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4 Nov 2005 @ 16:23, by Gavin Bellis

I have spoken with a great many people now, and I find myself surprised to see other people bringing up the End Time, or an otherwise grand event to come, when I was talking about something far more trivial, such as how nice the day was.

I have spoken with a great many people now, and I find myself surprised to see other people bringing up the End Time, or an otherwise grand event to come, when I was talking about something far more trivial, such as how nice the day was.
So many people have said spoken of something so similar, like a great change is coming, of what nobody can explain...but people seem to know why.
Some claim it is God's work, and others claim it is due to Man's Folly at playing God.
It is best observed, however, with hindsight accompanying foresight.
America has been almost methodically bombarded by Hurricanes, and The pacific coast has been almost methodically bombarded by earthquakes and their accompanying tsunamis.
I heard someone talk of geological warfare once, and how the Americans amongst other nations have been covertly studying this.
I also heard talk, and watched a few documentaries ages ago, on a group called HARP, who were aiming to have some hand to play in weather control.
So what I am saying is, this is the Folly of Man playing God, by creating otherwise natural disasters, totally inconceivable by mainstream society.
This may be an experiment gone wrong, however, causing great unsettlement in the tectonic system as well as within the atmosphere, for Geo-war and Weather-War respectively. These may not have been intentional...I mean, who would do this intentionally?
What concerns me after this question, which i have also discussed amongst people with heads on their the support output of America...not that I mean to take a shot at the United States...but I think that the amount of money they've put out for the list of disasters now happening sad, considering they're supposed to be a global superpower.
A superpower indeed, but a super-hero? Not so.
Almost thirty hurricanes in a season, That's a lot of energy being thrown around. Something's wrong, and I don't think Global warming is all to blame. After all, it was going to happen anyway.
Another subject I looked up that could possibly cause this list of horrible events, is that of a Reverse magnetic flux.
One happened about nine thousand years ago, and one is, according to scientists who also have heads on their shoulders (not all do), happening right about now.
A reverse magnetic flux means that the core is literally flipping upside down, and the poles will do the same gradually, but temporarily messing up the field seriously.

In fact, I think this is very possible.
Magnetic lines are often guidelines for some birds, and...I observed the strangest thing not long ago.
It's no wonder the weather, other than all the hurricanes, has been so erratic! Here in Canada, it's been nearly impossible to predict weather at all, accurately, as one day we'd expect heavy, black clounds, big wind, rain.
We had drought for three weeks, actually, here in Quebec of Canada. The wierdest part was the humidity was so very high, and the heat was greater so.
So whatever reason may be for all these events happening and to happen, I can see it getting more progressive, more frequent and more devastating.
Indeed, the turn of the 21st Century will have been the most "interesting" time for all of Humanity's History past and coming.

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4 Nov 2005 @ 18:10 by bushman : Cycles
Well, since scientists, dis regaurd things they cant see till someone finds a way to see it. Cycles of the solar system and our galixy, are electric in nature. Something outside our solar system causes the 11-33 year sunspot cycles on the sun, if you research it, you will find info that the poles on the sun fliped, the sun being a really huge magnet, it stands to reason that if the field has fliped on the sun, then Earth a smaller magnet will have to eventualy flip around to match the sun. There is plenty of evidence to suport this, as well, earth is expiriancing global warming, that is obviouse to us because we are here, but there is also plenty of evidence all the other planets are warming, even pluto, is showing signs of warming. The galactic core is enshrouded by megs dust clouds, deflecting radiations from the core, but as we see all the time on a cloudy day here on earth that the sun does shine thru here and there. The Hindus knew of this, and talk extensivly about the golden age of light, that tells me there is some large gaps in that photon blocking shroud of dust, a predictable cycle, the hindus knew, the aztecs knew, they wrote it all down and made devices to monitor it. Although the bible states that in the end times everyone will know its time, they just dont know the exact day and week and month, all though the date set in the minds of man, we do know the year of 2012 some say in december. But then do we really know what year it really is right now? I dont think we need to know so much, all we need to know is how the sun is acting, the last sun spot cycle was extreem, never before seen mega flares, the last peak started in 2001, the next one will be 2012, we will be at solar max again. We could expect to be hit by some very large CME's (coronal mass ejections) it's totaly possable that the sun could eject such a large vollume of material, that it could blow off our planet's atmoshere, something like that could easily cause the vacuum of space to make contact with land, this would do exacly what they found up north, quick frozen mamoths with fresh food in thier mouths. It would also cause a major global ice age again. People of the old times worshiped the sun, just why was that? The bible mentions a time when the earth stopped rotating or it could have fliped so as to make the light of day time longer so as the guy could plant his fields the sun shown for 24 hours, the visual view writen, the sun stopped in the sky. So I'm thinking it must of been a cold day, since if the sun shown in the same place for 24 hours and no cloud cover it would get damn hot there, so I have to assume that the last time the world ended, our planet was pretty cold and covered with water vapor or heavy fog. Electrical activity with no rain is evidence to me that when the sun blows off charged mass, it also charges our planets magnetic field, once the CME passes the planet it must discharge all that extra energy, so we see that as mega electical storms, as well we know that lightning doesnt just go from cloud to earth, it also goes cloud to space as sprites and fountains. But anyway no man shall know the exact time of the end. We just know its comming soon, probably because man cant see that the anciant myths and stories are for the most part true. But see, the deal is if everyone knew the exact time and date of the end, that mankind would not be where we are today, we would of stayed hunters and gathers, and just layed around waiting for the world to end. :}  

