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12 Oct 2005 @ 18:27, by Silvia M.S

If you like to have a place to post your own articles, thoughts, ideas or whatever, you need to create your own newslog. It will then show up in the list of Newslog displayed in the Communicate option.


- Go to Profile.
- In the left menu, click on NewsLog.
- A message will show up telling you what a newslog is. Click on the Create Newslog button at the end of the page.
- Your newslog will be created and you'll see its configuration page.


- The first four boxes are there for you to write a title for your newslog, a line text which goes below the title (tag line), and also a short introduction for your newslog (they are optional).

- In the middle of the page you'll see some options to set up the privacy of your newslog: you decide who can read your newslog and who can post/read comments in it (only members, the general public, nobody...). By defect, only members can read your newslog and post/read the comments in it.

- The next three options in this page are related with the number of articles that you want to be shown at a time (5 by defect), and the number of previous articles and comments shown in the sidebar of your newslog (10 by defect).

- The last option is to set up the advanced configuration for your newslog (selected in Simple by defect). At the moment, it's better that you get familiarized first with the basic configuration, so you can leave this option untouched. I'll talk about the advanced configuration in another article.

- When you've configured these basic options, click the Update button to save the changes that you've made.

- Now a new option is shown at the beginning & end of the page: [Categories]. If you click there you'll see a list of the different categories created by defect: Articles, Diary, Dreams... Each of one has a color and an icon assigned, but you can edit it clicking the Edit button next to each category and the Save button when you're done.
Besides, you can add a new category clicking the New Category button at the end of the categories list. You'll have a page to introduce the Name of the category, the color and other characteristics. Then click Save button and you're done.


At the end of the newslog configuration page you have four administrative functions: view the newslog, configure it, add/edit articles or add a new article. To add a new article to your newslog:

- Click in the New article option.
- Select the category where you want to include your article. You have some predefined categories or you can add new ones, as I commented you above.
- Add a title for the article.
- In the Text for Front Page box write an introduction for your article or the whole article if you prefer.
- In the Optional full article box write the rest of the article or nothing if you already posted your whole article in the first box.
- Format: If you don't know html code, you should select the plain text option. If you have written your article using html code, then select the second option.
- You can add a picture to your article. You can upload it from your computer clicking the Browse button, or grab it from internet writing its URL.
- If you think that you're article is suitable for one of the NCN subject categories, then select the appropiated one from the Supplemental Category menu. Then your article will be shown in your own newslog and also along with the rest of articles in the particular NCN subject that you selected.
- Then click the Save&Publish button to post your article.

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7 Nov 2005 @ 13:09 by swan : Thanks Silvia
for doing this newslog. It will make it easier for people to get started :-)  

9 Nov 2005 @ 14:09 by silviamar : I hope it'll be useful!
I'm writing also some other things. Any suggestion about more topics will be welcomed. Besides, anybody in the group can post an article for newcomers here in the newslog, the door is completely open for all of us here. Thanks for being here, Katelyn ;-)  

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