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 Blood and Art110 comments
picture 17 Jan 2004 @ 17:14, by ming. Violence, War
Why would an educated person, a lawyer, and a mother of two choose to strap explosives to her body and go and blow up herself and a lot of random innocent people?

Hanadi Jaradat did just that in October, killing 21 Israelis in Haifa.

Artists Gunilla Skoeld Feiler from Sweden and Israeli born Dror Feiler created an artwork titled "Snow White and the Madness of Truth" for an exhibition in Stockholm, to make people ponder the incomprehensibility of this. On a pool of blood a little sailboat is floating, with a picture of a smiling Hanadi Jaradat as its sail. "When I saw her picture in the paper, I thought she looked like Snow White, that's why I gave that name to the piece" said Gunilla Feiler.

The Israeli ambassador didn't ponder the incomprehensibility of the scenario. He went amock and destroyed the piece the moment he saw it, and subsequently got kicked out of the museum. I suppose that illustrates well another angle of the problem. And it instantly made the art piece much more famous than it could have been otherwise. Anyway, he should probably find himself another line of work.  More >

 Humiliation and Terrorism12 comments
picture 14 Jan 2004 @ 03:42, by ming. Violence, War
Via Metafilter, an article, "Terrorism's new Mecca" by Jessica Stern. It examines the causes of terrorism.
Several possible root causes have been identified, including, among others, poverty, lack of education, abrogation of human rights, the perception that the enemy is weak-willed. I've been interviewing terrorists around the world over the past five years. Those I interviewed cite many reasons for choosing a life of holy war, and I came to despair of identifying a single root cause of terrorism. But the variable that came up most frequently was not poverty or human-rights abuses, but perceived humiliation. Humiliation emerged at every level of the terrorist groups I studied — leaders and followers.

The "New World Order" is a source of humiliation for Muslims. And for the youth of Islam, it is better to carry arms and defend their religion with pride and dignity than to submit to this humiliation. Part of the mission of jihad is to restore Muslims' pride in the face of humiliation. Violence, in other words, restores the dignity of humiliated youth. Its target audience is not necessarily the victims and their sympathizers, but the perpetrators and their sympathizers. Violence is a way to strengthen support for the organization and the movement it represents.
It rings true more than anything else. No, it is not people who "hate freedom". It is people who's family, who's culture, who's religion, who's countries, who's leaders have been humiliated. And it is people who's pride and dignity are more important to them than their lives. It shouldn't be that hard to understand. Stop carrying out programs of organized humiliation. Better yet, help these folks having something to be proud of.  More >

 One State for Two-Nations
2 Jan 2004 @ 02:00, by gili. Violence, War
In Israel/Palestine there is a grassroots peace movement of Moslems, Jews and Christians. It is the Sulha, or reconciliation.
It is being led by religious leaders. Those of Hamas and those of the settlers, it seems that by choosing the language of "The Land of the Prophets" and "The Children of Abraham" there is a common ground, literally...From my brief glimpse of the sulha process, I see one state in Israel/Palestine, one state for two nations.
The common religous roots of the Palestinians and the Jews can be used as a bridge between them. It is a radical idea for me and I am not sure about it. It seems impossible, yet the more I think about it the more sense it seems to make. The two government bodies would be merged. There would be a truth and reconciliation hearings much like in South Africa where people would recieve amnesty for their testimony. The Israeli Defense Forces would be transitioned into providing relief and refugee for the two peoples.

The issue of the Palestinian Right of Return has been the most problematic issue for the negotiations between the Israeli and Palestinians. Israeli society is very much against the Right of Return and sees it as the end of the Jewish homeland.

Yet, the Palestinians need to be heard, their Right of Return must be honored. This is where sulha comes in. This is where the religious and spiritual leaders need to show the rest of the population that peace is possible by coming together. And they are doing just that.
Another related article...

I want to believe in the one state solution but I am scared to. It seems so simple, yet it is very radical, almost too radical. I do not know...There is so much to much suffering...

