REMAIN OPEN and READY to change of one’s intellectual convictions.


We are oblized to use a 'term' that conveys the reality. New Civilization Global Initiative - a global Workgroup of individuals - is in existence and is on the job. This Global Initiative may turn into a Global Movement or may not. Till this Initiative is swelled into Movement, we would prefer to employ the term 'Initiative'.

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Plan - (1)Sending global emails containing "A Proposal for Summit", "Draft Charter of Action for New Civilization Global Movement" and "A request to email the same for onward further transmission"... (2)Inviting people to visit NCN website for obtaining background information... (3)Making use of NCN members' News Logs for generating well informed and enlightned discussion on this subject... Membership - Open to all those who wish to join and are willing to work in the project ... Contact: shreepal

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