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 Patriot II - Some pretty spooky stuff8 comments
11 Feb 2003 @ 10:49, by craiglang. Activism
Hi All,

I just read this today, and it made my blood curdle. Read it and I think you will have the same response.

- "Night and Fog" editorial on
- Draft of Security Enhancement Act of 2003
- Article on bill

I'm open to comments here. What do you think?
This is some pretty dark stuff. If it's all true, then the storm is upon us?

-Craig  More >

 We, the Children of a Sentient Planet...1 comment
8 Feb 2003 @ 01:09, by sevenlamb. Activism
We can and must, as a human people get outside our stories and realize that there are now some 50 serious threats which will easily serve to replace war entirely and unite humanity in pursuit of mutual and biospheric survival and uplift. We can admit our error, and act upon it immediately, for should we now choose to continue to ignore, deny, and generally allow their expansion, these threats will permanently sabotage our human and biospheric future, right now. We can now honestly acknowledge, together, that many of the most serious threats to biospheric and human survival are created by our own industry, and our insistence on commerce in punishment, biocide, and murder.  More >

 Reality; An offer you CAN'T refuse.....37 comments
5 Feb 2003 @ 18:51, by spells. Activism
Hi everyone,

It is truly amazing to me that the most profound and relevant (or just any) response I received from all the mailings I have sent out in the last year, was from someone I have never met in England. I say this because I have sent out important, factual and truthful information to you, my acquaintances, friends and loved ones, and never received an honest response once. An honest response would be one that addressed the facts made and discussed and/or debated these points for one find out the truth, no matter what that meant to us personally.

I do realize that most of you probably delete my messages before reading them, but the only one you are hurting or fooling is yourself. You can hide from the truth for a little while, but that will not make it go away. We are headed for disaster, and it is by the hands of the leaders of this country and all those who follow in silence and self imposed blindness.

Just take 5 minutes away from your busy, hypnotised lives to read the following letter. You are running out of time to wake up.....the snooze button on your alarm clock just fell off....


From “Ian”…

Dear Editor,

As regards Iraq, -if it wasn’t so serious; it could be a silly farce or some music hall routine, enacted by low-grade comedians. But it’s deadly serious. There’s a madman leading more than one country in this world, and America is no exception. Bush, no matter how the obsequious Blair talks him up, is crazed, maybe he always was, or maybe his previous alcoholism left him devoid of some crucial brain cells? Either way, he epitomizes much that the USA and the West has wrong with them, the selfishness, the greed, the smugness and the bullying.

Did Blair, Bush or Israel’s Sharon never hear or understand Bob Dylan’s lyrics in the song “God on our side”? And why did America learn nothing from such escapades as Vietnam? And part of this tragic farce is the blind western allegiance that favours Israel, alongside our disgraceful prejudice against all things Arab or Moslem. Israel is but a little state, with incommensurate influence in the world, it is beleaguered by blind Old Testament style hatreds, by a very divided, intransigent and retributive people. No paragons here! And yet they have such undue sway in world affairs.

One of the factors that really intrigues me is the influence of religions in our world. This applies as much towards Moslem, as the Judaic and Christian religions. In the case of Judaism, apparently God has decreed that people of Arabic descent are on a par with animals or insects, and as easily disposed of, -being little valued as human beings. This is so redolent of Nazi attitudes, -has nothing been learned? In the case of Muslims, something twisted has entered in; whereby some of its adherents have conjured that it’s somehow okay to slaughter, (with God’s grateful blessings), his creatures who hail from other parts of the globe who have Christian crosses or Stars of David, in place of crescent moons, atop their temples. Then there is the closer-to-home example of Christians. I ought to state here that I am of no one religion, -or of them all, so am not partisan to any. But I do respect the founders of all true religions. So it is with profound dismay that I see supposed followers of Christ, -such as Bush and Blair, behaving in a way that completely ignores the words of their professed teacher.

Christ never once endorsed bullying and aggressive warfare. He never said that one state or a single race was superior to all others. He never advocated murder as a way to solve human difficulties. Neither did he, (or any other saint worthy of the title), ever suffer from the dismissive arrogance and egotism that our present ‘statesmen’ display on a daily basis. I think he said things like ‘Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone’, and ‘Ignore the speck in your neighbor’s eye and behold the beam in your own’ etc. Far from warfare, Christ, (as Buddha et al), were strong advocates of peace and humility - and love for others. They were ardent protectors of the poor, the maligned and downtrodden, -were critical of materialism and recommended that we focus on spirituality as a way forwards.

If we look today at Western societies, where exactly can Christ’s teachings be seen being genuinely followed? In the case of the USA, we see the materially richest nation on earth, waving jingo-laden flags in the faces of the world’s poor and ill-used, with a paucity of compassion. We see them greedily guzzling the resources of this planet and tearing up ‘God’s creation’ like there is no tomorrow, and with no reverence for anything other than the dollar. We have the spectacle of the USA reiterating a nauseating patriotism that borders on an obsessive-compulsive psychiatric disorder. We see their (as well as our) youth sliding inexorably towards a way of life that is the very antithesis of everything that Christ recommended, -in terms of a drunken, drugged, sexual hedonism, where sport, shopping, over-eating and electronic amusements are the nearest they or we get to anything resembling devout dedication. And yet? And yet, the USA is full of this pride (a.k.a. ‘a sin’!) about itself, -it wallows daily in selfishness and self-congratulation, it has little respect for human life, unless that life happens to be Caucasian, affluent and with an American accent.

