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 Go Orange for Animals!1 comment
8 Apr 2007 @ 03:41, by nemue. Activism
I haven't posted for some time although I pop in every now and then to see what is going on.

Life for me has been very busy over the past 12-months. My husband has been very ill (but thankfully recovering now) and that has taken up a lot of time in caring for him. My business has been extremely busy - there are never enough hours in the day. I hear so many saying this of late...

That said, I just couldn't let this opportunity pass by to promote the Go Orange for Animals Day on April 10.

In celebration of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Day, show your love of animals--and your support for the mission of the ASPCA--by going orange for animals! Dress yourself, your pet (even your community!) in orange, take a picture, and post it here. You'll join with animal lovers across the country and in deed the globe in going orange for animals!

Without animals our lives would be diminished. Let us show them we love them. It would be wonderful if you signed the petition attached as well. Blessings...

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 And God Said: *Creation Beloveds, Creation!*1 comment
picture4 Apr 2007 @ 18:40, by freo7. Activism
Creation Beloveds, Creation ~ posted here by Brenda

And God said:In every moment, there is a dying. It is death of the past. The past cannot stay. You might say it lives on in your memory. It lives on in your imagination, and that's all relative life is, beloveds, something that you imagine.

You imagined something occurred. You imagined its appearance, and you imagined its significance, and you imagined its disappearance. You let your thoughts have an effect on you. Understandably, it all felt real to you. That is what the relative is. It is an illusion of reality that you accept at face value.

The past is like a wave in water. Water simply flowed into itself. There was movement in the water. The water rose and fell on itself. It was water all the time, and nothing but water. We could say that the water had a dream of itself, just as you dream away moments of this lifetime of Ours on Earth.

There is a strength in water, whether it be the ocean or a lake or a fishpond. Even the water in a glass has great power. We can say that you are like a glass of water of the Infinite Ocean. You are not less than the Infinite because you happen to be in a glass. And all the glasses of water are no more nor less than you are in your glass. They are the same as you. The glass holds you within it. The glass you see through makes you think you are separate from all the other glasses when you are actually One and the Same. Oh, yes, the glasses appear different. ==>  More >

 effective activism0 comments
9 Jun 2006 @ 00:11, by newpeacepl. Activism
it is true that there are millions of problems - is it enough to pick one we like and contribute an effort? - is it possible that problems are very difficult to effectively deal with one by one, and relatively easy and solvable if we go to the root of the millions of problems? - if we wish to maximise happiness in this world, must we be sure that we cant do a more effective job by going to the root - a vine can cover a tree and be impossible to eradicate by getting ladders and risking life and limb going out the branches to every leaf and cutting leaves one by one - and be easy to eradicate by cutting the trunk of the vine - the solution presents itself easily in the case of the treevine, because the trunk of the vine is close to us, but problems in the world are close to our eye - we are like birds living in the tree and seeing the leaves of the malicious vine - if we just jump in and try to peck leaves off we will fail, the vine will win - if we rethink and do something unbirdlike and go down to the root, and peck there, we can do so much more and have so much more success

what is the root of the millions of problems? what is the most efficient place to put our energies? why do we allow wealthpower giants? money is power - letting anyone have unlimited fortunes is like allowing anyone to be a giant - in relation to people as if people were ants - it is like everyone goes around in a tank, but allowing people to have fortunes a million times the average means their tanks [their power] is a million times as big - they are going to cause a lot of damage, and they are going to be unstoppable, uncontrollable - they are going to be loose cannon in society - and they are

the average person works 50 hours a week or more [american housewives work over 90 hours a week, i read] and no one can work more than 100 hours a week, so no one works more than double the average - and yet we have pay per hour up to a million times the average - the 1% of people who are paid more than the average pay [which is US$15 an hour if we pay all housewives and tertiary students as well - 2006AD, it doubles every 12 years or so] get over 90% of world income - 90% of people are on less than a 10th of the average pay - less than US$1.50 an hour - the 90% are on between a 10th and a 1000th [thousandth] of the average - 90% are in deep slavery - what is the benefit of having 1% get over 90% of world wealth? - of 0.1% getting over 80% of world wealth?

