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picture 15 Oct 2007 @ 04:54, by Marissa A Spencer

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I write a Halloween poem every year. Hope you enjoy it. Just fixed the typo lol

The Phantom 13

Number 13 hissed and whined
A haunted train on a haunted line
A ghostly freight of ghoulish goods
Traveling through the endless woods.

Pale passengers watch from silent seats
Ghoulish eyes on spooky sheets
They wait for the tunnel up ahead
The station stop for the recent dead

The engineer gives the horn a blast
A master of the future and the past
He controls who may disembark
Pulls the brakes and the wheels spark

The tunnel looms in gloom and dread
A getting-off place for all the dead
The engineer waves his skeleton hand
The sheets all rise at his command

They float with googly eyes a-popping
Their legless sheets moaning and flopping
Another night on the Phantom Express
The engineer grins at his specter guests

Placing his hat on his bony head
He hears distant murmurs of the dead
He has more stops and tunnels yet
To pay his penance and fulfill his debt

Number 13 hissed and whined
A haunted train on a haunted line
A ghostly freight of ghoulish goods
Traveling through the endless woods.

© October 14, 2007
Marissa A Spencer

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