Raised as they have been on the entirely contaminated philosophy and values promulgated by Hollywood and the NRA, their guns equal instant ‘justice’ and ‘liberty’, disregarding all biblical commands, -including that very inconvenient ‘Thou shall not kill’ dictum. Can this really be called Christianity? Were Christ to appear amongst us today, can anyone seriously believe that he would quickly side up with America and all she does and is? Not a chance! He would, -as he did years ago, align himself with the sick, the poor, the downtrodden, and the spiritually pure of heart. He would praise those who work with compassion for humans and animals. He would castigate those who display all of what America and the West stand for today. In short, he would disown the ‘Christian’ USA and UK, and he would likely prefer to spend time with blind Moslem beggars, Columbian street children and Buddhist nuns, than our pompous churchmen, or the aggressive, duplicitous, self-aggrandizing world leaders, -much to the latter’s chagrin...

And one thing is absolutely certain. There is no way Christ would be advising Blair and Bush that they ought to go out and slaughter hundreds or thousands of Iraqi citizens in a senseless, meaningless war that solves nothing at all, but will undoubtedly evoke the (understandable) wrath of those people who the West has blatantly bullied, tricked and ignored for so many years, -causing yet more mayhem and loss of peaceful coexistence amongst God’s creatures in this world.

Heaven only knows what the present incumbent of the Whitehouse gleans from his daily bible readings! Has he got beyond the publishers preface yet? Certainly if he had read as far as the actual teachings of Christ, he might find out that Christianity centers on ‘Loving one's neighbor’, not lacerating him and her, (-and their rag-clad children), from the skies with devilishly designed million dollar armories. Bush would discern that distributing bread for the hungry is more truly the Christian way, than leaving landmines in the ground, which later blast the limbs off blameless shepherd children. He would also cut the crippling debts. The President of the USA and the Prime Minister of Britain ought to take on board that Christ’s message was ‘Suffer ye the little children’, not, ‘Ye ought to make the little children suffer’.

And Bush and Blair could usefully study passages that laud humility and readiness to bow to spiritual wisdom, -not self-righteous arrogance, mendacious diplomacy, and bombastic braggartism.

I don’t have privy information from God, nor a personal hotline, but from everything I can glean, I seem to discern that he or she sees our planet as but one entity, and has no personal favorites among the races. Apparently s/he loves us all equally, -be that black, yellow or white, and his greatest wish is that we all coexist peacefully, revering more that which is spiritual and alive, than worshiping dead material objects and things. We are but one family, called the human race, who, at present, are better at recalling ancient feuds, than remembering the words of the wise. Nietzsche once said: ‘The strong man is good at forgetting’.

Let us not forget that borders between countries are man-made, not God decreed. National flags, general’s uniforms, archbishop’s robes and brass nameplates boasting status, affixed to certain doors in Rome, Paris, Beijing, Baghdad, Whitehall and the Whitehouse are not dropped from heaven by God’s angels, but are made in factories by human hands and machines, -exactly like toilet rolls, baby wipes and pooper scoopers, -which are probably far more valuable to humanity than the former artifacts.

Humanity is in a mess because it pays more attention to Warner Brother epics, than the ethics of brotherhood and the epics of saints, -as once depicted by those who had better credentials to teach us the proper way to live, - (decently and peacefully), -than do the dollar-hungry moguls who own and control the shaping, yet warped, mass media.

So, as ever, the key issue is ‘Choice’. We have the choice to be swayed by the crazy and demented, -as did the people of Germany in WW2, or to decide that our reprehensible leaders be changed and that meritocracy ought rule the day, -electing those who promise genuine ethical reforms that benefit the whole world, not sleazy tax reforms that benefit only the already very affluent in some select mansions of the West...

As we vote, as we protest, as we write and speak out loudly, (or stay quiescently indoors, glued to our TV murders and fictions) so do we create either the prospect of future disasters, –involving pain and ruin; or the saner option, -that of a better world. let's choose, and act wisely and soon!

With hope... "  More >

 Protests won't prevent war16 comments
26 Jan 2003 @ 11:13, by spells. Activism
Only Action will Bring about True Change

On Saturday January 18, 2003, there were demonstrations in 33 countries and over 100 cities protesting war against Iraq. Some cities that participated in the demonstrations were: Portland, Honolulu, Albuquerque, Des Moines, Ann Arbor, Lansing, San Francisco, Seattle, and Tampa. Countries included: New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, The Netherlands, France, Sweden, Egypt, and Syria.

Surprisingly CNN televised a demonstration of over 200,000 people taking place in Washington DC, as it happened. As I watched this I could see and feel from the speakers and the crowd, that they felt strongly against this action of war. They eloquently listed the reasons for stopping it, and why it is wrong. These people were passionate in their intention to educate and express all the reasons why unprovoked war for oil is so wrong.

Many important points were made, such as:

-President Bush does NOT care about world peace, our civil rights or us. He functions NOT for the people but for the corporations that placed him in power to start with, via a supreme court decision, rather than by popular vote.

-Our nuclear and conventional weapons are OFFENSIVELY used. They are in most cases clearly NOT for “defensive“ purposes. The hundreds of billions spent for the military budget each year, should therefore be called, "offense spending" rather than “defense spending“.

-There is never enough money in the Federal Budget for medical insurance for the elderly, scholarship programs, numerous social programs and/or school programs, colleges, unemployment, libraries, state government functions and repairs on public facilities. But there is ALWAYS an extra 25 billion dollars or so to spare, to build that new bomber, to destroy the earth, kill millions, prevent peace and create widespread hatred toward the United States among the peoples of the world, even amongst our “allies“.

-The only thing Bush has succeeded in doing during his term of office thus far, is to thoroughly expose the lies upon which this government is based. The same may be said for the hypocrisy and lack of right action in our representatives, in their ill-considered approval of pointless wars, the creation of the Department of “Homeland Security” and the passing of legislation like the Patriot Act. . Our land is neither by or for the people. It has been taken over by special interests who install whatever president and congress best suits their private needs. America is now home of the slave and land of the fee, by the corporations, and for corporate profits. Our government no longer represents us, and needs to be replaced entirely by those who really care about humanity.

