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20 Jan 2006 @ 01:43, by Gavin Bellis

I had been thinking, for some time, 'What if we followed Aristotle in Science instead of Democratus?' It seems there is indeed an answer, and it's not a 'what if,' but a 'what IS.'

Aristotle lived a few hundred hears before Christ, and Democratus thousands of years before. While Demo believed in 'atomos,' something being cut down until at such a size it could no longer be cut down...Aristotle believed in all that is being made up of Five elements: Fire, Water, Air and Earth, In their respective order of creation, the Fifth being Akasha, or 'The Ether'. Many refered to this fifth element as God or something supreme, upon which everything depends. This was an existence of continuity, meaning you could extend infitely into the micro and macrocosms.
Dalton acted on Demo's rules...but he was a bowler, not a scientist. And ever since, we've been using bowling balls the size of atoms to represent this branch of science.
It has been proven time and again that these 'atomos' CAN be cut up. Consider Nuclear reactions. Consider Quarks, Strings etc. Ions, even.
While thinking of whether it was Aristotle who was right or Demo, I came to realize, indeed, todays known elements can easily be categorized into the four elements.
They were both right.
The next day my dad handed me a book on Hermetics. I didn't even talk to him about this kind of stuff, but he seemed to know anyway, that i was 'ready' for this book.
For anyone who knows nothing of this science, just type in Hermetics and you'll have a lot of feedback.
It is indeed a science, but it's unfortunate that so many 'scientists' look at it as hocus pocus. Really, it's not illusory in the slightest, plus, as it applies to all sciences and ties GOD into it all, it really is a more complete study.
I proudly say that I am now a disciple of Hermetics, and am well on my way to becoming a hermetician.
Don't go being a disciple right away, but fellow readers, i'd at least have a look into it. It's well worth the time spent.
As I build understanding of it I will disclose a few bits and pieces here while not spoiling the good stuff.

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