 Saddam captured; desert blooms5 comments
picture 16 Dec 2003 @ 13:45, by ming. Violence, War
Well, I didn't really know what to say about Saddam Hussein being captured, as I'm not sure I believe the whole scenario. But in the spirit of celebration, getting rid of the bad guys, new beginnings, and general unreality, this piece that I received in the mail today seems to capture it well.
BAGHDAD (Plausible News Service) -- The apparent arrest of Saddam Hussein brought a traumatic chapter in the millennia-long history of Mesopotamia to an end earlier today, with immediate and wide-ranging effects being felt throughout the country. Flowers spontaneously erupted across vast stretches of Iraqi desert. Power and water service were restored to millions of Iraqi homes, some of which have never had it in the first place.

"My cable is working again! I can get Bravo channel now! They must have arrested Saddam!" cried a jubilant Walid al-Jibra, dancing in the street in front of his formerly bombed-out store, which was found miraculously restored moments after the announcement. Kurds, Shiites, and Sunnis alike were seen joyfully embracing in Basra, while a number of children previously thought to have been killed during the invasion were found to be alive and perfectly healthy. Hospitals reported increases in stocks of medicines, "but hey, we don't need them anyway, half our patients just got up and walked away," according to one staffer.

A statement released by al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden acknowledged the defeat for the radical Islamic movement signified by the Saddam arrest.

"Oh well, we might as well just hang it up, as you say," said the emaciated terrorist leader on a video broadcast by al-Jazeera television shortly after the arrest announcement. "This just shows that you can't mess around with the ol' US of A."

Troops met the news with relief. "Well, I am sure enough glad that's all over with," said Sgt. Paul Tarbabe of Tuskeegee, as he began packing his gear for the return home. "Just in time, too -- we oughta all be able to get back home for Christmas now. I've got a six-month-old daughter to meet!"

Donald Rumsfeld and senior Pentagon officials have indicated that with Saddam out of the picture, "our work here is finished," as Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz told a press briefing at the Pentagon early this morning. Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, and other officials, for whom the planning and execution of the Iraq operation has been an obsession for years, intend to retire next week and "set up a think tank in Samoa or someplace like that," Wolfowitz said.

The forecast for Baghdad for today and the foreseeable future is sunny, with bright blue skies, a few fluffy white clouds, warm but comfortable temperatures, and copious birdsong.
 More >

 to the people of the world10 comments
9 Dec 2003 @ 19:01, by gsosbee. Violence, War
As a result of my recent experiences as documented in detail on my website at I am certain that the men and women of the fbi and cia (and their affiliates ) actually watch in real time as the Targets of the inhumane assaults described in my site commit suicide. The despicable activities of these fbi and the cia agents, operatives, thugs and assassins must be revealed to the world in order to offer some protection to all of mankind from a phenomena politely referred to as non-consensual human experimentation; in actuality this barbarous United States program is born of devilish minds, and wicked hearts, and is implemented by pathologic personalities of the lowest type. We must stop these confused and pathetic creatures now. Thanks for this forum.
January 21, 2002: This once great nation, the United States of America, is ruled by thugs, terrorists and assassins who (desperate to consolidate power by going to war at will) regularly and as a matter of course...

...murders, tortures and terrorizes human beings when its corrupt legal process fails to imprison or kill the targets;

...destroys other nations by the use of nuclear, biological, chemical, or conventional weaponry, when the threat of such force fails to subjugate the peoples of the targeted nation;

...wildly labels individuals and nations as criminals and terrorists even as the United States sends professional assassins to kill specific humans and to disrupt political and economic stability in the targeted nations;

...manipulates the global media by use of blackmail, extortion and financial isolation in order to control the daily news broadcasts;

...terrorizes and silences the most viable and credible critics of the United States by the use of a combination of some of the above mentioned methods;

...supports patently corrupt governments when such governments cooperate in the extermination of the targets;

...insures the continuance of the permanent underclass in the world by stocking the prisons and hospitals with people who cannot find work, who cannot gain social standing and who refuse to bow to corrupt and unjust authority;

...abandons any concern for the basic Rights of the majority of the world's population and treats the targets (for death) as no better than discarded refuse.