-This isn't a war to stop terrorism, it IS terrorism in the worst possible form. In other words, this is the War OF Terror, not ON Terror. The whole world has been put on notice regarding the bullying and aggressive intentions of the United States, summarized by Bush’s comments to the effect of, “You are either with us or against us”. Those who don’t “obey” and get in line smartly, had better be prepared to have their peoples bombed and their economies strangled into submission. Hitler was never so efficient.

-A slaughter of Iraqis would be a criminal war for colonial conquest. And that is exactly what another “war” with Iraq will be….a no-competition slaughter of an insect being stepped on by a fifty-ton behemoth. It has nothing to do with helping the people in Iraq or the world in any way. They have already suffered tremendously in the last ten years since the last Gulf Slaughter. Literally millions have suffered and died who would not have died otherwise. It would be interesting to ask people how they think such a war would "help" Iraqi‘s, but then such a question supposes a logical answer, when there is no logical answer. Most people only know what they see on television. Just like computers, they willingly take this virus-corrupted software into their minds, in the naïve assumption that because it’s on TV it must be true.

-Presidential impeachment appears 6 times in the U.S. Constitution. It appears this many times to protect the people from such tyranny as we are witness to today. The reason for this is quite clear...the Constitution was written by men who had come to this continent to escape the arrogance and insanity of Kings. King George had taxed them without representation, taken away civil rights and freedom, and imprisoned people without just cause or due process. If all this sounds too familiar, then you‘ve been paying attention to what‘s been going on. If it doesn‘t then you must be sleeping through Reality 101.. Needless to say, there is much talk of impeaching Bush, who is our own version of King George, (FYI, in a few days at least one website will be up and running dedicated to the task of impeaching G dubbya.). Another interesting section of the Constitution, states that the president has no authority to make war on his own accord...this must be by the official declaration of congress. No such declaration has been made, nor will it ever be, even when we move on to destroy and occupy Iran, Syria, North Korea, half of South America and anyone else who looks like they might be both easy prey and have something of value we’d like to steal. Now, everything under the sun is lumped under the hazy guise of the “war on terror”, about which “good and patriotic citizens” never ask “Why“?. One can well imagine that this is exactly how Nazi-ism came to power in the 1930’s.

I salute all those who had the intelligence and courage in recent demonstrations, to stand up and speak the Truth. Of course, I see unmistakable truth in everything that was stated.

But as the day went on after watching the televised protests, questions and conclusions crept into my mind. Although I was in total agreement with all that the protesters stood for, I wondered how many were really serious and ready, to take the necessary steps to truly make a social change. War, and the direction of “consumption” in which this planet is moving, can only end up in one destruction. These problems won't just go away with a new president. In truth, the president is not much more than a mere figurehead. Impeach him and you will only get more of the same. Cheney and whoever else the corporations want to sponsor, will then take up where he left off, through another rigged election if necessary. How many of you have forgotten just how our illustrious president got into office? He speaks of forming democratic governments abroad, but evades and corrupts democracy here. The hypocrisy is sickening, right to the bone.

Corporations run this country, not one man. Hell, he is a puppet with more strings than I care to count. At this point in time it matters not who is president or what party dominates congress. Nothing, absolutely NOTHING, is honest about the whole process of modern government. It is all controlled by corporations, power, greed and corruption. In other words, the way our government now runs is a reflection of the social values which permeate every part of our society.

For example, as long a material objects, titles, job descriptions, and dollar amounts in bank accounts are all that matter to people, nothing is going to change. In other words, so long as only external things that build and feed egos are what is considered important and a priority in our daily lives, our world will continue to decay. It will matter not who is in office anywhere on planet earth, until everything that is a major focus in today's world, (such as consumerism, love=money, "success" as defined by dollars, instead of wisdom or kindness) is seen for the absolute and total folly it is. Until we fully realize and live as the consciousness/cells in the body of God that we are, the human species doesn't stand much of a chance for survival. Society will only continue to go in the direction of de-evolution and destruction. Does this sound harsh, negative, pessimistic or cruel? Call it whatever you like……I call it The Truth. The Truth won't bend because we don't like it or don't want to hear it. Stay in denial and watch where it takes the human race.

Action and taking responsibility is what is needed in daily lifestyle, not words, marches, petitions, voting, letters to senators, or phone calls. I ask the reader and the demonstrators to consider the following questions...

1. How many of you, who are against what the government proposes to do, own an SUV or other gas guzzling vehicle, (or for that matter, two or three of them) ? These only perpetuate the need for more oil. Now may I ask, what is the need for such a wasteful vehicle in the first place? Could it be to run to the supermarket? The nearest shopping mall? But this isn’t the bottom line. Let's face it, it is only to "show off" to anyone who is looking, since ego-boosting is all that counts in the modern media, workplace and social circles.

2. How many of you own houses with 1000 or more square feet than you really need? Has anyone ever stopped to consider how much lumber, oil, gas, electricity one family truly needs to survive, beyond which these private mansions of luxury are extreme examples of greed? I can assure you that what is needed to live well, is far less than what it took to build these palaces, or to maintain them. Then why do so many here in the US live this wasteful, selfish and impractical lifestyle? That is easy to answer...this is what is accepted and expected. For what reason? Again, it is only for the sake of shallow self-importance, and the supporting of a false construct...the Ego. There is literally no good reason why people are killing themselves and the planet upon which we live, to achieve “financial goals” that can NEVER make them happy or fulfilled. Only a spiritual, simple and practical life focus can do that.

3. How many of you still pay the government taxes for their military killing machines of mass destruction? How can anyone complain about what the government does with money, when they hand it over to them willingly? YOU are giving the government the money it needs to continue doing whatever it pleases, including the bombing of women and children, and the constant bribing of foreign officials, commonly known as “foreign aid”. Now, why should the government stop any of these actions? In their mind there is no need to stop. Why? Because they’re getting paid to do exactly what they’ve always done for the last century or more, and without real protest from a sheep-like public. The solution? STOP PAYING THEM TO KILL MILLIONS AND BRIBE THE WORLD! Vote with your money and how you spend it, rather than trying to change things like futile elections, protests, petitions and other activism, which most government leaders couldn't care less about anyway, and more often than not, totally ignore. If you need examples of this, just look at what protests have done so far…nothing but speed King George’s lust for war all the faster, before public unrest starts becoming a matter for the police, national guard and prison system. Stop paying them, just as you would do in the case of any worthless and destructive employee.

