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10 Jun 2006 @ 03:55, by Gavin Bellis

You know how easy it is for one to be subject to the habits of man, even when one is in full knowledge of it? How one has such a firm belief in something and, with one defying question from one soul, even one's own, a person's morals can be shattered?

I have been absent for some time from NCN, regretfully. While at one point I had one idea flowing into the next, spurring and stirring inspirations, epiphanies of perceptions of all that exists within and did not last. Not only did I have severe writer's block, but I also had a doubt of morals. I imagine saying too much of something not entirely founded by, at least, oneself, you tend to lose little pieces of thatr ideal mindset upon each spoken word, as if speaking, jettisonned who you are, simply because you truly haven't thought it through enough yet.
And, i am back, my mind regathered. I feel once more prepared to tackle the big things of life. Once more, i am ready to percieve, albeit with greater caution and, with greater insight.
Given enough time to reflect upon myself for what and who I am, what and who I am becoming, I have returned to be once more, a usual writer. Expect more from me in the near future.

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10 Jun 2006 @ 04:41 by vaxen : Ok!
Welcome back Mr Bellis.
I look forward to what 'you' have to say.  

11 Jun 2006 @ 08:48 by jazzolog : Me Too
Anyway, even we old Yanks get tired of ourselves and hang it up from time to time. The fresh air of silence is good for the ventilation.  

14 Apr 2016 @ 09:27 by lmx @ : sdf
"Are you so sure? Maybe there consequently not it?"

"? No, you do not see this pattern," he pointed to the strange fox goes face: "This is the first human sacrifices when Lu ritual mask tape, which must be buried in the tomb of a very special person in what capacity, It may be even more honorable than the emperor at the time. "

I blurted out: "The Emperor his father."

Third Uncle stared at me, they wanted to close up the paper goes on, I'm a hold toward him smile: "Uncle, you do not rush it up, how do I say this thing is coming, this time how about you have to take me to see this. "

He shouted: "No, this scouring the sand is not so simple, and that place can not air conditioning, but also numerous organs, and subject to Xiecai you are your father's only child, if you have happened, I'm not let you. father chops skin can not. "

I also shouted: "That's never been on when I leave!!" Then put the sheet of paper from his hand suddenly taken out, turned around and left. I know this man tri event of their favorite things, that principle does not see this antique, likewise see a woman, I allowed him to eat it, it really only a few steps, he surrendered , and to catch up, pulled my hand the paper: "Ok, you are powerful, but we can say well, when we under Dao Dong, so you may have to stay on top of the head office, right?"

I suddenly elated heart: when I'm going down to can you blocked lives me? Busy nodded: "!! Word go, we all listen to you, you make me why I'm doing."

Tri helpless sigh of mouth, said:. "The two of us do not succeed, then transferred tomorrow I experienced a few folks over the past few days I have this solution paintings, you have to help me to repairing something." then he quickly wrote a note to me and said, "do not buy a fake, as well, ready to set out the first line of travel, or not to the place where we first detained." I nodded , on each separately to get busy.

Tri wanted things are more tricky, I think probably what I deliberately make things difficult, because this single house really do not store things in general, such as what split waterproof miner, steel pipe, shovel soil test head, multi-purpose knife, folding shovel, short handle hammer, bandages, nylon rope, and so, I just bought a half spent nearly a thousand dollars, and my heart is called the distressed ah, Zhi Ma old fox, so rich yet so damn mean.

Three days later, I still have two old guys Panning My Uncle, uncle also the day I bought that stuff back hand dragon boy, five to Shandong seeds temple and then west over 100 km of the place.  

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