The failure of the world leaders to stop this tyranny is an indictment of them for the same offenses described above. Geral Sosbee

" My Story" in German:


"My Story" in English:


Amerika Is Dead:


Sosbee writes:I pose the following rhetorical question on behalf of the Worldwide Network Of Friends Of The Accused And Terrorized:
What duty do we (you and I, now) owe to all of mankind, to humanity, as we discover that a corrupt and murderous band of thugs and their misguided supporters ( whether private or government sponsored, such as those in the fbi/cia ) systematically, routinely and often ritually threaten, torture, imprison and kill our brothers and sisters around the globe?
Stand up to the tyrants and suffer the consequences ourselves in our time, or slink from all sense of Right and leave the ever worsening task for the next generation which may be even less prepared than we for the slightest of heroic deeds.
History now records for all times our names, each of us, individually, in a real as opposed to a rhetorical sense,and the manner by which we answer the above question.
[link]  More >

 Hans Blix: Is US sending out the wrong signal?11 comments
picture13 Apr 2003 @ 23:22, by quidnovi. Violence, War
Who are we fooling here?

Nuclear weapons have been scratched off the list a long time ago already.

Chemical weapons? Biological weapons? None, so far, have been used.

Have we found any, yet? Rumors abound. Chances are that we might still find some traces of them---though probably not in any significant amount if we do, and certainly not anything that would amount to the evidence of the "grave and gathering" threat of which it was question before the war started.

But what does it matter now, whether we find some or not?

We now all know that it was all false pretense. The cat is out of the bag. We are there for REGIME CHANGE (and darn proud of it, too.) That's what this has always been about. And Iraq is just the tip of the iceberg.

We have apparently become the self-appointed "liberators" of the Middle East. And while some have found this a cause for celebration and others see there cause to re-evaluate their positions on Iraq, there are those who are expressing some concern over what kind of signal we are sending to the world:  More >

 War Stuff6 comments
10 Apr 2003 @ 00:14, by mmmark. Violence, War
I imagine that there have been many postings about the war-mongering going on, some pro and some con, so I make this post to place my picture of center in the log annals of NCN.

I believe that the human race has to find a different way of living, where competition and squabbling over natural resources is handled in any way that is healthful, hopeful, non-aggressive, and of course non-violent. At the same time, citizens must not empower their governments to make war, in business, technology, or with political support, or we will remain buried in our destructive stupidity as a species. The wave of new consciousness has revealed once again the undeniable reasoning that Love is all you need, not to mention that you can't be here without it. Let us keep our hearts tuned to cocreating a society of peace, specially after the dust settles from this immediate skirmish.

My heart is particularly touched by those mislead and ungrounded family members who are willing to prepare for and die in a violent conflict. Most are impressionably young and ignorant of the consequences their actions will bring to generations that follow. I see no glory in wasting any life, nothing is won, yet much is lost.

I rest now in prayer of thanks for all those selfless warriors risking loss of life and to those relatives that no longer dwell in the body.

Namasté > > > Mark  More >

 A voice from Iraq3 comments
picture 17 Mar 2003 @ 23:59, by ming. Violence, War
Seems reasonable today to hear what Salam, the lone local blogger in Baghdad, has to say. He seems like a normal, intelligent guy, who says what he thinks, but he has been very courageous in sticking his neck out so publically. He supports a regime change, but he doesn't support war, and he thinks the human shields should go home.
"No one inside Iraq is for war (note I said war not a change of regime), no human being in his right mind will ask you to give him the beating of his life, unless you are a member of fight club that is, and if you do hear Iraqi (in Iraq, not expat) saying 'come on bomb us' it is the exasperation and 10 years of sanctions and hardship talking. There is no person inside Iraq (and this is a bold, blinking and underlined inside) who will be jumping up and down asking for the bombs to drop. We are not suicidal you know, not all of us in any case.

I think that the coming war is not justified (and it is very near now, we hear the war drums loud and clear if you don’t then take those earplugs off!). The excuses for it have been stretched to their limits they will almost snap. A decision has been made sometime ago that 'regime change' in Baghdad is needed and excuses for the forceful change have to be made. I do think war could have been avoided, not by running back and forth the last two months, that’s silly. But the whole issue of Iraq should have been dealt with differently since the first day after GW I.

The entities that call themselves 'the international community' should have assumed their responsibilities a long time ago, should have thought about what the sanctions they have imposed really meant, should have looked at reports about weapons and human rights abuses a long time before having them thrown in their faces as excuses for war five minutes before midnight.