4. What is the difference between the National Debt and Credit Card debt? They both exist because of wrong social focuses, and wrong social values. Credit card debt happens because "consumers" believe they need to buy absurd, “new and improved” plastic-coated products, “while supplies last“. A huge percentage of these products are really not needed, except to keep up with the neighbors, (who couldn't care less about what you have, any more than you really care about what they have).. This results is paying interest on what you didn’t need, for the rest of a miserable, prozac-popping life. Such a life makes people not only wage slaves, but credit card slaves, who are owned by the banks just as much as their mortgages and car payments are. Does anyone really believe they are not slaves to the system, for the sake of shallow social status and corporate work-force drudgery? Talk about delusion!. When as a people did we become so naïve and foolish, that we believe everything we’re told about “success” and life, regardless of how absurd that message is? Wake up and realize there’s better things to do in life.

5. How many demonstrators and/or readers have been in the armed forces, or willingly sent their children into the military? Let me take this one step many have made sure their sons registered with the Government, when they turned 18?
How can any thinking person allow their children to willingly volunteer to be on the government's list for military service, when they know their job description is likely to be that of a mass murderer for minimum wage? It doesn't matter what the government says is "mandatory", when government is only out to protect it's own selfish interests. It cares NOTHING for the lives that are being put in jeopardy. It is sickening to see the constant advertisements on TV, showing life in the military as glamorous, strengthening and respectful. It is demeaning and destructive, nothing else. So many complain about the cost of the military and the corrupt reasons for war, yet blindly follow whatever the government tells them to do. I ask you, why should the government change anything when it governs such pathetic, servile subjects, who are no more discriminating than laboratory rats, willing to grovel mindlessly in the name of patriotism and participate in wars of conquest?

The next question is: When is anyone, including the demonstrators, going to stop talking and start doing? A common belief is that the Power is in the People. This is not true when you can’t tell the difference between the people running the government, and the people that are governed. The only real difference between the demonstrators and the government, is the level and/or degree to which they subscribe to the social values of our day. But when greed and lack of honesty are the mob-rule at ALL levels of society, then there will be no real change. If you think there will be any change with such values as consumerism in place, then you’re just fooling yourself. The greed of the average man in wanting that shiny new car when he doesn’t need one, is no different than the greed of nations going to war for the sake of stealing what other nations have. Honestly, there is no difference when it comes to what is actually being done on a daily basis...Most still worship the dollar as God, regardless of what kind of a protest sign they hold in their hands.

Simplicity, Practicality and Spirituality....these are the keys to true freedom and reform. Until the majority of us with materialistic/consumeristic ideals adopt this focus, nothing else will change. What we do today is not so much a problem of governmental form, specific people in office, political parties, wealth or power. It is a matter of values, daily focus, spiritual ideals, honesty and the decision to evolve or self destruct, (or the lack thereof).

How many readers would be willing to give up their over-indulgent American lifestyles for peace? How many are willing to live honestly for Truth alone? How many would trade in their Phd or Master's degree, for true Spiritual Mastership? I'll bet not one, (or very few) because this is just not “accepted“, and therefore would not be, "easy or comfortable". In this world, you go with the crowd regardless of what the crowd does or stands for. By another name this is known as “corruption and cowardice“. Sorry, but nobody said the truth or the right action that goes along with it, had to be easy or comfortable. People think it is easier to stay in the status quo, even if it means our total annihilation as a nation and as a species. They think it is easier to demonstrate and complain than to really change a thing about themselves. But simple protests won't make a bit of difference in the long run, as long as the population still values materialism, and the Dollar as their focus and God. If you doubt this, then just look around to see which God is the most worshipped every day…the Great One, or the little green one…

Time is running out, but not because the president or his minions say so. Soon millions will be bombed so that every one of you, all government officials, and all the corporate heads, can continue to live that over-indulgent, selfish, and shallow consumer’s life. The time to get serious is now or never. How many out there are truly ready to take on this responsibility? “Rights and responsibility are indivisible.”

I recommend this;

For information on how you can live well and what you can do daily, please visit the World Mind Society Library, (social commentary section) at:, and read; The
Survivalist’s Guide for the New Millennium.

It is time to truly stand together and initiate a REAL demonstration of our values, not only in words, but in the way we live day to day. This is where you really vote, through your spending and your daily decisions. Daily actions are the true test of one's dedication to higher ideals, nothing less.

Sandi Hunter  More >

 Rooting out Evil -- 'STOP HIM'4 comments
picture29 Dec 2002 @ 13:34, by jewel. Activism
I had to grab this wonderful 'Daily Mirror' cover that Flemming had in his Blog yesterday... when referring to the launch of a new website, Go there and sign up as a 'weapons inspector'.

Yes, let's really look into what 'we' American cowboys have stock-piled for the last 50 years! What IS underground, in The Four Corner States? California? Washington D.C.? How about full disclosure of all our alterior motives? Where did Amthrax come from--a biological engineer in the US, eh? I saw a (BBC, I think) documentary about it last year in the UK -- There was this top investigator, handwriting expert and he was able to narrow it down to what laboratory it was created in, in the US! It was the same expert who helped find the 'Unibomber'. In the end, he got so close to unlocking the case, that he admitted it seemed like 'someone' from high up had put a stop to his investigation in the end. Another Oly North? Lee Harvey Oswald? ....