what is wrong with limiting fortunes to the maximum a person can contribute to social wealth? - which cannot be more than double the average? cannot be more than about US$3 million att eh end of a lifetimes working? allowing unlimited fortunes is really letting the cat out of the bag! - allowing over 90% of the earnings of 99% of people be sucked up into superwealth and superpower - and still sucking US$200 billion a year out of the third world! -

a simple law, moving overfortunes on decease to the most enslaved, disempowered, robbed and angry, counterbalancing the ceaseless automatic legal shift of wealth from poor to rich which has gone on unbalanced for 1000s of years, causing endless conflict and suffering and waste and destruction and misery and pain - endless and *everincreasing* conflict and suffering and pain - growing war from sticks and stones to ICBMs, from village squabbles to world war -

time to look at the big picture - where all these problems are coming from - the globe built on injustice cannot stand - we have super hyper extreme injustice - we cannot stand - we are racing to extinction - we already have the bombs powerful enough to end the world, to put the world in permanent global snowstorm, a triple iceage

everyone gains from justice - justice is essential to happiness - we have super hyper injustice, so we can be SUPER HYPER HAPPIER - for 1000s of years philosophers, observers of humanity have noticed we have great difficulty in seeing the big picture - the big picture is the root - attack there and you have effective successful activism -
how many will be against a law limiting fortunes to say $20 million? - which is 6 times the maximum a person can create wealth by their lifetimes work - ie, 6 times what a person puts in to the social pool of wealth by their work - the less superoverpay there is the less super underpay there is - the more jsutice there is, the more peace there is

imagine your anger to be on 100th of your present income - multiply by 5 billion - that is the anger, the violence, the war and crime in the world that will disappear with justice

there is super-plenty for all - enough income to pay every family working average hard US$75,000 a year - it is time to wake up, see the root cause of all the human problems, start to be kind to yourselves and commit some justice - is it more important for someone to get out of the social pool of wealth a million times what they put in, than for everyone to have peace by justice, by fairsharing?

we can have all the features of capitalism, except unlimited fortunes - unlimited fortunes is unlimited freedom to extract wealth from the world's humans, unlimited freedom to enslave humanity, to put humanity into super hyper unnecessary suffering - when we could all work average hard and have US$75,000 a year per family! -

the american dream was based on limited fortunes - it was obvious to the founding fathers as it is obvious to us that tyranny requires unlimited fortunes, concentration of wealth in the hands of the few, ie super injustice - so the founding fathers tried to limit fortunes - and failed - we must succeed or go down in a heap of smoking ruins

see the big picture, teach the big picture - if everyone who hears of this passes it on to just two people close to them, every adult in the world will hear of this in just 32 times the time it takes to pass it on to two people - and word of mouth is nonviolent, nonconfrontational, non dangerous - and when a great majority see the simple sense of it, there is a general will and therefore an easy way to the necessary goal

we have pay from $1 to $1 billion for a fortnight's work! - and violence to match - how can any solution to any problem work as long as that big picture situation continues, as long as a few have most of the power, as long as a few are allowed to charge around freely in tanks of power up to a million times the size of the average person's? [and a billion times the size of the most underpaid robbed enslaved person?]

 People Power1 comment
3 Jun 2006 @ 10:03, by nemue. Activism
My faith in the voice of the people has been restored this week with a landmark victory that led to the reversal of a decision that had been made by two of our State Governments and our Federal Government to sell off one of our most significant national assets, the Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Scheme.

Snowy Hydro is to remain in public hands after a community-inspired back flip by Prime Minister John Howard. Within an hour of Prime Minister Howard announcing yesterday that the Commonwealth would withdraw its 13 per cent stake of Snowy Hydro from sale, the NSW and Victorian governments did the same with their larger shares.

The turnaround is the result of unprecedented community anger at the proposed $3billion sale. This decision just goes to show that if people stick together and speak out they can bring about change.

The Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Scheme is an engineering marvel and one of the seven listed engineering wonders of the modern era. Its construction marked a major turning point in Australia's multicultural history. It was Ben Chifley in 1949 as the then Australia Prime Minister, who told the people of Australia, "The Snowy Mountains scheme, the greatest single project in our history, is a plan for the whole nation, belonging to no one state”. Over 100,000 workers from 30 countries toiled for 25 years to build the Snowy Hydro-electric scheme. More than 130 people died during the construction.

While it generates only 3 per cent of the country's power, Snowy Hydro supplies about 2,100 giga litres of water to the Murray Darling Basin, supplying inland irrigators along the Murray and Murrumbidgee rivers. So this decision also had a noteworthy impact in retaining one of our major water supply authorities in the hands of the people and not private enterprise.