What is bringing on this rant is the question that has been bugging for days now: how could 'support democracy in Iraq' become to mean 'bomb the hell out of Iraq'? why did it end up that democracy won’t happen unless we go thru war? Nobody minded an un-democratic Iraq for a very long time, now people have decided to bomb us to democracy? Well, thank you! how thoughtful."
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 Starting Oil Well Fires
15 Mar 2003 @ 14:40, by sharie. Violence, War
Smoke from the Gulf War oil well fires created an environmental catastrophe. Dick Cheney's company got the contract to put out the oil well fires, and he reportedly pocketed over $30 million. He was the U.S. Secretary of Defense during the Gulf War.

Years ago, I came across a report that contradicted our media reports on who actually started the oil well fires. Our newspapers and television reporters told us it was the Iraqi's who started the fires. Where did these journalists get their facts? Were they there? No. They weren't there, or else they would have stopped the arsonists, or notified the military to stop arsonists. Who witnessed the arsonists in action? Our military reported that the Iraqi's started the fires? Our military saw the tired, hungry and thirsty Iraqi's start the fires? I heard the following report years ago. It's online for anyone who wants to look beyond the corporate headlines:

The following is a transcript taken from a conversation with a Gulf War veteran who claims to have taken part in such a mission.

JR: What was the branch of service that you served in.

GV: For different reasons, I’d rather not state that.

JR: Fair enough. There are a lot of people afraid of retaliation from the Gulf War. Do you understand why they feel that way.

GV: Yes I do. I learned do to what I did in the service, to live in a different world that most people have been lead to believe exists only in their worst nightmares.

JR: Now you were involved in an operation in Kuwait that really no one has heard about until this point in time. We’ve had five, four other reports of people similar to yourself that have brought this to our attention. You were chosen for a mission; and why do you think you were chosen for this mission?

GV: We’re all a product of our environment, as a young man I watched different movies and television shows, and I remember thinking how incredibly cool Rambo was and… things of that nature. There was so many media in the form of movies, and commercials television that primed me to except the idea that to win was everything.

JR: And so the military sort of capitalizes on that feeling?

GV: Oh very much so. They, they find… a lot of times before they even get you into boot camp where they can use your personality and…. your morals and… they capitalize on these things and, and steer you as it were into the training avenues where you will be most beneficial to them.

JR: Lets go to the time of this mission in Kuwait. You were, where were you when you learned about this mission?

GV: We had just gotten back into camp the day before, on a different mission, and we were actually in our quarters resting when we were told to muster out into the briefing tent, at which point a gentlemen who I originally, who I had first assumed to be American but I was concerned because he was wearing a U.N. uniform and insignias. He began to brief us on the operation. He pointed out the strategic points. And we were briefed as a group. There were probably 30 to 40 in the group. And then… we were asked to leave, and our individual commanders were given the objectives for their group. At which point our individual commanders briefed us on our individual objectives, and then we went and… we drew our gear. We were transported via armor personal carrier close to the front at which point we set out on foot, I acted alone.

JR: Why were you told that you were going to be doing this mission? What were you told was the purpose of this?

GV: There was concern that America, the American public, might see this conflict as an unnecessary thing, and we were asked to do this… or we were ordered to do this in order to remove any… to sway any public opinion… American public opinion to remove any doubts whatsoever that Saddam Hussein and his regime were a terrible evil that had to be dealt with.

JR: And what branches of the service were represented in this briefing tent?

GV: I recognized faces from the Navy Seals, Marine Force Recon, and Delta Force.

JR: Ok, now you’re on your way on your mission. You’ve been taken by armored personnel carrier, you’re dropped off to your area and what do you do then?

GV: Well then we moved through gaps in our lines to where we’re actually forward of the front… As the popular expression says “behind enemy lines”. We traveled up, well I say we, well I, I was acting alone. My mission objective was assigned to me personally. I did not have a, an operative with me. I moved forward and I… I carried out my mission parameters, and then I moved, and then I withdrew and concealed myself until such a time as the front moved past me.

JR: Ok let me back up a second. You carried out your mission, lets talk about that mission.

GV: Yes

JR: What was your mission? What were you told that you were supposed to do?

GV: To damage… I was given (number deleted) Kuwaiti oil wells to damage and to start a fire.

JR: And how did you do this?