Also, I appreciated Flemming bringing to my attention this fascinating list Who sold what to Iraq, as contained in the Iraqi arms declaration, brought to you by Andreas Zumach of Die Tageszeitung:

Who sold what weapons technology to Iraq
1. Honeywell (rockets, chemical)
2. Spectra Physics (chemical)
3. Semetex (rockets)
4. TI Coating (atomic, chemical)
5. Unisys (atomic, chemical)
6. Sperry Corp. (rockets, chemical)
7. Tektronix (rockets, atomic)
8. Rockwell (chemical)
9. Leybold Vacuum Systems (atomic)
10. Finnigan-MAT-US (atomic)
11. Hewlett-Packard (atomic, rockets, chemical)
12. Dupont (atomic)
13. Eastman Kodak (rockets)
14. American Type Culture Collection (biological)
15. Alcolac International (chemical)
16. Consarc (atomic)
17. Carl Zeiss - U.S (chemical)
18. Cerberus (LTD) (atomic)
19. Electronic Associates (rockets)
20. International Computer Systems (atomic, rockets, chemical)
21. Bechtel (chemical)
22. EZ Logic Data Systems, Inc. (rockets)
23. Canberra Industries Inc. (atomic)
24. Axel Electronics Inc. (atomic)

1. Euromac Ltd-Uk (atomic)
2. C. Plath-Nuclear (atomic)
3. Endshire Export Marketing (atomic)
4. International Computer Systems (atomic, rockets, chemical)
5. MEED International (atomic, chemical)
6. Walter Somers Ltd. (rockets)
7. International Computer Limited (atomic, chemical)
8. Matrix Churchill Corp. (atomic)
9. Ali Ashour Daghir (atomic)
10. International Military Services (rockets) (owned by the British Ministry of Defence)
11. Sheffield Forgemasters (rockets)
12. Technology Development Group (rockets)
13. International Signal and Control (rockets)
14. Terex Corporation (rockets)
15. Inwako (atomic)
16. TMG Engineering (chemical)
17. XYY Options, Inc (atomic)  More >

 Take Heart, Have Courage, Face the Evidence
12 Dec 2002 @ 16:40, by sharie. Activism
NESARA Ousts Bush & Rocky's Council on Foreign Relations

December 8, 2002 11:05 p.m. PST

"How have international bankers and titled foreigners managed to gain control of our U.S. federal government? In the December 5, 2002 Dove Report, I included an article containing the truth that the Federal Reserve Bank is a private corporation which is owned by large banks including several large foreign banks.

Money is one of the most important factors of our lives and nation. These international bankers who control our country's monetary system control our economy and they literally "buy" politicians, government officials, military officers and others in order to control our country. These
international bankers are part of the dark agenda globalists' hierarchy who have long intended to put the entire world under their oppressive "one world government".

These globablists operate by setting up exclusive organizations to which membership is limited to certain people in positions of influence. From the Bilderbergers to the Tri-Lateral Commission to the Council on Foreign Relations, the globalists use their exclusive "clubs" to shape the minds of the members of these organizations and mold them to carry out the globalists' plans. There are also hundreds of influential people in our American media who are members of the CFR which is how the CFR molds public opinion.

What the average person fails to understand is that the globalists have a grand plan of world domination which they have been following for hundreds of years. In 1922, the CFR's magazine, Foreign Affairs, called for a world government and for the U.S. to give up it's "sovereignty". Anyone who suggests the U.S. give up it's sovereignty is the enemy of liberty and Americans.

We have hundreds of top officials in our government who are members of the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) and have been brainwashed by the CFR's globalist propaganda. It is known that David Rockefeller started the CRF. The dark agenda globablists Rockefellers and Bush Senior are CFR members who have pushed the "new world order" and whose families have a history of using their banks to fund
Hitler. Now we see Bush Jr. carrying out the globablists' agenda and using the same tactics Hitler did in Nazi Germany. Hitler was one of the first leaders to call for a "one world order" and George Bush Senior also called
for the "new world order" one world government. We keep seeing the Rockefellers and Bushs involved in all the globablists' organizations - they belong to the Bilderbergers, they belong to the CFR, and they belong
to secret organizations such as the Skull & Bones Society of Yale. All these organizations have the same common theme: to try to put the entire world under a one world government that the dark agenda globablists want to control.

The report below was written while Clinton was still in office, however, the CFR have continued to put their people into high positions. Both Bush Jr. and Colin Powell are members of the CFR as well as others in the Bush regime. There is one point in the report below with which I totally
disagree: the CFR globablists are not "socialists" or "communists". The top globablists are trying to dominate the world and create a few hundred kingdoms over which they are the kings and queens who rule the world.

To subscribe to the Dove egroup, please send an email to my address: with the "Subject: SUBSCRIBE" and I will manually add you to the Dove egroup. If you miss receiving the DAILY Dove Report, you may read it at the following website: [link]
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Please allow 72 hours for processing "Subscribe" or "Unsubscribe"

Dove Reports and interviews are also being carried on:
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[link] and

Dove Reports below contain overview information:
"NESARA History; Radio Tonight" dated October 25, 2002
"NESARA Confirming Info; Radio Show on NESARA" dated October 17, 2002

NESARA is the "National Economic Security And Reformation Act" secretly passed on 3/9/2000 and signed by Clinton on 10/10/2000 which provides major benefits to Americans including:

1) Forgiveness of credit card and mortgage debt as remedy for bank frauds;

2) Creates U.S. Treasury Bank system which absorbs the Federal Reserve and new precious metals backed U.S. Treasury currency;

3) Restores Constitutional Law and our Constitutional Rights;

4) Requires resignations of Bush and Cheney to be replaced by
Constitutionally acceptable NESARA President and Vice President Designates until new elections;

5) Requires the President Designate to declare "Peace" and ends U.S. aggressive military actions immediately;

6) Abolishes IRS; creates flat rate non-essential "new items only" sales tax revenue for government, and many more improvements.

