New Civilization News: Scale of confront, including mechanics of polarization    
 Scale of confront, including mechanics of polarization33 comments
picture13 Jun 2007 @ 17:47, by Max Sandor

Using Skywork, we mapped out these days in Milan, Italy, Europe, Earth, Solar System... a scale of confront which appears applicable for various areas beyond interpersonal and group relationships. We verified the results later with another group without any prior information. The results could fill a book, especially if one would gather still more details.

As a side product appeared the mechanism of pole swapping. Example: the attacker assumes the identity of the overwhelmed after being sucked into the new identity like into a black hole.

Once a polarization exists, the 'vanishing' of the other pole (subjectively into darkness!) causes the still existing pole to enter a confusion and shortly thereafter assuming the presumably LOST identity of the other pole (which apparently vanished).

Although much of this is already known for those studying the dynamics of polar structures, it was inspiring to witness the details of the pole swapping, especially the fundamental differences between overcharging a pole and zeroing out one of the poles.

Another surprise were the precise points at which marked differences in behaviour/emotions manifested. These points, apparently in logarithmic distances from each other, follow parabolic lines. In other words, not only distance but also 'angle of confront' determine the emotional attitudes during 'approach' of a terminal.

Further, the behaviour of negative and positive pole is not simply a mirrored function. In other words, there is a clear difference between a positive pole approaching a negative pole versus a negative pole approaching a positive one.

As just one of many examples, a revision of 'traditional' scales of emotions seem to be in order, adding another dimension, or directional extension of progression, depending on the 'item' approaching or being approached, abandoned or being abandoned.

We also saw the boundaries of a 'comfort zone' and a boundary from which communication occured optimally for both terminals. Interestingly, this boundary appears very similar to the 'zero' line of virtual mutual non-existence and both are very stable.

So much for now...

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13 Jun 2007 @ 18:24 by Ed Dawson @ : TERM versus OPPTERM
Excellent! You are describing the mechanism by which a person swaps from one GPM identity to the next, becoming as their new TERM what had previously been their OPPTERM.

Any chance of seeing a fuller writeup of this?

15 Jun 2007 @ 01:09 by Ed Dawson @ : uncomfortable... unconfrontable?
Well gee, everybody and their mother commented on Ken Ogger, but Max posts the first ever set of decay scales for the crossover between TERM and OPPTERM (GPM identities), and the silence is deafening. What's the matter here? Something wrong with a little GPM tech?

Oh well. Hey Max, I'm paying attention! Woo-Hoo!!!!!! :)))  

15 Jun 2007 @ 10:37 by Thomas P @ : mechanics of polarization
I'd describe myself as interested, but the material is a bit to thin to make any sense out of. I read PNOHTEFTU and Ed Dawsons material (the Ouran pages), trying to comprehend it from a General Semantics viewpoint and Gotamo's stuff from the Pali Canon. To put it short I like to view myself as training for something culminating and/or growing still with Unbinding. A deeper understanding regarding GPM structures and polarisations would be desireable for me.

Over the past two years Max became a person I grew kind of fond of, liking his attitude and way of putting things.

What prompted me to post this time was the reference to Milan/Italy. Located in Austria myself I thought this would be a great opportunity to meet one of the more interesting people I know of if this is at all possible.

Not knowing your policies I simply ask in a kind of public way if there is any way of getting in touch with "one of you" (ed, max, aloisia). Don't know how to write this without sounding fan-boyish, but what the heck, it kind of feels that way.

Best regards,

15 Jun 2007 @ 13:18 by mx @ : current research
(Thomas: I wrote you privately)

It baffles me myself that it took me so long to have an experimental look at this. Yes, there are VERY uncomfortable points in this design, even though I didn't even comment on them in my first little sketches.

It seems that part of this 'confront scale' is barely or not confrontable at the beginning. We are continuing to work on this and it ain't easy.

