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 New Ways of Knowing4 comments
picture19 Apr 2005 @ 07:49, by sevenlamb. Activism
Something we Overlook

Suppose there’s something essential about how our species relates with knowledge that we overlooked. Something so essential, that it would change what it means to be human very rapidly were we to discover this hidden thing. Say for example that the modes of relation we use with what we understand to be knowledge are only a tiny portion of what is actually accessible — and the modes we’re familiar with block access to these other potentials.

Since we’re being imaginative, let’s suppose there are two basic sorts of learning-ways. One way is very self-important, and likes to make endless copies of itself, which acquire the title ‘knowledge’. This way of knowing is the source of what we call machines.

Another way doesn’t care about itself at all, but instead actually serves as a transport — its mission is to lead those who interact with it to a direct experience of its sources, and then dissolve to make way for a far faster and useful transport to arise.

In other words, our toys of knowing will generally lead to ‘more knowledge’, or they will lead to ‘experiential access’ to new ways of direct experiential learning.

‘Access’ tends to enhance and celebrate our potentials of human unity. ‘Knowledge’ tends to accomplish the opposite, while pretending to be a unifier — in other words, our common form of knowledge is a predator masquerading as a hero.

I suggest that a different way of relating to knowledge is a big part of what is missing from our human lives and history, and the fact that it’s missing has been the primary source of human atrocity for over 5000 years. And it’s the primary source of terror, despair, suffering and peril in our own lives and families.

What would happen on our world if this other way was suddenly commonly accessible again?  More >

 Blue Poppy Caine3 comments
17 Mar 2005 @ 17:04, by vaxen. Activism
"Be aware of medias' message: Their goal is to make you feel bad about yourself so you will buy what they are selling."  More >

 10 Years New Civilization Network.. still going strong..16 comments
picture6 Mar 2005 @ 18:20, by jhs. Activism
Julie Jewel reminded me/us of the impending 10th birthday of Newciv..

better than anything else could demonstrate that it's still alive: this BLOG is published on its server...

we experimented a lot with kind of BLOGS those days, 10 years ago... Gunter offered a glimpse on it on his BLOG recently... and I would like to find the 'Daily Insight' (or so) pages... precursors of BLOGs as we know them...

does anyone still have one of the New Civ CD-ROMs??? ..  More >

 My Rant: Removing The Cancer – Is That The Solution?23 comments
21 Sep 2004 @ 23:37, by nemue. Activism
Like so many around the world I pray for peace and harmony. I trust that negotiation; common reason and goodness will win out in the end. It appears however that belief and praying, trusting and reason don’t appear to work in all circumstances. What has promoted this rant?

The latest capture and beheading of the two Americans and what would unfortunately appear to be the same fate for the Englishman who is currently being held? This is nothing short of short of barbarism in the extreme. The perpetrators of these acts are not people who we can reason with. These are people whose sole wish is to plunge us back into the dark ages. Having said that I do not condone the many other acts of so called civilised people but I want to focus on the issue at hand and this issue alone.  More >

 Peace and Love4 comments
picture11 Sep 2004 @ 15:33, by spells. Activism
Just a few headlines on website today, 9-11-04…

US military launches bloody attacks on rebel strongholds in Iraq

The political issues behind the Jakarta bomb blast

Death toll rises on US-Mexico border
Stop the persecution of immigrant workers!

Israel targets Palestinians, threatens Syria

Although I agree we must have peace and love in our hearts and spread this consciousness out to the planet, via vibration, words, articles, radio stations, tv etc, very little to nothing will change if we don’t get to the bottom line or cause of these issues.

As long as we don’t see everyone (and I do mean everyone) as consciousness/souls in bodies and that we are all connected via this energy/intent, then there will not be peace and respect on or for the earth.

If we have a “them” and “us” attitude, therefore believing/feeling we have the “right” to land, and feel/believe we are “justified” to shove people out, take over their country or bomb them, then how can there ever be peace?

If we allow lies to rule our government,(and other governments) in any way shape or form, then how can there ever be peace?

If our very lifestyles demand more of the earth then it can handle, and we constantly need/desire it’s resources/life blood just to support our lifestyles, how can there be peace?