Below is a report about how the Council on Foreign Relations has been undermining our country for the last 80+ years. The CFR has literally infiltrated our government with their members who have held high level, policy-making positions. The report below clearly explains how the CFR has been slowly working to destroy our nation and our liberty.

When the true NESARA law is announced, there will be over 12,000 notices sent out to people who have betrayed our country. These people will be told they either must leave the United States permanently or stay and face charges of treason. Some of the top CFR members will be receiving these
notices and the CFR will be disbanded. This is part of the "clean up" of our country and government which is mandated by the true NESARA law.

The Dove Report currently has 10,233 subscribers and is read by over 260,000 people worldwide in forums on other websites and published in magazines and journals nationally and internationally.
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Americans Have a Right to Know About The Council on Foreign Relations
By John F. McManus

There exists in our nation today a privately-run organization with only 3,000 members, several hundred of whom are U.S. government officials. But even though this organization possesses enormous influence over the actions of our national government, most Americans have never heard of it.

This same organization's members dominate our nation's mass media, multinational corporations, the banking industry, colleges and universities, even the military. Yet its domination is unknown to the average citizen.

The members of this small but extremely influential group are responsible for a parade of foreign policy disasters in China, Korea, Vietnam, Nicaragua, Panama, Cuba, and Africa. The group itself has always sought to lead the United States into a on e-world socialistic system led by its members and their like-minded associates in other nations. Shouldn't you
know about this organization and what its members are planning for the l990s?

This article will introduce you to the Council on Foreign Relations, the little-known New York City-based organization that is both the seat of the [East Coast Elite] establishment and the main force pushing the United States into the new world order.


It was a disappointed but determined group of diplomats from the United States and England who gathered at the Majestic Hotel in Paris on June 17, 1919. Their disappointment stemmed from the U.S. Senate's rejection of America's proposed entry into world government via the League of Nations.

But they remained determined to scrap the sovereignty of each of their nations, and of all nations.

The leader of the U.S. contingent at this 1919 conference was President Woodrow Wilson's top advisor, Edward Mandell House. In his 1912 book, Philip Dru: Administrator, House laid out a plan for radically altering the American system via what he termed a "conspiracy." The book revealed his ultimate goal: "Socialism as dreamed of by Karl Marx."

The Paris gathering led to the formation of the British Royal Institute for International Affairs and the American Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

With Rockefeller and Carnegie money backing it, the CFR quickly attracted influential Americans who used their influence to labor for the one-world socialist goal. In 1939, the organization accepted a formal invitation to establish a relationship with the U.S. State Department. That relationship
soon grew into CFR domination of the foreign policy of our nation.

Practically every Secretary of State for the past 50 years, serving both Democratic and Republican Administrations, has held CFR membership.


As early as 1922, the CFR's prestigious journal, Foreign Affairs, brazenly called for "world government" at the expense of our nation's independence. Repeatedly airing this subversive goal over subsequent years, Foreign Affairs published its most explicit call for the termination of U.S.
sovereignty in Richard N. Gardner's 1974 article entitled "The Hard Road to World Order."

Admitting that "instant world government" was unfortunately unattainable, the Columbia University professor and former State Department official proceeded to champion "an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece." He also pointed to numerous international groups and causes, each of which he claimed "can produce some remarkable concessions of sovereignty that could not be achieved on an across-the-board basis."

At the time this article appeared, hundreds of CFR members were holding high government posts. Those who were required to swear an oath to support the Constitution of the United States should have immediately resigned from the CFR. None did. Nor were any asked to do so by superiors in government.
Instead, the erosion of national independence and the undermining of the Constitution continued.

CFR members like Gardner have historically helped similarly determined world-government advocates achieve power in other nations. It didn't matter to them whether foreign leaders were professed socialists, communists, or whatever, as long as they shared Edward Mandell House' s goal of "Socialism
as dreamed of by Karl Marx." Marxism was the goal, and that has always meant economic control of the people and world government.

Over the years, therefore, CFR members have carried out the Marxist goals of their organization's founder when they helped one communist thug after another take control of once-free nations. Now that communism is no longer the favored route to socialist world government, CFR members have thrown
the weight of their considerable influence behind socialists and "former" communists in Europe, Africa, and elsewhere. But they deserve condemnation for the deaths of hundreds of millions killed by communist rulers, and for the horror of life under communist dictatorships still endured by more than
a billion human beings.


CFR members Owen Lattimore and Dean Acheson engineered the betrayal of Chiang Kai-shek's government and the domination of the Chinese people by the bloodiest murderers the world has ever known.

CFR members Dean Acheson and Dean Rusk arranged for the no-win undeclared war in Korea, the removal from command of General MacArthur who sought victory, and the establishment of Communist Red China as the primary military power in Asia.

CFR members John Foster Dulles and Allen Dulles, filling top posts in the Administration of CFR member Dwight Eisenhower, betrayed the Hungarian Freedom Fighters in 1956 and knowingly aided communist Fidel Castro in his successful seizure of Cuba in 1958-59.

CFR members McGeorge Bundy, Adlai Stevenson, and John J. McCloy saw to it that the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion was a miserable failure, a huge boost for Castro, and a stunning embarrassment for the United States.

CFR members Dean Rusk, Robert McNamara, and Henry Cabot Lodge pushed the United States into Vietnam and drew up the rules of engagement for our forces that made victory completely unattainable.

CFR members Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger continued those policies, presided over America's total defeat in 1973, and allowed South Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia to be delivered to communist rulers.

CFR stalwarts Henry Kissinger, Ellsworth Bunker, and Sol Linowitz arranged (with Senate approval) in 1978 to give away the U.S. canal in Panama to a Marxist dictatorship and to sweeten the incredible deal with a gift of $400 million to take it.

CFR leaders Zbigniew Brzezinski, Cyrus Vance, and Warren Christopher undermined strong U.S. allies in Nicaragua and Iran during the 1970's and helped anti-American and Marxist leaders to power.

