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28 Jan 2003 @ 07:46, by tdeane

How many of us wouldn't love to journey back in time to the days when our dreams had no limits, that time before our minds became "discriminating," filled with prejudices, stereotypes? Remember the days of balloons, kites, and rainbows? Ah...weren't they beautiful, those days of believing in a future?

In researching on the internet, I wasn't able to find too much information on population statistics of the world for children until I ran across, which is the website for the Population Research Bureau. Some rather profound statistics there:


Think of it! What happens to that percentage if we add in the 15 to 21 year olds. I couldn't find those figures, so what would we guess 40%, possibly 50%? Just the notion that so few statistics on children are available in a world of statistics should tell us something.

Those whose lives are just getting started, who should ALL have a voice in their world, represent almost half the population of our world.

In part of a study by UNICEF, The State of the World's Children, in which they assembled 400 young representative voices from around the world, the children agreed that they want an end to all war in the world. They have a lot of other good ideas, those beautiful little unencumbered minds! The study can be found at

Can we not open our hearts to them? To the gentlest, least responsible voices who have more to lose than any of us? Can we not hurt for the children of all of the nations of the world, and be united in that WITHOUT diversity? Can we not feel the fear that they must feel, particularly in the Middle East? Can we not feel outrage that some of them are being trained for war, never knowing childhood, possibly never knowing life beyond childhood?

How many of them would stand up with lighted candles to save the world? My bet is just about all of them, at least those who can still dream.

Now let's ask ourselves how many of us would stand up with lighted candles to save them?

If children want a world free of war, what would the role-models' behavior look like? Bursts of energy in the form of demonstrations, scheduled at different times in different places? Wonderful effort, but it has never worked before. Or is what we need most to LIGHT the world, with the full participation of almost 1/2 of its population, the voice yet to be heard?

Think of it!

Envision each time zone of the Earth lighting a candle at dusk, and the beautiful wave of LIGHT that would spread around the globe. Can we not envision the beautiful energies that would summon? Can we not consider the possibility that the greatest mistake we have ever made is forgetting our children, and making a commitment to them, as well as the child in each of us, is what we need to take that GIANT LEAP?

We have no guns, we have no voice, but we have each other! We have the internet, and we have the time, otherwise we wouldn't be able to write these logs. How much time would it take us to bombard the internet and the news media with a date and a message FOR THE SAKE OF THE CHILDREN WE WILL RAISE OUR CANDLES HIGH? How many people do you really think would refuse?

All we keep doing is arguing about what to do, when we have the simplest, most peaceful means of all right under our noses? This idea came from US; it was not in my mind prior to joining NCN. It is all of our energies combined. Can't we now combine our energies and just say, "LET'S DO IT?"

I don't want war. I don't want anyone to die. I don't want all that you have worked so hard for all of your lives to suddenly go up in smoke. I don't want our relationships to end. I want us all to live to see the dream. I love you, because I love the Universe and the Universe had a special purpose in creating each and every one of us. Can't we just pretend this one simple action in a unified effort might just be part of why we are here? FOR THE SAKE OF THE CHILDREN?

How can we say it won't work, if we have never tried it? Does that not constitute ignorance? We're simply running out of time...

As always, I surround us with spiritual hugs and much love ~ Tricia

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