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28 Apr 2008 @ 10:33, by Enocia Joseph

"Mother," I asked, "why don't you teach others the method of living without food?"

My ambitious hopes for the world's starving millions were nipped in the bud.

"No." She shook her head. "I was strictly commanded by my guru not to divulge the secret. It is not his wish to tamper with God's drama of creation. The farmers would not thank me if I taught many people to live without eating! The luscious fruits would lie uselessly on the ground. It appears that misery, starvation, and disease are whips of our karma which ultimately drive us to seek the true meaning of life."

"Mother," I said slowly, "what is the use of your having been singled out to live without eating?"

"To prove that man is Spirit." Her face lit with wisdom. "To demonstrate that by divine advancement he can gradually learn to live by the Eternal Light and not by food." --- Autobiography of a Yogi


So my mother noticed that one of her many clocks had stopped working. Presumably, the battery had run out. She said she was going to check if she had any spares. The next morning I noticed she hadn't changed the batteries so I figured, why not charge the batteries?

I channelled energy to the batteries and the clock started ticking away. I then corrected the clock. When I showed mum her clock was working she asked me what I'd done.

"I charged the batteries," I said.

Mum gave me that "my daughter is mad" stare that' I've become accustomed to. At least the clock is now working.

Charging the batteries got me thinking about all this talk about going Green. Humans are supposed to be depleting the Ozone layers and we need to do all we can to reverse the effect. Well, recharging those batteries is my way of going Green. I've even recharged the batteries on the television's remote control.

Imagine what the world would be like if everyone stopped buying new batteries and recharged what they already have? Yes, I know there will be massive unemployment for people who work in that industry but at least we'll be saving the planet, right?

As we learn how to tap into this energy, we won't even need to consume the natural resources as this Energy will provide all we need. Let's take well-being as an example. If we could all tap into the energy and heal ourselves there won't be any need for hospitals and medicine. Granted people who work in that field will be out of a job but at least we will all be in radiant health or be able to sustain our health.

As radiant healthy and happy beings, we will all be loving one another. Where there is love, there is no fear. No fear means no crimes. No crimes means no need for the police, lawyers, insurance companies, journalists, and politicians for that matter. Granted there will be massive unemployment but at least we will all be happy and at peace, right?

When everyone is able to tap into the Source to receive guidance there will be no need for teachers either. Granted there will be massive unemployment, but at least we'll all be following our hearts.

Now that we are all happy and have access to limitless energy that we can use to manifest all our desires, we'll all focus on being the creative beings we innately are.

Wow, the politicians are so right; going Green is good for everyone.

I am an Eco-Warrior and I'm proud of it.


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