CFR members George Shultz, William J. Casey, and Malcolm Baldrige, during the 1980's, continued the policy of supplying U.S. aid which kept communists in power in Poland, Romania, China, and the Soviet Union. These same individuals did all they could to assist and dignify the Marxists in
El Salvador, Nicaragua, and South Africa. Wherever communist regimes failed, they sent more U.S. aid to the socialists and one-worlders who came to power.

CFR leaders in the Administration of CFR veteran George Bush continued to undermine the government of South Africa until it fell into the hands of Marxist Nelson Mandela.

George Bush deliberately avoided the U.S. Congress and went to the United Nations for authorization to unleash American military forces against Iraq in 1991. He pointedly stated that his goal was a "new world order ... a United Nations that performs as envisioned by its founders." The UN's founders, however, included 43 current or future members of the CFR. A leader of the U.S. delegation and the secretary
general of the UN's founding conference in 1945 was future CFR member and secret communist Alger Hiss.

CFR member Bill Clinton has followed the Marxist game plan called for by Edward Mandell House by crusading for socialized medicine, an end to private ownership of fire arms, and economic unions preceding world government through NAFTA and GATT. President Clinton has also embarked on a
deliberate program, most notably via his April l994 Presidential Decision Directive 25, which urges turning over control of U.S. military forces to the United Nations.


Americans have always been assured that tyranny cannot be established in our nation because of our Constitution's brilliant system of checks and balances. In a round robin way, each of the three branches of government has the power to check and limit the activities of the other two. This feature of the Constitution did not materialize by chance. In the Federalist Papers, James Madison wrote: "The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive and judiciary, in the same hand, whether of one, a few, or many, or whether hereditary, self appointed or elected, may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny." But through its members, the CFR is amassing exactly the kind of tyrannical power Madison feared.

The Executive branch was led by CFR member Bill Clinton. His top appointees include CFR members Warren Christopher, W. Anthony Lake, Bruce Babbitt, Henry Cisneros, Lloyd Bentsen, Donna Shalala, R. James Woolsey, Madeleine Albright, Alice Rivlin, Strobe Talbott, and a host of others.

The Legislative branch's Senate has been led by CFR members George Mitchell (the Majority Leader until he retired), Patrick Moynihan, John D. Rockefeller IV, John Chafee, Harris Wofford, Christopher Dodd, Larry Pressler, Bob Graham, Williiam Cohen, Claiborne Pell, an others. The most important officers of the House of Representatives are CFR members: Richard Gephardt and Majority leader Newt Gingrich. In addition, there are more than a dozen other members of the CFR serving in the House.

The Judicial branch consists of the Supreme Court and all federal district and appeals courts. Of the nine justices of the nation's highest court, three are CFR members: Sandra Day O'Connor, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Stephen G. Breyer.

Checks and balances? The CFR doesn't worry about them at all. But every American should carefully consider James Madison's warning.


Why are Americans unaware of the enormous clout possessed by the CFR? How can it be that an organization formed to undo the American dream and lead this nation into a one-world Marxist nightmare can achieve such a controlling influence without the people knowing about it? Why hasn't the supposedly tough and courageous mass media informed the people about this subversive takeover?

The answer, very simply, is that the CFR dominates the mass media, which only rarely reports anything about the organization. The names of hundreds of media executives and journalists can be found on the CFR membership roster. On October 30, 1993, Washington Post columnist Richard Harwood
detailed the CFR's domination of his own profession in his column entitled "Ruling Class Journalists." While never condemning what he was reporting and likely steering ambitious individuals toward the Council, Harwood
characterized CFR members as "the nearest thing we have to a ruling establishment in the United States."

He wrote: "In the past 15 years, council directors have included Hedley Donovan of Time Inc., Elizabeth Drew of the New Yorker, Philip Geyelin of The Washington Post, Karen Elliott House of the Wall Street Journal, and Strobe Talbott of Time magazine, who [was] President Clinton's (Deputy
Secretary of State).

The editorial page editor, deputy editorial page editor, executive editor, managing editor, foreign editor, national affairs editor, business and financial editor and various writers as well as Katharine Graham, the paper's principal owner, represent The Washington Post in the council's

The executive editor, managing editor and foreign editor of the New York Times are members, along with the executives of such other large newspapers as the Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times, the weekly news magazines, network television executives and celebrities, Dan Rather, Tom
Brokaw and Jim Lehrer, for example, and various columnists, among them Charles Krauthammer, William Buckley, George Will and Jim Hoagland."

The Council repeatedly denies that it sets policy for our nation. Yet, while discussing our nation's changing foreign policy, CFR Chairman Peter G. Peterson stated in the organization's 1989 Annual Report that "the Board of Directors and the staff of the Council have decided that this
institution should play a leadership role in defining these new foreign policy agenda."

Our question is simply: How can an organization define an agenda for the nation without taking a stand or advocating a policy? The answer is that it can't. Any claim from the CFR that it is merely a debating forum open to all ideas is absurd. Even Richard Harwood knows this. In his Washington
Post article mentioned previously, he wrote that the CFR journalists he listed "do not merely analyze and interpret foreign policy; they help make it."

The actual content of meetings held at the group's headquarters and elsewhere remains a closely guarded secret. According to CFR bylaws, it is an "express condition of membership" that members refrain from disclosing in any way what goes on at Council meetings. Any action contravening this
rule "may be regarded by the Board of Directors in its sole discretion as ground for termination or suspension of membership."

Yet, cabinet officials, members of Congress, high-ranking military officers, and other government officials repeatedly participate at CFR functions. Such "confidential" gatherings under the aegis of a private organization (especially one founded by an individual whose goal was "Socialism as dreamed of by Karl Marx") are totally inconsistent with proper conduct in a free country.

