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22 Feb 2006 @ 18:32, by Silvia M.S

I've been told that some people have problems to upload pictures into their articles. For that reason, I've written this little article explaining how to do it. It may look difficult at the beginning, but in reality it's an easy task to do after you do it a few times.

There are several options:


When you start adding a new article or editing a new one, you can see the 'Picture' section in the page, that you can use to upload pictures to your article.

1) Select the location of the pic:

There are three different ways, depending on where the picture is located:

a) If the pic is in your computer, click the button 'Browse', choose the pic in your computer and click the button 'Open'. The address of the pic will be inserted in the box next to 'Upload File'.
b) If the pic is in internet, you need to copy the URL (internet address) of the pic and paste it in the box next to 'Grab URL'
c) If you don't want to upload one of your pics you can choose any of the pics already included in the NCN server. To do that choose the right option in the menu next to 'From Library', click the button 'View' next to it, mark the picture you want, go down to the bottom of that page and choose 'Use selected picture'. The name of the pic will show up in the box next to the 'View' button.

Besides, you can resize the pic using the the resizing option available. It's especially interesting the "small&large" resizing option, because it lets you to have a small thumbnail of the pic in the frontpage and the full size in the full article page.

2) Click 'Save Draft&Continue' button: After doing step a, b or c then click on the 'Save Draft&Continue' button to have the pic uploaded to the server. At the beginning of the page you will get some red messages saying that the picture has been uploaded and a thumbnail created.

3) Select where you want to place the pic:

Check the Picture section again. You should see a thumbnail of the pic that you've uploaded. Next to it you can see an unfolding menu next to 'Position', where you can choose exactly where you want to place that pic in the article, for example right in the text. Try any of the first 7 options and save the draft to see where the pic is placed, that's the best way to learn about these options.

If instead you choose to place the picture manually you can insert it in the article exactly where you want.

To insert the picture manually simply select the last option of the resizing menu (manual) and write this line (called html tag) in the place of the text where you want to see it:

<img src="/pic/nl/artpic/XXX/Y/picture">

where XXX is the number of your newslog, that you can see at the bottom of the main page of your newslog, where it says 'This news log #XXX is owned by...',
Y is the number of the article you're writing, that you can see following the link 'Add or Edit articles' at the bottom of the editing page (if you previously saved the draft of course),
and picture is the name of the pic that you have uploaded into your article (write the full name, including the final JPG or GIF extension).

Once you've saved the article, you should see the picture in the right place.


If you're going to use pictures in your articles very often, I suggest you to set up the picture gallery, to have all the pictures grouped together. Besides, in the right sidebar of your newslog you'll see the last picture uploaded there, and when people click on it they'll be able to see your picture gallery.

If you haven't set up your picture gallery yet, please follow this link to learn how to do it: Link.

If you have already a picture gallery, you can upload there the pics you want to place in your article and then place the proper tag into the text where you want them to be inserted.


1) Go to your article and write this line in the place where you want to insert the pic:

<img src="">

You can use it in any place where you want to insert a picture.
2) You have to write the URL (internet address) of the picture between the quotation marks. To do this, first go to the picture gallery, click on the pic you want to insert to see it in full-size and click on it with the right button of the mouse, then select 'copy image location'. In this way you have copied the URL of the picture.
3) Go back to your article, then between the quotation marks of the tag click with the right button of the mouse and choose 'Paste'. In this way you have completed the image tag and your pic should show up in your article after you save it.

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22 Feb 2006 @ 19:54 by jmarc : thanks
hadn't realized there was an image library here. After all this time there's still new stuff to learn. < > ;)

We have a saying in Spain which says 'you'll never go to bed without having learnt something new'. I've checked that many times with myself and it's true, even with things that supposedly I know well :-)  

22 Feb 2006 @ 21:24 by jstarrs : More great advice...
...on something that's so easily overlooked.
Like jmarc, it was years before I realized Ming had kindly provided a picture gallery on the newslogs, too!!!
Maybe these useful articles should be archived/copied somewhere even more central like a 'How To...' thingy?

At the moment they are available here in the Landing group, and can be read by all members of NCN. But yes, I think that maybe it could be a good idea to have them archived somewhere outside the group.

I would also like that the order of the photos in the Picture gallery could be changed. At the moment the newslog mainpage shows the last picture uploaded to the gallery, and it would be cool if we could choose the picture that we want to show simply by dragging it to the first place in the gallery, or in some other easy way.  

23 Feb 2006 @ 15:12 by rayon : Yes, great
and I agree with Silvia on the last pic showing on main page, which could possibly be altered. The only way to get a particular one is by deleting others in front of it, to move it up to that place.

Yes, we could ask him if this little modification can be done easily.  

27 Dec 2011 @ 15:30 by sreevatsa : Image posting
Thanks for your information. Let me see how to improve my newslog  

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