GV: With the use of explosives and incendiaries.

JR: And how did you utilize these explosives? What were these explosives?

GV: The explosive I used was C4. It’s light weight, its easy to use, its very safe to transport. You take it and… a wellhead is nothing more than a pipe sticking out of the ground with… with valves, and it’s not like a water well where it, where you have a top that you can take off. It is completely sealed due to the environmental concerns involved with crude oil. The… depending on the sight of the well… the, the valve is any where from three to six feet off of the ground. I placed the explosive on the wellhead and the incendiaries near by so that after the… after the wellhead was damaged, that the incendiary could light the crude oil to fire.

JR: And did you light it yourself?

GV: No I actually transmitted a signal via a transmitter to a central location.

JR: Which basically told them the well had been set?

GV: The well had been set and they could detonate it at their leisure.

JR: And what did you do then?

GV: Then I removed myself from the area… I egressed from the area and concealed myself until our units had advanced forward of me.

JR: And, I don’t understand. Help me understand what you mean by that.

GV: The whole idea behind the operation was to make it as if look as if the Republican Guard, while they were retreating, had set the oil wells a fire in a panic to keep us from getting them… and to villainize them. This mission would not have been achieved if our forces saw those involved were not Republican Guard.

JR: In other words you were in fear of your own men seeing you basically?

GV: That is correct.

JR: Did you see any body else in the oil well field at the time that you were there?

GV: No I did not.

JR: So you then egressed from the area, made sure that your own men did not see you, and then the oil well fires were started?

GV: Yes

JR: Did you see them start?

GV: I actually, due to where I was concealed I could not see them, but due to the nature of … the operation you could feel the explosions and you could hear the fire.

JR: So the story that we are told, that the Republican Guard in their retreating, they started them very hastily, is not accurate?

GV: That is correct.

JR: Did you see any Republican Guard?

GV: In the entire (deleted) months that I spent in that theater of operations I did not see one individual that wore a Republican Guard uniform.

JR: Did you see any Iraqi troops that wore uniforms?

GV: I saw quite a few Iraqis troops that wore uniforms.

JR: But you saw no Republican Guards?

GV: I saw no Republican Guard Uniforms.

JR: After this period of time when you started the oil well fires, did you have any concerns that you had started these fires, or did you think it was for the best thing for this country?

GV: At the time, like I say due to the nature of my mind set, it did not bother me.

JR: That was your job and your mission and you carried it out.

GV: That is correct.

JR: Well I appreciate very much your being frank with us and open about this because there are many people that are now coming forward and saying the same thing. That there were no Republican Guard anywhere around, and that it was the American troops that actually started the oil well fires. I want to thank you very much, is there any thing you want to say in closing?

GV: I believe it’s a shame that our government is getting ready to repeat mistakes… I believe. I went over to fight what I thought was a common enemy of the world, and I watched my friends bleed and die for this cause, only for us to be stopped short of our objective, our final objective. I have no reason to believe that it will be any different this time. And I understand the necessity for the loss of life to protect our country. But loss and waste are two very different things.

JR: And why are you coming forward, right now in saying this?

GV: I feel that for us to return over there with this current administrations mind set that it would, that history would only repeat itself.

JR: Thank you very much, I do thank you, I salute you for what you are doing.


 If we are so right, why does it feel so wrong?10 comments
picture13 Mar 2003 @ 00:51, by quidnovi. Violence, War
"Justice is about Truth, and truth has many sides. Justice and Truth have shapes that change among nations and throughout the seasons of history. Mercy is Love, and that has the same strength and beauty for all people, for all time. I serve Mercy, not Justice."
---A. A. Attanasio, The Wolf and the Crown

Operation Desert Storm was about the "good guys" liberating one Arab state, Kuwait, from occupation by another Arab state, Iraq. But the roles are not so clearly defined in the current conflict and while I'd love to have the same kind of self assurance as G. W. Bush has been displaying that we are doing the right thing and that God is on our side, this new situation with Iraq looks to me (and to others) uncomfortably too much like an effort to install a client regime in Baghdad.

Worse, while some have been denouncing oil as the motivating factors of our current administration for its military presence in the Gulf region, there have been some troubling and alarming signs from the administration that Iraq is only the tip of the iceberg:  More >

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