5 Nov 2005 @ 18:15 by freo7 : What Language REALLY is
In a nutshell: language that we (3D humans) perceive and believe DOES affect our individual & collective vibrations and yes WHATEVER we accept & be live as reality is our self fulfilling prophesy. (I thank GODUS for diversity every breath I take)

About the reverse flux: There are some who believe that THE GOD ONE whom we all are here and now in Earth's causal body is at last (again) putting Earth's magnetic direction back as it is originally created ((well if you are a creationist that is)) and there are others, like myself who just think of it as collective & cosmic weather patterns.

I am a weather worker here in the north west. P E A C E ~ B E is my vibe...


"Horatio, OH HORATIO!! There is so much more to this life (we are) than meets our two 3D eyes, mind & heart!!"

There are also those who say that the whole planet, which includes all of US in car nations now, is ascending - IE. - raising vibrations within the larger living universal system which is also doing the same within an even larger living system.

*HANG ON FOLKS anyway we cut it we are in for a massive ride.

HEY! That's why I'm How about you?

B. McCann, aka Freo`7

5 Nov 2005 @ 23:44 by vibrani : You talkin' to me?
;-) The earth is doing its thing, too.  

9 Nov 2005 @ 15:36 by dempstress : On a slightly less
scientific basis than that taken in the article and Bushman's comment, if there is any basis for the Gaia Hypothesis, and I'm not saying there is, perhaps she's just trying to shake us off like the irritating and debilitating infestation I fear we are.  

9 Nov 2005 @ 16:34 by oasiian : Middle-Path
We are no plague or infestation. We are a split-off of nature. Frankly, we've lost the way.
And the Way is always there for us, and many more than thought of, choose it.
We seem like a bad thing to this planet right now, but we'll get it eventually. With this in mind, I see the light at the end of the tunnel, that which is the End Time.  

14 Apr 2016 @ 09:29 by lmx @ : sdf
"Are [link] you [link] so [link] sure? [link] Maybe [link] there [link] consequently [link] not [link] it?"

"? [link] No, [link] you do [link] not [link] see this [link] pattern," [link] he [link] pointed [link] to [link] the [link] strange [link] fox [link] goes [link] face: "This [link] is [link] the [link] first [link] human [link] sacrifices [link] when [link] Lu ritual [link] mask [link] tape, [link] which [link] must [link] be [link] buried in [link] the [link] tomb of [link] a [link] very [link] special [link] person [link] in [link] what [link] capacity, [link] It may [link] be [link] even [link] more [link] honorable [link] than [link] the [link] emperor [link] at [link] the [link] time. [link] "

I [link] blurted out: [link] "The [link] Emperor [link] his [link] father."

Third Uncle [link] stared [link] at [link] me, [link] they [link] wanted [link] to [link] close [link] up [link] the [link] paper [link] goes [link] on, [link] I'm [link] a [link] hold [link] toward [link] him smile: [link] "Uncle, [link] you [link] do not [link] rush [link] it [link] up, [link] how [link] do [link] I say [link] this [link] thing [link] is [link] coming, [link] this time [link] how [link] about [link] you [link] have [link] to [link] take [link] me [link] to [link] see [link] this. [link] "

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I [link] suddenly [link] elated [link] heart: [link] when [link] I'm [link] going [link] down [link] to can [link] you [link] blocked [link] lives [link] me? [link] Busy [link] nodded: [link] "!! [link] Word [link] go, [link] we [link] all [link] listen [link] to [link] you, [link] you [link] make [link] me [link] why [link] I'm [link] doing."

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Tri [link] wanted [link] things [link] are [link] more [link] tricky, I [link] think [link] probably [link] what [link] I [link] deliberately make things difficult, [link] because [link] this single house [link] really [link] do [link] not store [link] things [link] in general, [link] such [link] as [link] what [link] split [link] waterproof [link] miner, [link] steel [link] pipe, [link] shovel [link] soil [link] test [link] head, multi-purpose [link] knife, [link] folding [link] shovel, [link] short [link] handle [link] hammer, [link] bandages, [link] nylon [link] rope, [link] and [link] so, [link] I just [link] bought [link] a [link] half [link] spent [link] nearly [link] a [link] thousand [link] dollars, [link] and [link] my [link] heart [link] is called [link] the [link] distressed [link] ah, [link] Zhi [link] Ma [link] old [link] fox, [link] so [link] rich [link] yet [link] so [link] damn [link] mean.

Three [link] days [link] later, [link] I [link] still [link] have [link] two [link] old [link] guys [link] Panning [link] My [link] Uncle, [link] uncle [link] also [link] the [link] day [link] I bought [link] that [link] stuff [link] back [link] hand [link] dragon [link] boy, [link] five [link] to [link] Shandong [link] seeds [link] temple [link] and [link] then [link] west over [link] 100 [link] km [link] of the [link] place.  

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