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2007-09-16: The student is ready
2006-06-13: The Human condition
2006-06-10: Proof of the existence of Psychic phenomena
2006-06-10: Down but not out
2006-01-20: Hermetics
2005-12-31: Controversies of the spokesman
2005-12-21: Construction of the NEWA website
2005-12-18: Bush admitted he was wrong???
2005-12-13: All Disasters, nothing interesting about recovery
2005-12-08: A little less than 7 years till the big day
2005-12-05: Warriors of the Light, Assemble!
2005-12-01: Spiritual revolution, Unified Theology
2005-11-29: Someone playing at your deck of cards
2005-11-23: Canadian Activity on NCN
2005-11-22: Rainbows and People
2005-11-17: A little bit of Unified Field theory
2005-11-16: Times are a-Changing
2005-11-09: Supply vs. Demand
2005-11-08: Biology Facts, very curious
2005-11-04: Vibes
2005-11-03: The answer to the challenge of World Peace
2005-11-02: Love
2005-10-23: Simplicities of benevolent/malevolant implications
2005-10-20: 3D language

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