Yes this is a beautiful planet, and the high vibration of love is a potential that exists for all of us, but words won’t do it folks, we HAVE to reflect this in every way.

Allow lies, ego/power struggles etc to run the day, then it matters not how much you “speak” of love and peace, you won’t get it, maintain it, and spread it out to the planet. If your actions don’t reflect it, then your intentions are NOT what you think they are. Action follows intention, in everything.

If you really have the intention for a better planet, peace, love and highest benefit to be the norm, then this has to be reflected in your actions also.

You can’t say you want peace, then support a government that demands war. You can’t say you want peace, and live a wasteful lifestyle.

You can’t say you want peace and see people as separate and/or evil.

This is pure and simple. No matter how many sweet, acceptable, loving, pseudo-positive you “sound”, nothing will change if one’s actions and intentions don’t change.

This is not negative, it just is. One gets so accustomed to the low vibe, the lies, the downward spiral that one doesn’t even notice it anymore and actually believes that by keeping their “attitude” positive, things will change. The Universe doesn’t work in such a way, how can the human species progress and evolve in this way?

Can you imagine if the law of gravity only said in words that it will be a force that keeps your feet on the ground, but in truth some people float and some people don’t? It is through the action of gravity that makes it true and real, not just the belief in it. This is how Natural Laws work, and this is how Spiritual Laws work and this is the Truth.

It is believed that we all have the right to our “opinions” and lifestyles. Free will is the name of the “game”. Yes, we have the right, but then we also have to take responsibility for the consequences of this free will. You want to vote, pay taxes, believe lies, support one side/country in war, etc then do it, but accept the responsibility that you are also part of the cause for it. You are just as complicit as any government official.

So go ahead spread love and peace via words, “positive attitude”, not seeing the truth of the world situation etc, but also take responsibility for your actions. Your soul knows this, but your mind/ego fights it to the core. Again, this is pure and simple. The way things are going, NOTHING or very little will change.  More >

 911 Commission1 comment
23 Jul 2004 @ 11:47, by gsosbee. Activism
On July 15, 2004, I reported evidence of possible 911 Commission deceit and cover-up of fbi crimes (including the concealment from the world of fbi/cia terrorists' sources and methodologies). More recently, the 911 Commission reveals the incompetence/failures of its staff of high level Inquisitors by refusing to recommend an overhaul of the fbi/cia's operations. Specifically, the 911 Commission makes no
effort to examine the total corruption of the army of assassins in the fbi and thereby grants the fbi a continuing license (with the imprimature of the Commission) to carry on the programs of blackmail, extortion , torture and murder of key persons worldwide by the use of street thugs, police, etc.,and high tech weaponry. The 911 Commission therefore performs a treasonous disservice to the American people and
leaves the U.S. more vulnerable than ever to attacks on the homeland. The heart of the problem that the 911 Commission is afraid to address is associated with the fbi/cia inhumane terrorist tactics and assaults worldwide as I have outlined in my site. Until the United States addresses these issues and comes clean with the world's population regarding fbi/cia crimes against Humanity, the holocaust may continue.This update is dedicated to : celmakie "petit rappel".geral sosbee
See article dated 9-14-05, "fbi/cia incompetence and corruption threaten the United States".
See also:
[link]  More >

 Misdefining ‘Normal’: A Cause of Atrocity2 comments
23 Jul 2004 @ 11:22, by sevenlamb. Activism
There are some terms whose function belies their appearance as ‘regular concepts’. Consider the term and concept ‘separation’. Without this concept — there are no terms, or concepts.

For human beings, one of the most deadly terms ever invented is ‘normal’. Without this term, we would not be able to endlessly invent utterly fictitious reasons to attack each other and our world. What could such a term possibly mean?  More >

