New Civilization News: Meditation 5    
 Meditation 5
23 Nov 2008 @ 02:07, by deepwater

"The reason for our erroneously believing that we are a part of some thing from which we are separate arises from the development of an individual point of consciousness."

Still the body and quiet the mind,
Going within, become aware of the rhythm of your breathing and the beating of your heart. Listen to the pulse of your life blood flowing rhythmically through your brain.
Feel the air being absorbed by your blood and circulated
throughout your entire body.
Know that energy flowing in with the air is filling your etheric being with light and love, energising, sustaining and animating your life.

As you gradually tune in to the subtle energies that sustain and animate your being, allow your attention to focus upon the fact that your physical form and your etheric form are integrated into
an indivisibly whole unit.

Observe the totality of yourself, witness the inner flows that
underlie your manifest form.
All the way up the spine and into the head are a series of centres which receive, transform and transmit the energy flowing into,
through and around you.

The three centres below the diaphragm, one located at the base of the spine, one found in the generative organs and one located at the solar plexus, constitute the personality as it manifests in physical form and these centres mainly deal with physical energies and their expression.
These find integration in the intellect and the ego.

The centre located in the heart is the direct connection into your etheric system from the cosmos. This is expressed as unconditional love.

The three centres above the heart, one in the throat, one in the brow and one located in the centre of the brain find integration as the higher mind, higher self or seat of the soul.

The centre in the brain is the direct connection to the cosmos
from your etheric system.

The state of awareness of the intellect and personality/ego is only able to perceive an unknowingly limited perspective of “that which is”, due to its being unable to access knowledge from beyond
its perceivable universe.

A greater state of knowing and awareness is however available in potential form due to the fact that this information is also
a part of all that is.

The growing realisation of the wholeness and integration of ones perceived separate self can lead to the understanding of the wholeness and integration of all that is.

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