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 Peace and nuclear disarmament: A call to action0 comments
picture23 Mar 2002 @ 15:27, by ming. Activism
Dennis Kucinich seems to be one of the few sane individuals in the U.S. Congress, and I'd say it is important for at least the people in the U.S. to watch the moves he makes.

Below is a message which Jean Houston forwarded to me, which is Representative Kucinich's call for nuclear disarmament and a proposed bill to create a Department of Peace in the United States. It is important reading.

His website is here  More >

 Report from World Social Forum II in Brazil0 comments
8 Mar 2002 @ 00:39, by ming. Activism
Below are reports from an attendee of the World Social Forum II held at Porto Alegre, in Rio Grande do Sul, the southernmost state of Brazil from Thursday 31st January to Tuesday 5th February 2002, and various other snippets.  More >

 Voters in Vermont endorse the Earth Charter0 comments
picture7 Mar 2002 @ 23:38, by ming. Activism
Every March, voters in Vermont, USA gather in their town halls for the Annual Town Meetings, which serve as an opportunity to make democratic decisions on the townÂ’s budget for roads, schools, fire engines, trash removal, water, and social services. In many communities, they also consider issues of national and global importance. To be placed on the agenda for the Town Meeting, 5% of the registered voters in town need to sign a petition.

For the Town Meeting 2002, 30 towns in Vermont had an article on their agendas that read: “Shall the voters of [town] endorse the Earth Charter, and recommend that the Town, the State of Vermont, the United States of America, and the United Nations use the Earth Charter to guide decision-making on issues of local, state, national, and international importance.”  More >

 What's it all about?9 comments
29 Jan 2002 @ 02:16, by finny. Activism
Well, in my opinion, whatever the issue, its about us getting active. That's a really simple statement. But primary thats all it takes. Thirty activists doing a good job will equate around 30,000 inactive people. A few years ago a handful of activists activated against Berger King concerning their use of Central American (Costa Rician) beef, that was been feed on ex-rainforest claimed grazing land. Embarassed and compelled by a 17% loss of income they stated they would only buy local beef! It doesn't take that much really! I would like to go on about what is achieable, but I know on this list I'm preaching to the converted! So that's it!  More >

 More on Codex anti-vitamin plot1 comment
picture29 Nov 2001 @ 01:05, by ming. Activism
Below are some more quoted messages and links about the Codex commission, trying to regulate (control) vitamins and nutritional supplements worldwide.  More >

 Attempted control on Vitamins & Natural supplements!0 comments
picture27 Nov 2001 @ 03:10, by ming. Activism
This is posted a little late in regards to protesting about the specific meeting mentioned, but I'm sure the issue is far from over. The "Codex Alimentarius" commission, working with the U.N. and the European Union, is attempting to control and monopolize the rules for vitamins and supplements we're allowed to buy worldwide. This has been going on for several years and things are being decided mostly in secret, although the decisions will block the free choice of health practices for millions of people. The Codex commission is dominated by the pharmaceutical industry. Anyway, the website to go to is: [link]  More >

 Recounts show Gore would have won1 comment
picture12 Nov 2001 @ 00:09, by ming. Activism
A consortium of media companies commissioned a recount of all Florida ballots in the U.S. presidential race. No matter which standard is used for the recount, Gore comes out ahead, but only with between 42 and 171 votes, depending on the method. However, ironically, if only the counties had been recounted that Gore asked for, Bush would still have won. The analysis of the effect of the several seriously misleading ballots showed that Gore lost out of many thousands of votes that were meant for him, but that were misplaced for other candidates because of the design of the ballots. Interestingly, most all of the media companies are downplaying the clear results of this study, presenting it in their headlines as if Bush still would have won, but revealing the opposite in the details of their articles, except for a couple of them who seem to add things up differently.  More >

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