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31 May 2005 @ 18:31, by bushman. Engineering
It's true, if you freeze sparkplugs with nitrogen vapor, you will get a faster cleaner spark as well as gain up to 25% more fuel economy and make the sparkplug last longer. They have also been doing this to disc brake rotors and brake pads, because they will last 4 times longer. Now they have moved on to enine components, increasing the longevity of the engine and like magic, almost tripling your gas milage. Now check this out. I have hands on expiriance with propane conversions, running a engine on propane, after its broke in on gasoline of course, will extend engine life basicly putting your engine into suspended animation, Ive seen engines last 10 times longer running on propane. Now mix this with the cryogenicly tempered engine and sparkplugs, and a multiple spark capasative discarge ingnition system(MSD unit to burn all the fuel in the cylinders compleetly). Not only would your engine last, it could be run in a much leaner enviorment, useing far less fuel. Right now if you were to run an engine in such a lean condition they tend to have preignition problems as well as running hot, burning holes in the pistons or burning the valves or both, you know that pinging sound you might get going up hills and hard accelerations, thats preignition and is extreemly bad for an engine. One of the experiments on the last shuttle mission, was to see just how lean you can get a fuel to burn, the flame ball experiment, the best they got was a 30 min burn time on just a small drop of ignighted fuel. So its posable to burn fuel very efficiantly in the right conditions. There are places around to get the frozen sparkplugs right now, ask someone, and spend the few extra dollars on them, and as the tech becomes more available, use it, save fuel and cut pollutants. It really starts with the individual, takeing the inititive to use less resources. It's all up to you and me as to how this tech gets used. Search it out in all its's forms and use it.

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