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 Hermetics5 comments
category picture20 Jan 2006 @ 01:43
I had been thinking, for some time, 'What if we followed Aristotle in Science instead of Democratus?' It seems there is indeed an answer, and it's not a 'what if,' but a 'what IS.'  More >

 A little bit of Unified Field theory5 comments
category picture17 Nov 2005 @ 18:49
For some time I've been fiddling around with the idea of string theory, or Unified Physics. These are some of my conclusions.  More >

 Biology Facts, very curious1 comment
category picture8 Nov 2005 @ 03:53
I found out that it takes seven years for the body to fully replace every cell it has. See how it is consistent with what i've already said in articles before.  More >