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 Convergence2 comments
picture31 May 2006 @ 05:56, by koravya. Activism
All so very often, issues of importance to all of us become framed in an Us versus Them paradigm. Who amongst us here harbors for a moment the thought that there is an avenue for agreement, common cause, and coordinated and compatible action between the Rainforest Action Network and the Corporate-Banking Empire. Yes, the RAN, that “anti-capitalist, anti-American, anti-business, illegal, immoral, radical, dangerous, socialist, communist, pot-smoking, draft-dodging bunch of hippy freaks.” What are the possibilities that such an organization might be involved in a reasonable conversation with Citibank, Bank of America, and J.P.Morgan Chase, amongst others? Here is an article which when printed out comes to ten pages, and therefore might take a few extra minutes to read through, and leads to the thought that there might be just some slim possibility for a “shift in the fundamental architecture of the economy”; and that there might come a time in some not too distant future, “when we were looking over the abyss – there would be a quantum shift in thinking that would bring about profound systemic change to the way we deal with food, energy, transport, and manufacturing, changes that would then bring about an ecologically sustainable society in our lifetime.”
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 Stop Violence Against Women5 comments
28 May 2006 @ 02:13, by nemue. Activism

This is a subject that most of us in the western world don’t want to talk about. Ritualistic sexual mutilation of females dates back to the fifth century B.C. This traditional practice is a social as well as a health issue that affects the physical and mental well being of the women who undergo it. Although practiced mostly in African countries north of the equator and the Middle-East, concern has recently been expressed that female genital mutilation is also being practiced in the U.S., Europe, and other western countries by immigrants from these countries.

It never ceases to disappoint me that whilst our leaders are only too happy to speak out about so many injustices in the world, on the subject of Female Genital Mutilation they are Silent.

Please help us bring this to the world’s attention. The women and children who are subjected to these barbaric practices deserve better and they need our help. Every signature helps.
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 Live Dog Burning Tests0 comments
14 May 2006 @ 07:29, by nemue. Activism
Please sign this petition.

I am sure you will be as horrified as I was to learn of this practice. Evidence indicates that live dog burning testing continues today in China. This is just one of thousands of animal and human rights abuses that continues in China today. At least in this case we can make our voices heard. Please also share this with as many of your friends and relatives as you can.

The horrific series of experiments in which dogs are being burned alive took place at the Third Military Medical University at Chongqing, China. The experiments appeared in the Chinese scientific journal: ŒZhonghua Shao Shang Za Zhi. NAVS and ADI have uncovered three experiments published since 1999 and believe the programme of research continues. The 3 experiments involved:-

1. 37 dogs burned with napalm - The pain of napalm is so excruciating that people have died from the pain alone. The pain felt by the dogs would have been unbearable. The dogs were then kept alive with their agonizing burns for three days. 72hours of hell.

2. 26 dogs were burned so severely that their brains swelled - In order to determine the value of scanning equipment in diagnosing brain swelling due to excess water (oedema) following burns, dogs were inflicted with third degree skin burns, over half of their bodies. Yet, scanning techniques such as MRI cause little or no suffering to people so it is difficult to understand why the information could not have been derived from studies of burns patients.

3. 24 dogs were deliberately scalded and suffered steam inhalation injuries – 24 mongrel dogs were used in an experiment in which 40% of their total body surface area was deliberately scalded, giving them third degree burns, and they were left alive for up to two days. Some of the dogs died from shock within 36 hours


 Its a Dog-Eat-Dog World outhtere!....2 comments
30 Apr 2006 @ 22:14, by jobrown. Activism
When exactly did that kind of nonsense start -and more importantly: when will it end?!?! ...and WHY would We, The People, care?... "Let'em kill eachother", huh? it's just that, on each murder of and within THEIR OWN RANKS, they have always killed -and will always do so- thousands of their OWN so called (s.c.) "Lesser Brothers" as s.c. Collateral Damage, PLUS -of course -just as many, if not a LOT more of the Enemy group's 'Lesser Brothers'. THAT, my friend, would always be 'You and me' -from any part of the Human Family at any time (of History)!...

Do we know how much of the so called (s.c. ) "establishment's weirdness goes on in this Day and Age? A lot, I'm sure! [link]

This one goes 'kinda' hand-in-hand with the above one.

And these are just some General Info/more "Hit & Runs" in Todays Socio-Political Reality
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 Heart of the City5 comments
picture30 Mar 2006 @ 08:56, by koravya. Activism
Black and White kitty scouts out the back yard under the new moon in the heart of the city.  More >

 What role will you play???1 comment
19 Mar 2006 @ 02:42, by nemue. Activism
Do you know why you are here on earth? This is a question that many ask either themselves or others so I thought I would ask you.

What role will you or are you playing? Will you be part of the solution, part of the problem or a silent bystander?

Our world is undergoing a significant change. Regardless of your belief in the New World Order, the coming of our alien family to save us, destruction of mother earth due to climate change, the coming of Planet X, WW111 etc etc etc we are undergoing change. What role you will play?

Do you believe you are here on this earth to help save the planet and to assist in moving us to the age of enlightenment?

Are you here to thwart change – that is part of the controlling forces? Or conversely you don't believe that we are being controlled by other forces/factions

Or, are you one of the millions who will stand by and do nothing just accept your fate?  More >

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