No CFR member is ever directly instructed to hold any particular view. Instead, government officials and media personalities supply important respectability for favored positions, and render varying degrees of disdain or contempt for the opposite view. Ambitious politicians, journalists,
corporate executives, professors, and others dutifully follow the lead set for them, frequently without ever knowing whose attitude they areparroting. In this way, an agenda is indeed set and policies are established. As a rule, slight variations on most topics are tolerated, even welcomed. But advocacy of any position outside carefully drawn limits
earns scorn and ridicule. For example, discussion about increasing or decreasing U.S. funding for either the United Nations or a variety of foreign aid projects is tolerated, even welcomed. But anyone who calls for U.S. withdrawal from the world body, or who recommends that all foreign aid be terminated, jeopardizes his or her reputation with the nation's most prestigious power brokers.

Those who read CFR publications and study the editorial stance of CFR-controlled media organs know exactly which are the favored attitudes. The CFR and several like-minded groups can be expected to support the following: more pacts, treaties, and agreements that compromise U.S. sovereignty; continued praise for and reliance on the United Nations;
piecemeal transfer of U.S military forces to UN supervision and command; more and newer forms of foreign aid; undermining and isolation of any national leader who does not favor socialism and world government under a "new world order"; ..

Some who follow the lead of the Establishment are undoubtedly committed to the world government and socialism advocated by Marx and the CFR's founders. But most who toe this line are self-promoters who are interested only in re-election, advancement, and recognition. They care little or nothing about the Constitution, their fellow citizens, and freedom in


A thoroughly revealing history of the Council on Foreign Relations and its responsibility for America's decline is available in researcher James Perloff's superb book, The Shadows of Power. Unlike others who have sought to warn the American people about the pervasive power of the CFR, Mr.
Perloff studied the organization's publications from its inception in 1921. The evidence he supplies to support his condemnation is taken from the CFR itself.

His important book concludes that the CFR is a major participant in an ongoing conspiratorial drive to USE THE U.S. GOVERNMENT and the wealth of the American people to create POWER OVER MANKIND for a few diabolically driven individuals. [emphasis added - Bush Jr's "endless war" scenario is what the globablists are trying to use as their power to take over the world.]

Mr. Perloff is careful to point out that only some of the CFR's members are completely committed to the sinister goals he exposes. He believes that many CFR members, and many others who follow the group's lead, would readily switch their allegiance should widespread awareness be created
about this powerful organization's history and designs

Written by John F. McManus--Posted 11/17/2002

Please allow 72 hours for processing of your request."

[Note from Sharie: They want a "one world order" while owning stock in the weapons companies, starting wars around the world, profiting from the slaughter of millions of human beings, and becoming billionaires in the process. One can only imagine what they hope their *sovereign* kingdom to be.]

 Here's how I see it:
6 Dec 2002 @ 14:48, by sharie. Activism

The corruption will continue to eat away at our lives, the disrespect for our health, happiness, and well-being, the curtailing of our personal freedoms, the increase in poverty, millions of more deaths - as if the millions slaughtered over the past century weren't enough - all will continue to escalate.

The suffering will cause the masses to awaken to the truth that the rulers of the corporate and political world are sucking the life out of them.

The more people suffer, the more they will wake up to *who* is causing their suffering.

This will cause a global revolution.

People will simply stop giving the corporations anything. They'll stop buying from the corporations and buy only from local producers.

Now, if only the local producers will not buy their materials from the corporations.

7 Oct 2002 @ 15:05, by sharie. Activism
We can continue to be slaves
to the economy - the false economy -
that's been engineered to benefit a few -
at the expense of our lives.

We can continue to be slaves -
sacrificing our health and sanity
to the economy.

We can continue to be slaves -
believing "The economy needs this... factory."
"The economy needs that... tax break for the wealthy."

We can continue to be slaves -
allowing the experts (call them *mad scientists*)
to pollute our water,
our air, our bodies, and our minds
("It's for the economy").

We can continue to be slaves -
and let the experts (*mad scientists*)
destroy our natural environment/our life support system.

We can continue to be slaves -
buying what they tell us we need to buy,
borrowing money to pay for it,
and paying them thousands of dollars
in interest fees year in and year out.

We can continue to be slaves -
owning homes that prove we're decent and responsible
(except if we don't pay their taxes, they'll take it away
from us and we'll be homeless).

We can continue to be slaves -
believing the experts have the answers.


We can wake up to the fact that this *culture* with it's economic and scientific beliefs is a madhouse.

There's a better way to live.

Stop sacrificing your life, your happiness, your health and the lives of your children for that dangling carrot that's poisoned.

The economy promoted by the establishment is false.

The science promoted by the establishment is corrupt.

The education is distorted.

The social policies are self-sabotage.

The foreign policies are murdering babies and children.

Stop feeding the monster that's killing us all.

Break away.

Find a way.

Find a way to be happy, to be healthy, to live with your sense of well-being nurtured.

We can do it.

2 Oct 2002 @ 05:55, by scotty. Activism
The best way forward is not to wait, watch and offer solutions once the damage has been done to the victims. Rather, it is vital for us to use our power as women to influence political decisions in favour of the rights of peoples by lobbying the United Nations and global policy-makers.


"If nonviolence is the law of our being,
the future is with women."
Mahatma Gandhi

The Petition Site....

 Writing Letter Campaigns Work!
picture20 Sep 2002 @ 10:15, by jazzolog. Activism
We have an Amnesty International chapter in our high school, and they just hosted a travelling Benefit Show at our local workers-owned Casa Cantina. On their advertising flyer I was struck by the following quotation from a released prisoner of conscience in the Dominican Republic:

"When the first 200 letters came, the guards gave me back my clothes. Then the next 200 came, and the prison director got in touch with his superior. The letters kept coming and coming: three thousand of them. The President was informed. The letters still kept arriving, and the President called the prison and told them to let me go."

---Julio de Pena-Valdez

Photo of Write-a-Thon students in Boston

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