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 The Human condition7 comments
category picture13 Jun 2006 @ 04:43
A strange day where it's warmer at night...somehow it always goes down this way where i live, the nights are always warm, pleasant...  More >

 A little less than 7 years till the big day3 comments
category picture8 Dec 2005 @ 07:48
I'm beginning to just have a disgust with society as it stands, and it's sad, because while we should appreciate what wonders we have, we should also note...its worldly cost.  More >

 Someone playing at your deck of cards4 comments
category picture29 Nov 2005 @ 12:06
One of those interesting pinnacles of my life, where one set of entities running it, phase out, and somehow, there's -always- something waiting to fill the gap....  More >