 MY Rant.......3 comments
15 Jul 2004 @ 17:23, by nemue. Activism
What have we done to our youth that prompts such vicious and disgusting behaviour? Yesterday afternoon in a small Suburban Park in Sydney a 9-year old girl was set alight. She has 3rd degree burns to 30 to 40 percent of her body. As you would expect she is in a serious condition with months of hospital stay ahead of her. Her family are in shock, understandable. This little girl was just going to the park with her brothers and sisters and stepmother to play. Whilst this hasn’t been established beyond doubt, 2 young people were sighted running from the scene wearing Halloween masks. This isn’t a first, it has happened before in what we so smugly call the lucky country.  More >

 incompetence in fbi/cia responsible for 9112 comments
15 Jul 2004 @ 12:16, by gsosbee. Activism
I recently contacted the U.S. Commission on 911 and I attempted to report gross abuse of power by the fbi/cia in foreign intelligence matters ; I wanted to point out that such transgressions involved *blackmail and extortion by the fbi/cia against foreign governments and officials who fail to recognize the superiority of the fbi/cia in the NWO. This type of corruption by the fbi/cia must be addressed in order to prevent another attack on the U.S. because foreign countries may begin to play the same game on US that we use on them in regards to sharing intelligence.
The Commission ignored my two e-mails on this subject. I must therefore conclude that the Commission attempts to conceal from the world certain intelligence data that could compromise intelligence sources and methodology even though the fbi and the cia engage in commodity-type trading of such information in international political negotiations/operations in a manner not necessarily in the best interests of presumed friendly nations. Specifically, for example, the fbi will withhold intelligence data that a foreign country needs to prevent a terrorist attack on that foreign nation, unless that country (or foreign official) fully cooperates with the fbi and the cia in covert operations design to kill or to imprison given Targets, or to overthrow a given government.Indeed in some instances as history shows the terrorists in some attacks had cia tacit approval for attacks on certain targets.
An appauling example of a different type fbi/cia incompetence and corrupt practices regarding intelligence sharing occurred in the Phillipines prior to 911. The Phillipino government (and top law enforcement officials in Manila) advised the fbi and the cia prior to 911 that a number of the terrorists who were later confirmed as involved in the 911 attack on the U.S. were in the Phillipines, possibly training there, and were en route to the U.S. The fbi and the cia ignored this data because the names , albeit associated with known terrorist groups, were Saudi Arabian, and that nation enjoys a cozy relationship with the fbi/cia in terms of sharing intelligence data; presumably the fbi and the cia take no action (until now) against suspect foreign nationals of Saudi Arabia because such characters may in fact be assassins for the Saudi government. In other words the fbi and the cia protect the assassins of friendly nations.
In this regard ,the police officials in Manilla hold deep resentment for the fbi and the cia for their heavy-handed controls over the Phillipino government and these officials are at the same time afraid to report fbi/cia trangressions/incompetence to the U.S. Congress for fear of retaliation by the fbi/cia who could easily withhold the names of potential assassins bent on killing Phillipino officials.
Another common method of fbi/cia retaliation against a foreign government official is for the fbi and the cia to not share vital intelligence data with a sometimes friendly foreign government in order to allow a terrorist attack on that government when intelligence tactics dictate the need for such back-stabbing. This , of course, causes serious political repercussions, especially as some foreign officials now recognize that the fbi and the cia lied to the U.S. Congress about the causes for U.S. invasion of Iraq (as well as other skirmishes around the world) and at the same time the U.S. expects friendly nations to send troops to die for our (U.S.)inhumane goals there.geral sosbee
*The fbi publishes the following fraudulent public notice at its unofficial site shown below:
"The F.B.I. Bureau investigates Murders, Extortion, Kidnapping, Antiterrorism, Theft of Auto & Banks. Of course the F.B.I does a whole lot more, but to say it simply we protect The United States of America."
See Also Article Entitled And Dated As Follows:
The Responsibility For The Collapse Of The USA
[Category: News] 23 May 2008
"The Responsibility For The Collapse Of The Constitutional
Government of The United States of America ".
Sosbee adds: The fbi states , "WE protect the United States of America"; such an assertion is a total lie; in reality the fbi and the cia have destroyed the USA as a Constitutional Democracy.
[link]  More >

2 Jul 2004 @ 00:19, by namakando. Activism
This piece i wrote to as an almost futile attempt to save FREEDOM PARK(our only nature retreat in KITWE).Therefore most of you might find it boring and a bit offish!!!It's just that it is so difficult to be heard by our local leaders here that when one has any issue that they need to air their views on they never make it.Which is sad don't you agree?  More >

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