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16 Mar 2002 @ 03:08, by Mark Smollin

Establishing an ever greater network of conscious evolutionists, has got to be a valuable set of tasks to pursue.

- It will save redundant waste of resources and time if we can decide what types of networking are going to be the most important, related specifically to supplying those essential goods and services world-wide. There is no need for us to write software if others are already doing it.
- But we must be able to show credibility in order to establish a network. Peoples questions about their investment must be answerable.
- By networking CE groups specializing in specific things like, FCE’s place of learning, "The Center For Conscious Evolution," other groups can relax to do their thing, while they can also rely on the synergy supplied with data connections, and services provided by the other groups – an interdependent relationship – Sounds like Nature!
- Database design is very important especially for membership, if we are going to network teams of specialists in virtual space, and give legal petitions and declarations.
- We should want to link this power to the aid of every worthy NPO (non-profit-organization) so we can help them do what they know best.

This is where our philosophy is going to be very important. We have to connect in harmony, not at cross purposes or in contradiction to one another on the root stuff, the basic stuff. We must know the biomechanical, the biochemical, and the biomental systems we are trying to repair our part in. We will not be successful with a selfish approach, or with minds closed to the ideas of others, we must think in Universal terms, so we can get along Universally.

This is a better outline of what I see needs doing. I have written several other posts on the subject of CEN if you care to review them, in my log and the "Subjects" section. Please feel free to comment your suggestions on how we candoo some of these things. Thanks!


PS – I forgot to say anything about raising money, or investing, next one I guess.

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1 comment

27 Mar 2002 @ 01:10 by b : Money flows
I read you Mark. You mentioned raising money and investors. A subject I know a tad about. You must first create the business entity. Write how it(biz) started. Who holds positions in the organization of the start up. A business plan is essential. Then the product or service. How is it marketed? Some projections of income or profit so that your information can begin to reflect in ROI, return on investment. That's always what interests the investors,
With this information in a package it could have a rudementary start at shopping lendors or venture capital companies. This just some hints Mark. A one time information assist so to speak. I have enjoyed reading some of your meanderings. I wouldn't want you to get stuck.  

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