New Civilization News: the sun has come out    
 the sun has come out
picture6 Apr 2007 @ 06:15, by tochtli

sittin' at the park. i sigh, feeling the warm grass on my butt. i feel mother gaia's energy strongly vibrating, mingling in perfect rhythm with my root chakra's dance. i look up and spontaneously smile at Father Sun who kisses my skin with his light. this is a day of abundant beauty..

..a day of good omens. the shift is coming. it approaches cautiously, with cat-like steps.. but even so, i can feel it, i can smell it.
the inner bonfire comes alive fed with this blue wind, and my eyes become moist with something very much like happiness. the mind goes quiet and allows my eyes to distinguish that Divine light cascading down on us.

i can see.

awed before such splendor, the words have no option but to become liquid salt, which in turn has no option but to stream out through this wide eyes of mine.. eyes incapable of containing within the miracle that appears before them.

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