What are the mechanics of 'conflict' and 'conflict resolution' after all?
How really works an act 'invalidation' for both parties? What makes an 'opinion leader'? What is 'gossip'? 'Polarization-swaps of Memes'???? the list is endless, it seems...

And, at the frightening bottom of it all: what truly is 'judgment'?

The common pure-intellectual approach avoids the key points (the emotional confront), runs in never-ending circles and verbal diarrhea or ends in unworkable pseudo-solutions..

Nothing for the faint-hearted...  

15 Jun 2007 @ 15:22 by Ed Dawson @ : First things first...
Before you move on to "gossip", "Judgement", et al, would you fully document the characteristics of each "tone" on the two decay scales above? This is extraordinarily important. So far as I know, NO ONE has ever documented the decay into swapping between TERM and OPPTERM before. Not on this planet!

MAX! Change of subject: I've been working with Chris on how a binary split forms 4 poles instead of 2, and he applied it to your gunas process, and, well, we have a serious case cracker of a process now that so far is producing very stable results by processing ALL the qualities of any split. It does this by addressing the positive pole as a negative and the negative pole as a positive, thus getting both the thetan view of a split AND its targ (eshu) view as well.

Name of the process is 4-pole gunas. Want me to backchannel it to you?

15 Jun 2007 @ 16:32 by mx @ : 4-pole structure
Ed, you are right, we are viewing the possibilities of applications at the same time in order to see where to go next and not lose oneself totally in theoretical aspects too soon...

we are discussing right now where/how incorporate the second pole pair into the confront map (a map rather than a scale).

In general, sometime it helps to perceive the second pole pair in Gunas (which I called Girapoli Due in the past) as being in another plane- all together as endpoints of a tetrahedron.

Ed, let's talk on the phone this weekend...  

15 Jun 2007 @ 17:05 by Ed Dawson @ : Not THIS weekend
Please don't call this weekend. If you manage to reach me I will probably be sleeping. Saturday is my birthday. Rita is driving down from NoCal, another friend is flying in from Kansas City, and there will be a huge barbeque with live music. Sunday I wll be very busy also...

I would like to send you the process we've brainstormed. It's mostly Chris Melchior acting on my suggestions, plus I think a little input from Lyn Keller. It takes the hidden "shadow poles" of any binary split (the ones responsible for that backflow we've discussed) and resolves ALL FOUR.

15 Jun 2007 @ 17:13 by Ed Dawson @ : TERM vs OPPTERM
The key in conflict and conflict resolution I suspect has to do with actual goals, AKA odu. Each identity is formed as the BE of the BE-DO-HAVE triangle, with the odu/actual goal as the DO-HAVE portion.

It may be a combination of simple goal conflict, plus "identity complexes" (archetypes) coming from the morphic fields of humanity. So there will be a top element (odu), and a bottom element (archetypes), to each conflict between TERM and OPPTERM.  

5 Aug 2007 @ 14:37 by Heimdall @ : some ideas ...
Max, you said that the points occur in logarithmic distances and follow parabolic lines. How did you come to both properties (logarithmic, parabolic)? The curves in the graph in this and your next blog entry look more Gaussian...

One thing that came to my mind was the "Drama Triangle" from NLP Trinergy. What happens if you map the principle outlined above to such a triad structure?

On the graph from your next post, I immediately thought of the "postulate failure cycle" (from TROM). Do you see any connection?

Mind you, I am not really familiar with all this, but apparently good at discovering connections and equivalences. Maybe it's good for something. Either way I wish you all the best. :-)  

16 Aug 2007 @ 02:17 by mx @ : lines and cycles
you're right, Heimdall, the graphics isn't reflecting very good the Skywork observations. It is speculative to attribute a mathematic function to this distribution since Skywork is not that precise in terms of space and time.

With 'logarithmic' I referred to the distances of the 'Gaussian lines', not the lines themselves.

TROM's 'postulate failure cycle' reflects the temporal succession and this was certainly observed.  

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