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 America Under Attack14 comments
picture12 Sep 2001 @ 17:17, by delphinius. Violence, War

Now is the time for unprecedented acts in human terror.

Now is the time of mass global communication broadcast to most every individual on the planet.

Now is the time of awareness of where we are in terms of human conflict.

Now is the time to stop and contemplate before we move, consider all consequences, and act for peace and resolve.

Now is the time to do things differently and change our ingrained old ways.

Now is the time to set aside our differences, console one another and recognize that we are all of one and the same.

Now is the time of a new beginning that will elevate us into a new era of consciousness; or plunge us into a bottomless abyss of darkness and onto oblivion.

I pray that, against all the impressions that surround me, we will each make the most righteous choices that consider all involved.

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 Healing after today's events3 comments
12 Sep 2001 @ 00:12, by ming. Violence, War
Our world was suddenly changed today, by the horrifying and tragic events in New York and Washington. What it means in the long run is impossible to say at this point.

But what is certain is that, depending on how we individually respond to this, now and in the coming time, we have the opportunity to shape the world that will emerge from this. However devastating this seemed, we have the opportunity to participate in creating a better world from this, or despite of this.

Affirm to yourself that we ARE building a better world, no matter what might point in any other direction. The vast majority of all of us on this planet want us to succeed. And there are many, many of us. Use this as motivation to commit yourself more deeply to the growing of a peaceful world for ALL of us. Don't just sit and wait for it to happen. YOUR piece of the greater puzzle is essential.

Many messages about meditations, calls for healing, rumors, news, personal stories, etc. have gone out today. I include a few selected messages and excerpts below.  More >

 Genoa Violence Report0 comments
5 Aug 2001 @ 20:22, by ming. Violence, War
There are more horrifying reports about the police violence against demonstrators at the G8 Summit in Genoa. Well, not even demonstrators, but people sleeping peacefully. See the full text.  More >

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