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11 Apr 2006 @ 09:06, by Silvia M.S

The newslog has an advanced option which lets you to preview the articles before posting them. They remain hidden and you can check how they will look in your newslog. When you read these instructions you may think that it's a pretty complicated process, but after you do it a few times you will see that it's pretty easy. If you are already an advanced user, you have a summary at the end with the steps to follow.

A) First you need to set up the ADVANCED CONFIGURATION of the newslog, if you haven't done this before (you only need to do it once):

- Go to your profile and click on the Newslog link situated in the left sidebar.
- The last option there is "Newslog Configuration". Select Advanced and click the Update button:

In this way you will have all the advanced options available.

- Click on the Features link, situated in the horizontal sidebar:

- Look at the options column that starts with "ID". Go down until you see the "Holding Bin" option and click on Yes-postings can be prepared in advance and held ready for posting:

- Click on the Save button at the end of the options.


1.- Start a new article by clicking on the New article link placed in the Administrative functions at the bottom of the Newslog configuration page (Or from the Member start area, click on the New Article link in the "Some of your places to go" area).

2.- Write there your article and when you finish click on the Save draft & continue button.

3.- Click on the Add or Edit Articles link situated in the Administrative Functions at the bottom of the page.

4.- In the list of articles you will see the last one that you've saved as a draft, which is shown as a hidden article:

Click on the Edit button next to the word "hidden", and thus you will go back to the edition page of your article.

5.- Now in the edition page you can see a "Status" new option showing up at the end of the page. Click on Ready for publishing option and then on the Save & Exit button:

6.- You will be brought back to the "Add or Edit Articles" page. Now your new article is not shown as a hidden article at the end of the articles list. You can see that there's a new section below this article list, with the title "Stories ready for publishing", and your article below it with the status "ready".
To preview your article and see how it will look when you publish it, click on the Preview button situated below your article:

7.-If you like how it looks, then mark the little box at the left of the article and click on the Publish Selected button below it:

Your article will be posted in your newslog and everybody will be able to see it.

8.- If after previewing your article you need to edit it, then simply use the Edit button next to the article. You will be brought back to the article edition page, and when you're done with the changes click again the Save & Exit button to go to the "Add or Edit Articles" page and do steps 6 and 7.


- Set up the advanced configuration going to "Newslog configuration" and also there select the "holding bin" in the "Features" tab (you only need to do it once).
- Write your article and save it as a draft.
- Go to "Add or Edit Articles" and edit your article.
- In the Status section, mark "ready for publising" and then "save & exit".
- Click on the Preview article to see it.
- To publish it, go back to "Add or Edit Articles", mark the box at the left of your article and click "Publish selected".

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