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23 Dec 2005 @ 20:38, by Silvia M.S

If you want to change the colour of the text in your newslog articles, to add for example bold words or to insert links you need to use html code. Here you can find some basic instructions to learn how to do it.


If you want to use these instructions, you have to select the option HTML-no conversion will be done in the format section of the article, instead of plain text.
To change the format of the text you need to use text strings named tags which are written between < > symbols. Many of those tags are in pairs, so one is placed at the beginning of the text to be formatted, and another part at the end.

- Bold words: You have to place the words you want bolded between the tags at the beginning and at the end, in this way: words in bold will be seen words in bold.

- Italics words: Place the words between the tags . For example words in italics will be seen words in italics.

- Changing the colour of the text: Every colour has a corresponding code that you need to know if you want to use it in your text. This is a table with the colour numbers: Link.
Then place the words between the tags (where the numbers 1 should be replaced by the six digits of the colour code). For example Words in red will be seen Words in red.

- Combining tags: You can use many tags together to change different aspects of the text, but it's necessary that you close them in the opposite order in which you opened them. For example to get Amazing! you need to write Amazing!

As you can observe, for basic main colours (like red, blue, green...) it's not necessary to write the colour html code in the font tag, it's enough with the name of the colour.

- Inserting single line breaks: Use the tag
. It doesn't need a closing tag.


You have to write this line in the document: description where is the url you want (including http://) and description can be any words you want to be shown.

For example, the link to NCN would be inserted as NCN and will be seen as NCN.
There are other ways to insert links, for example by using the tags and , but the first one seems easier to use here in NCN.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate in asking me or posting them in the Landing group.

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29 Dec 2005 @ 04:22 by jmarc : Learn to write HTML
online. One step at a time. Just try a little every day, and soon, you'll amaze yourself with what you can do. Learning to do this from scratch rather than with a wysiwyg editor will, in the long run help you to get the precise look you want, wherever you want. I learned everything I know at {LINK:|HTML Goodies} I recommend that site as a good place to learn at your own pace.

I also posted a few weeks ago in the Links section of the group another website to learn html: {link:|Html Tutorial}. I'll add the one you've posted too.
Html is an interesting topic to learn, I started my own website some time ago to learn it, but now I use dreamweaver most of the time to be able to use templates and modify the site faster :-)  

29 Dec 2005 @ 04:30 by vibrani : You can also
just write in the color of the word you want the font in - like pink in brackets.

Yes, for the basic colours is easier in this way.  

29 Dec 2005 @ 04:52 by jmarc : I use this doodad
called {LINK:|traycolor} to grab any color I like from my screen, and it automatically gives me the HTML colour code.

It sounds interesting! What a pity that I cannot try it because it's only for PC, but most of the people will be able to use it :-). I've checked the colour chart and it's useful too.  

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